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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPROACH

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Healing, 611:is a new attitude and a fresh and most hopeful approach. Men are learning to know and understandHealing, 614:to our attention, and it is necessary that we approach this subject from the right point of view.Healing, 627:divinity or by eliminating "error" in the mental approach, but by the much more prosaic method ofHealing, 647:deva to collaborate; they are only permitted to approach where healing is indicated. Healing, 656:into the center nearest to the area of trouble. Approach is made via the head center directly toHealing, 670:harmlessness and goodwill condition the mental approach, nothing can eventuate but good. On aHealing, 671:three fundamental requirements for a successful approach to this initiation: perfect poise, aHealing, 672:though I dealt with them in connection with the approach to the sixth initiation, they have - on aHealing, 680:It is essential that new ideas and a new approach to the entire problem of dying are inaugurated. Healing, 687:according to his point in evolution and his approach to the Way of the Higher Evolution. In theHealing, 696:The second subray of the soul ray determines the approach to the healing problem immediatelyHealing, 702:if feasible; these, if known, will condition his approach. Thus prepared, the healer focuses hisHealing, 714:time as the new scientific formulas and the new approach (which the discovery of the release ofHercules, 8:around the great zodiac of the heavens, we will approach it from two angles: that of the individualHercules, 67:presence felt; new and undeveloped lines of approach to spiritual truth emerge, and many teachersInitiation, 18:through sacrifice, of all that separates. The approach to unity is through destruction of theInitiation, 121:and therefore bring about a more [121] rapid approach to the final liberation. Group relations areInitiation, 200:inevitably stimulated when the etheric centers approach their maximum vibration. It is notIntellect, 7:of understanding. [7] Thus they work out a new approach to the central mystery of man founded onIntellect, 59:after God. It is the method of intellectual approach and of the subordination of the entireIntellect, 67:range of needs is wide and real. It is the heart approach. Four degrees of prayer might beIntellect, 68:which are the outcome of an ordered intelligent approach to Reality, and which are susceptible ofIntellect, 92:ancient rules and formulas are grasped, we can approach our problem from a new angle and utilizeIntellect, 148:careful control of the mind and a scientific approach to the subject; it is a result of the trueIntellect, 156:he touches heights of awareness, but his approach, in the majority of cases, has been the heartIntellect, 156:in the majority of cases, has been the heart approach, and has involved feeling, sensoryIntellect, 178:that of a gradual unveiling, and of a sequential approach nearer and nearer to the soul. The psycheIntellect, 188:The Hindus have analyzed the process of mental approach to Reality, and the part the mind shouldIntellect, 203:who is willing to work with perseverance, can approach the study of meditation with good courage.Intellect, 215:however, before there can be an intelligent approach to the meditation work. It is as justifiableIntellect, 217:fuller than we thought, but free from personal approach and the calls of other people. I shouldIntellect, 267:their peculiar terms, or their particular approach to truth. They recognize the truth underlyingMagic, 24:who are interested in the more metaphysical approach and in the soul-life more than in the formMagic, 33:again produce a varying outlook, mentality, and approach, all equally right, but all presenting aMagic, 33:and the environment, it will be apparent that no approach to such abstruse subjects as the natureMagic, 58:their consideration of each rule they will approach the whole matter with greater interest andMagic, 58:past situation, his equipment and the method of approach. Let us realize from the start theMagic, 109:enquire into the matter as follows: "Some people approach the problem of Being through mentalMagic, 110:heart and to a considerable degree his occult approach is based on the mystic perception of pastMagic, 111:predominantly the magnetism of the life). Approach to truth, either the occult or the mystic pathMagic, 112:or complementary ray it will be found that they approach each other sympathetically. We mustMagic, 120:the mystic and the saint. The head or the heart approach is not dependent upon the ray, for bothMagic, 132:the personality. In solitude also the Master can approach and impress upon the quiescent soul theMagic, 205:in the West, and little applied in the East. Our approach will be somewhat new, for though we willMagic, 288:each ray holds within its teaching a different approach and a different method for those souls whoMagic, 302:dealt with later but the thought of the needed approach to this subject can rest in the minds ofMagic, 326:One Church, and that unified though not uniform approach to God, which will demonstrate the truthMagic, 332:mechanisms will gradually be discarded and a new approach and a different fundamental concept as toMagic, 337:under the pure mechanistic process. They approach more nearly the occult position, but do not go soMagic, 391:- all depends upon your aptitude - methods of approach to these dominating forces, but this willMagic, 408:age and race. Those who favor some particular approach to the truth will nevertheless achieve theMagic, 419:or any other form of imposed truth. Modes of approach to reality will be recognized and each willMagic, 423:all be eventually covered by a new psychological approach which will emerge out of the old and be aMagic, 427:and to familiarize themselves with each other's approach to reality and symbology. Little by littleMagic, 427:and where a need exists for just that special approach and the particular note or method ofMagic, 461:focused. According to the simplicity of their approach to truth, according to the clarity of theirMagic, 467:desire, and through the red all longed-for forms approach, are grasped and held, used andMagic, 476:in the use of the spoken word as a means of approach to the public in order to sell an idea, weMagic, 499:palliatives and skill. All I plead for is a sane approach to death; all I seek to make is aMagic, 565:Solar Angel. The Centers and Prana The nearer we approach in our thought to the physical plane, theMagic, 568:me that for our particular purpose, this line of approach would be of the most use. TheseMagic, 579:be indicated more by its power of attractive approach. It has in it more of the magnetic aspectMagic, 595:that the Master may find no hindrance in His approach to them. Magic, 601:- The Esoteric Sense RULE FIFTEEN The fires approach the shadow, yet burn it not. The fire sheathMagic, 611:are considered are those of matter itself which approach the shadow and (as the Old CommentaryMagic, 613:can therefore be judged, from the above symbolic approach, to be but temporary and transient. It isMagic, 628:investigators right down the ages is the mode of approach and the inevitable guarantee. The sexMeditation, 15:Each ray necessitates a different method of approach, for the aim of all meditation is union withMeditation, 15:is what is termed the Power Ray, the method of approach has to be by the application of the will inMeditation, 18:When it is the egoic ray the method of approach through meditation takes the form of one-pointedMeditation, 18:the glorification and comprehension of form in approach. As said earlier, the goal of all theMeditation, 18:the goal of all the meditation practices is approach to the divine within each one, and, throughMeditation, 18:the divine within each one, and, through that, approach to the Deity Himself. The method,Meditation, 37:and enclose the permanent atom, its first direct approach to the Triad. By definite work on colorMeditation, 43:comes in under the law and naught can stop His approach. Just now the great need of the time is forMeditation, 56:occurred and absolute conformity to the law of approach. It resulted in the dense aspect ofMeditation, 168:The Use of Form in Meditation The Three Lines of Approach August 14th, 1920 As you will note (inMeditation, 168:the same time, quite distinct in their method of approach. If this is borne in mind it will beMeditation, 168:and the path whereby he may most easily approach the Ultimate. It is fundamentally a matter dealingMeditation, 169:whole. In these three departments the method of approach to the Head of the Department isMeditation, 191:the Intelligence’s or Powers they are seeking to approach. By the means of this funnel whichMeditation, 191:power of some kind or other into those who thus approach Them. The funnel [192] forms a channelMeditation, 198:form themselves into wonderful avenues of approach to the center of blessing for the inhabitants,Meditation, 201:communication. On all the three main lines of approach - that of the Manu, or Ruler, theMeditation, 230:of occult fact. According to the three lines of approach as dealt with in our preceding letter,Meditation, 251:then outrun that of other students. They will approach a point of synthesis, and the ProbationaryMeditation, 253:From the standpoint of the Master? Methods of approach to the Master in meditation. The effect ofMeditation, 254:to you than ever before; the significance of approach to Them be better comprehended and the methodMeditation, 254:From the standpoint of the Master? Methods of approach to the Masters through meditation. TheMeditation, 261:to the "bosom of His Father in Heaven". The approach to the line of least resistance, the directMeditation, 281:we will take up our third point, methods of approach to a Master via meditation; certain types ofMeditation, 281:simultaneously. They deal with methods of approach to the Masters and the objective effects on theMeditation, 281:to the student, and thereby facilitate his approach to Them. What now remains to be done? ToMeditation, 282:and consecrated service to the world. Methods of Approach and Effects obtained The methods ofMeditation, 282:of Approach and Effects obtained The methods of approach are broadly three and we might indicateMeditation, 308:may be given according to the three lines of approach, and which will give preparation in the innerPatanjali, 38:of yoga is a real science and only as students approach it by the correct stages and employ thePatanjali, 132:being has evolved five senses or avenues of approach to the not-self are well known and anyPatanjali, 351:along one or other of the five possible lines of approach, and this he does intelligently and notPatanjali, 404:and it is of profit to study it, for in the approach of many minds to a problem, its magnitude can
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