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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPROACH

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Patanjali, 409:[409] become aware of his light and our entire approach to him is changed. Herein lies the clue toPatanjali, 411:and the two following give us a typical oriental approach to a very difficult problem, and thisPatanjali, 424:the path of feeling and the devotional heart approach (the mystic line) on to the path ofPatanjali, 424:on to the path of intellectual control, - the approach via the head, the occult method, - complainProblems, 23:at the same time preserve their own cultural approach, their own self-chosen form of government,Problems, 27:motives, and with a more mature and experienced approach to world problems. Again, like all youngProblems, 35:who are [35] steadfastly working for the new age approach to God, but they are relatively few inProblems, 45:in its presentation and constructive in its approach. What initial steps the educators of theProblems, 51:the foundation for a better system and a wiser approach to the goal of world citizenship. It mightProblems, 54:be emphasized. The educator of the future will approach the problem of youth from the angle of theProblems, 65:of the new religion must and should be a right approach to God, transcendent in nature and immanentProblems, 68:are more nationalistic and exploiting in their approach to "subject races". For the three GreatProblems, 70:of the battle it might serve a useful purpose to approach the subject from a more universal angleProblems, 97:remembered it he would realize that the Eastern approach to truth and honesty and to the use andProblems, 110:Unless both races, the black and the white, approach the problem of their relationship with sanity,Problems, 122:the spiritual life, to direct the spiritual approach of the human soul to God and to lay down theProblems, 122:the world", He meant exactly what He said. The approach of the human Spirit to its Source, to thatProblems, 122:rules and to those Who guide and direct that approach, will inevitably go on; the way standsProblems, 122:the fact of Christ, the fact of men's spiritual approach to divinity, the fact of the deathlessnessProblems, 138:because God is not a fundamentalist; a new approach to divinity, because God is ever accessible andProblems, 140:to them the next step to be taken on the Path of Approach to God. Such a world religion is no idleProblems, 144:and increasingly making His presence felt as men approach closer to Him and His group of disciplesProblems, 144:Wisdom, accessible to those who make the right approach and saving men by the force of His exampleProblems, 149:salvation. It is an extension of the individual approach to truth. Let us call it the truthProblems, 149:the Bibles of the world) there was a first major Approach when God took notice of man and [150]Problems, 150:to express that sonship perfectly This Approach was signalized by the appearance of the faculty ofProblems, 150:of the early humanity warranted it, another Approach between God and man, between the spiritualProblems, 151:the seed of ultimate perfection. A fifth great Approach is now possible and will take place whenProblems, 152:first presented to humanity. What this fifth Approach will bring to humanity we do not and cannotProblems, 152:has been drawing nearer to humanity and its approach is responsible for the great concepts ofProblems, 152:Of one thing we can be sure, this fifth Approach will in some war - deeply spiritual, yet whollyProblems, 153:be the outstanding effect of the coming fifth Approach. God is not as He has been presented;Problems, 154:revealed in all His glory; He will then Himself approach His regenerated and purified people.Problems, 155:the divergences in doctrine and in the presented approach to God would appear to preclude anyProblems, 155:God would appear to preclude any uniformity of approach. Necessarily, the outer structure of theProblems, 156:is recognizing the need for a more vital approach to God and one more intelligently presented; menProblems, 158:The keynote of the New World Religion is Divine Approach. "Draw near to Him and He will draw nearProblems, 158:and spiritual movements, for the fifth imminent Approach; the method employed will be theProblems, 158:stupendous potency; the objective of the coming Approach, of the preparatory work and of theProblems, 160:evocation has its roots in past methods of human approach to Deity. Men have long used the methodProblems, 160:groups of believers into an oriented and united approach to God; however, the emphasis has againProblems, 160:the potency of worship as an act of invocative approach to God will prove amazing and miraculous inProblems, 160:concepts underlying the New World Religion - Approach to God, and Invocation and [161] Evocation -Problems, 161:and which today will slowly condition man's approach to God - an approach which for the first timeProblems, 161:will slowly condition man's approach to God - an approach which for the first time in history canProblems, 162:with some uniformity of ritual and ceremonial to approach together the center of spiritual power.Problems, 162:thus together inaugurate the mode of spiritual Approach which will serve to unify their efforts andProblems, 163:together, in unison and with a uniformity of approach which would link them all closely togetherProblems, 164:festival of the spirit of humanity - aspiring to approach nearer to God, seeking conformity to theProblems, 164:with steadfastness and understanding, to approach nearer to God, who could doubt the stupendousProblems, 176:must be borne in mind that the East and the West approach life from different angles. The EasternProblems, 176:approach life from different angles. The Eastern approach is negative and subjective; the WesternPsychology1, xxii:and to the intelligent reader. I shall therefore approach the subject entirely from the standpointPsychology1, 4:find corroboration. We shall see emerging a new approach to the ancient truths, and a new mode ofPsychology1, 19:is intended to give the new psychological approach to man through an understanding of the energies,Psychology1, 26:you can easily see, the fourth is beginning to approach and the sixth is passing out, which putsPsychology1, 51:in the extreme. Science is separative in its approach to the differing aspects of the divinePsychology1, 72:deductions will be the wisest way in which to approach its consideration. It is not possible for mePsychology1, 120:types of men is also understood, we shall then approach the subject of man's duality with greaterPsychology1, 120:which they mould and energize, is the coming new approach to the correct method of training andPsychology1, 123:when He Whom both angels and men await, will approach near unto this physical plane, He will bringPsychology1, 123:likewise. The call has gone forth for them to approach humanity, and with their heightenedPsychology1, 125:else will occur, and what will be the method of approach to these devas? More and more, during thePsychology1, 156:his divinity. Stage by stage we slowly make our approach to the goal of conscious and intelligentPsychology1, 200:Thus he harmonizes in himself all ways of approach and of release, and all achievements, andPsychology1, 211:yoga would have no physical bad results. He will approach the Path through observance of rules ofPsychology1, 232:eye or of a sensory nerve. But so it is. As we approach the forms of life which approximate thePsychology1, 268:is obvious that the matter is a difficult one to approach. But why is it so difficult? In the lastPsychology1, 285:brightening in the east. I should like here to approach the problem of sex from another angle andPsychology1, 295:themselves. The relation of the sexes and their approach to the marriage relation will be regardedPsychology1, 350:stimulation which lies behind all the scientific approach to truth in all departments of humanPsychology2, 25:purely emotional in their reactions and in their approach to life. They are still governedPsychology2, 56:the form, innate and inherent, will continuously approach nearer and nearer to the requirements ofPsychology2, 59:(whatever that vague word may mean) - we have to approach the subject in two ways: [60] First, wePsychology2, 69:line of least resistance, "the way of familiar approach", as it is sometimes esoterically called.Psychology2, 106:method, or complete understanding and oneness of approach. That fluid, perfect cooperation lies asPsychology2, 229:it, therefore, wrong from our point of view and approach, or is it right? Only an understanding ofPsychology2, 270:humanity to the three major approaches. a. The Approach of Appropriation will express the effect ofPsychology2, 270:This is being brought about by a fresh approach by the soul and an advance towards its reflection,Psychology2, 270:recognition upon the part of man. b. The Approach of Acquiescence will be equally well recognizedPsychology2, 271:planetary - and the great group aspect of the approach will be brought about, and is today inPsychology2, 271:in process of being carried forward. c. The Approach of Enlightenment carries the disciple throughPsychology2, 272:on, is only now possible. At the first Great Approach in Lemurian days, when the race of menPsychology2, 273:the influence of the soul and the nearing approach of the Hierarchy. This ability to register thePsychology2, 273:of the Hierarchy. This ability to register the Approach, or the Touch of Enlightenment, is largelyPsychology2, 273:concerned. He thus paved the way for the nearer approach, upon a large scale, of the Kingdom ofPsychology2, 274:corresponding activity in the personality to the Approach of Appropriation comes as a result of thePsychology2, 275:That individualization, the first great soul approach took place either in Lemurian days or in aPsychology2, 275:integration before the re-enactment of the Approach of Appropriation can be consciously carriedPsychology2, 275:in his individual personality life of the Approach of Acquiescence. This takes place upon thePsychology2, 276:acquiescence in the obligation assumed when the approach of appropriation took place and thePsychology2, 276:of appropriation and endeavoring to make the approach of acquiescence, they fall into the illusionsPsychology2, 277:The dramatic rehearsal by the personality of the Approach or Touch of Enlightenment (as enacted byPsychology2, 278:and spiritual sense) on the Way of Descending Approach, embodied also the peace of inclusiveness,Psychology2, 278:force of submission, and He carried the divine approach to the astral plane, the plane of feeling.Psychology2, 279:has entered into the Temples at the great cosmic Approach of Appropriation in Lemurian times.Psychology2, 279:of God in the subhuman kingdoms prior to the Approach of Appropriation when humanityPsychology2, 279:world disciples and these are steps towards the Approach of Acquiescence which will become possiblePsychology2, 279:steps - three more to be taken before the cosmic Approach of Enlightenment can take place in a farPsychology2, 279:also embody the energy which produced the Approach of Appropriation, and when He comes forth, there
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