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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPROACH

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Psychology2, 280:of the Mysteries of Initiation upon earth. This approach is the cause of much of the presentPsychology2, 280:which produce the power to make the needed approach. Through the active work and the guidance ofPsychology2, 281:the initiation of the outer court, wherein the approach of the soul upon the Way of Descent intoPsychology2, 283:ascending related unit, (speaking in terms of an approach from two directions). This takes placePsychology2, 297:it will finally constitute his astral-buddhic approach to life, and will be employed when he takesPsychology2, 318:- The Appropriation of the Bodies We can approach another psychological problem in the same manner.Psychology2, 328:The stage of Aspiration. The stage of Approach. The stage of Appearance. The stage of Activity. ThePsychology2, 329:through aspiration, then the third stage of approach takes place upon etheric levels. ThePsychology2, 330:as the revealed sons of God. The crisis of approach is one of the most important and one of thePsychology2, 330:when the gathering of forces during the stage of approach is consummated, the fourth stage takesPsychology2, 330:at all. The intensity of the process of approach which preceded that appearance is not dealt with,Psychology2, 331:and the succeeding unfoldments, to the stage of approach to the divine reality upon the mentalPsychology2, 332:decisions, is it possible for him to make his approach upon the mental plane to the soul. This hePsychology2, 332:group to which he belongs, blocking his way of approach until he discovers the way of approach byPsychology2, 332:way of approach until he discovers the way of approach by service. Identifying himself with hisPsychology2, 332:his own ray and so earning the right to make his approach, because he has learnt the lesson thatPsychology2, 333:the spiritual realities and the focused, vital approach to the kingdom of God. We see thePsychology2, 367:Warrior and the One." In group formation. This approach to the revelation is today going on in thePsychology2, 387:[387] man can conceive follows a direct line of approach, or pours down through a direct channelPsychology2, 390:by the human consciousness. The channel of approach or of downflow is as follows: From the willPsychology2, 404:such dicta has served to stultify the human approach to God and to reality. Its over-emphasis uponPsychology2, 425:fact of the soul will necessitate a new language approach. It is true, is it not, that a man of thePsychology2, 432:of the human response apparatus, new avenues of approach to reality, new qualities of awareness,Psychology2, 444:one of the first studies to be made in this new approach to the psychological field will be toPsychology2, 449:meditation (in contradistinction to the mystical approach) must be faced and understood or a greatPsychology2, 449:in such large numbers. Never before has the Approach to the Hierarchy been so definite and so real.Psychology2, 449:oneself of the tide which is forcing humanity to approach the world of spiritual realities in suchPsychology2, 451:all and predominantly, the evocation of a joint Approach: one being the longing and the desire ofPsychology2, 454:focus and emphasis, one-pointed intellectual approach and crystallization. Those problems whichPsychology2, 478:nevertheless be discontinued and the avenues of approach to this lower world of phenomena should bePsychology2, 493:These three facts provide a definite line of approach to the problems which we are considering andPsychology2, 519:Rays, and it will contribute an entirely new approach. The effect of the relation of the seven raysPsychology2, 526:instinct, plus, this time, an intelligent approach to reality. The result is twofold: The soulPsychology2, 531:masculine rendition of the same basically sexual approach to the soul and its all embracing life.Psychology2, 542:physical and psychological natures, and a new approach - both to religion and education. When thePsychology2, 542:to religion and education. When the mystical approach and its consequences - good and bad, materialPsychology2, 543:of those who recognize the fact of the mystical approach to God and the mystical life of the soul,Psychology2, 543:so that it includes also the intellectual approach to divine identification. The keynotes which thePsychology2, 543:rightly) the notes of knowledge, of the mental approach to the problem of divinity, the recognitionPsychology2, 544:and an inclusiveness to which the mystical approach is but the beginning, and of which the mysticPsychology2, 564:and utilized, they can be direct avenues of approach to certain states of existence, but arePsychology2, 591:the disciple or the occult student, the mode of approach has to be more definitely scientific, forPsychology2, 599:ranging all the way from the more sexual approach of the Song of Solomon or the writings of many ofPsychology2, 605:as time goes on, less and less of this mystical approach. The work of realizing beauty and thePsychology2, 606:in consciousness will continue with the mystical approach and the beauty of that contribution willPsychology2, 702:you call the planetary Hierarchy were able to approach closer to humanity and to establish a morePsychology2, 702:have, on their side, established also a "way of approach" through meditation and service. TheirPsychology2, 708:itself. The art of music will be the next approach nearer to the truth, and to the revelation ofPsychology2, 723:of the Masters and of the world of disciples to approach nearer to each other and thus establish aPsychology2, 736:of leading humanity into the fields of peace! I approach you therefore, the conscious aspirants toPsychology2, 741:ideas and so organize their minds that each will approach the problem in his own way but with thePsychology2, 744:spiritual impression and the emerging ways of approach to God. Between the old cultures andPsychology2, 745:in mental ideas and material ways of living. To approach nearer to humanity and become a known andPsychology2, 745:that can be known. This realization and this approach to life through God is the herald of the newRays, 17:the Ashrams of the Masters. It is this new approach to life conditions, as a result of the inflowRays, 17:was upon the individual, his training and approach to initiation, and his solitary admittance toRays, 18:all disciples. These same Rules or Formulas of Approach are the lower correspondences of higherRays, 29:disciple - as an individual - from having direct approach and direct contact with the MasterRays, 29:Age, Vol. I. and II.) two or three have direct approach; and others have it but know it not; stillRays, 30:revelation, and will eventually alter the entire approach of the disciple in the New Age toRays, 34:These Rules are in reality great Formulas of Approach, but they indicate approach to a specificRays, 34:great Formulas of Approach, but they indicate approach to a specific section of the Path and notRays, 34:to a specific section of the Path and not approach to the Initiator. I would have you reflect uponRays, 35:In the last analysis, these Rules or Formulas of Approach are primarily concerned with theRays, 35:which I seek to make is that these Formulas of Approach or Rules deal with the unfoldment of groupRays, 38:room" or sphere of extended expression. The approach, under regulated and imposed and well-triedRays, 46:of the Hierarchy and is the foundation for all approach to, and appreciation and acceptance ofRays, 46:Way into Shamballa and is the foundation for all approach to, appreciation of and identificationRays, 51:by those intent upon meditation. The soundest approach is that of the Masonic tradition, because itRays, 89:cyclic Representative of Deity furthers the approach of the Hierarchy to mankind, and seals thisRays, 90:activity serves to bring about a much closer approach between the Lord of the World and theRays, 91:can consequently profit by this hierarchical Approach and know eventually the meaning of the wordsRays, 99:attitude might well be described as the mode of approach of all who form a part of an Ashram. ThoseRays, 126:the language discovers eventually his erroneous approach to truth. Life cannot be taken in theRays, 126:spiritual sense. This error or mistake in the approach of truth enables men and women upon theRays, 131:been turned into a definitely recognized line of approach to truth. The Law of Analogy is the keyRays, 137:the Word; when he has done this, his individual approach to reality terminates, and he begins toRays, 137:and activity, upon group initiation and group approach to the Center of Life. The required mode ofRays, 138:initiates; they are learning together to make an approach to Shamballa (involving the WillRays, 138:this is as much a goal of the Hierarchy as approach to the Hierarchy is the goal of advancedRays, 143:symbology of light to govern our thinking, our approach to God, and enabling us to understandRays, 190:physical bodies. This is a somewhat new mode of approach, for hitherto only a very few disciplesRays, 194:the new civilization can be founded, the new approach to God be taken, and new human relations beRays, 213:relating it to the Ashram and indicating its approach to the world of men; the neophytes - pledgedRays, 231:instruction. The new techniques and the changed approach from that of individual culture to unitedRays, 231:many types of development. It is this different approach to the same basic problems which liesRays, 239:Their techniques. 2. Not only has the individual approach to the Hierarchy been superseded by aRays, 239:to the Hierarchy been superseded by a group approach, but it is now found to be possible to make aRays, 246:God," as he calls it; as long, however, as human approach to that will remains negative,Rays, 246:it does under the influence of the theological approach and in the manner inculcated by theRays, 249:compassion or from the desire to stimulate approach to the Mysteries - they desired to do so. NoRays, 252:old methods change their techniques and their approach to truth, they will disappear. InformationRays, 262:one to another and provide a great ladder of approach to reality? I would call to your attentionRays, 268:work out the divine purposes, there are none Who approach the Eternal Youth and these three BuddhasRays, 278:remind you that in these fourteen rules we must approach our theme from the angle of theRays, 278:soul-personality consciousness. It is the higher approach which is here indicated, the problem ofRays, 283:I have no words or symbols. In this line of approach through identification, the Master builds thatRays, 301:of the need to emphasize the all-inclusive approach of divinity to humanity. These workingRays, 317:upon the word "resurrection" in the Christian approach. This resurrection has been applied in manyRays, 329:Such is what I seek to do. On his part, let him approach this subject with deep humility, with a
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