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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPROACH

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Rays, 332:out, for it will take a new vision and a new approach to life experience, and this only the comingRays, 336:in Discipleship in the New Age,Vol. II. Our approach will be somewhat different in this finalRays, 338:words will therefore indicate the first type of approach to our subject; what I have to say willRays, 338:However, their qualities and their modes of approach, their reactions and their distinctive naturesRays, 344:Aquarian Age, so close today; it was the mode of approach during the Piscean Age, now passed.Rays, 344:the Piscean Age, now passed. Today, the entire approach is totally different. No man today isRays, 351:"overcoming." We shall not consider further the approach of the black brothers to that door, butRays, 351:an obstructing force, a repelling energy to the approach of the aspirant; this is the correct wayRays, 365:experience of all those thus making a spiritual approach along some specialized line, where aRays, 365:acknowledged, and where pilgrims on all ways of approach will know themselves to be one band ofRays, 378:and interpretation. I am anxious for your approach to the subject to be correct. I have given you aRays, 383:to a great step forward towards a conscious approach to more spiritual living; this, factually,Rays, 383:living; this, factually, means a definite approach to the Hierarchy. In the meantime the HierarchyRays, 390:Way. The seven Paths form its seven modes of approach to the One Way and together create it. TheseRays, 393:the Hierarchy does nothing to condition man's approach to the crisis and, occultly speaking, TheirRays, 397:to their point in evolution. [397] As we approach the subject of the seven Paths, I would point outRays, 420:often, and each of Them has a different mode of approach, technique and type of realization: FirstRays, 423:whilst this Treatise is strictly a second ray approach. This is a statement warranting carefulRays, 434:of distinction. The subject, when you first approach it, seems of a relative simplicity, but aRays, 444:line of least resistance, "the way of familiar approach," as it is sometimes called. Thus is theRays, 462:the fact of the Hierarchy and of its imminent approach into physical appearance is becoming wellRays, 487:and an intensification of the mystical approach. In the "intention" of the disciple who isRays, 494:of invocation and evocation. There is a gradual approach from both the divine aspects. Little byRays, 495:there must be a long period of gradual approach of the two aspects of the bridge - the higher,Rays, 498:which warrants complete change in the approach to divinity as taught by the Hierarchy. This doesRays, 500:of equal importance. All the great avenues of approach to Reality are spiritual in nature andRays, 517:and consonants [517] which are the nearest approach which I can make to making these Words clear,Rays, 521:as far as humanity is concerned, is the approach (in the coming New Age) of a mentally polarizedRays, 521:Christ came to end the cycle of this emotional approach which had existed since Atlantean days; HeRays, 522:preoccupied with an emotional and aspirational approach to this Figure of Perfection; it has notRays, 523:time, because men are largely Atlantean in their approach and their natures; they must learn toRays, 524:to the mental plane and made possible a new approach to divinity. It is difficult to give you aRays, 531:which can express what occurs; the nearest I can approach to the truth is the "existence ofRays, 543:impressions. The disciple by now has made his approach to the Ashram and has demonstrated hisRays, 544:seven) senses constitute avenues of spiritual approach to varying aspects of the divineRays, 556:- THE ASPIRANT AND THE MAJOR INITIATIONS We now approach the second part of our theme, dealing withRays, 556:aspect of initiation. I here propose a different approach, and would ask you to keep in mind someRays, 556:shall not be able to avoid a measure of symbolic approach and I am forced to use words which willRays, 557:upon your attitude [557] of mind as you approach this theme, and upon the point of tension you areRays, 581:in preparation for His coming; it is the closer approach of the Christ and of the Hierarchy ofRays, 611:at present unrealized by you. The gradual approach of the Hierarchy to a closer and more intimateRays, 620:to you that a very definite "structure of approach" has been created, and that a "Path of Return"Rays, 620:Conflict in the modern World of Nations As we approach what some may regard as a highlyRays, 629:humanitarianism and an invocative spiritual approach to reality. It is interesting to note theRays, 657:architectural and sociological. To this approach to the intent and the purpose of the planetaryRays, 675:to a Word of Power from on high. The Aryan approach to this same initiation has not yet been fullyRays, 679:definitely to think, the power of the demagogic approach will have disappeared. The major battle inRays, 705:however, can build a body through which He can approach His incoming disciples and those who haveRays, 743:of the present opportunity) are: The closer Approach of the Hierarchy. The imminent Return of theRays, 747:them can eventuate in an increased spiritual approach to divinity or (if the Forces of Light do notRays, 755:human relations, by spreading the news of the approach of the spiritual Hierarchy, and by preparingRays, 760:know, still in the future. They are the closer approach of the members of the spiritual HierarchyRays, 765:the violet and the red progresses. The ranks approach and cooperation is possible. In loosening theRays, 765:hands lies knowledge for the next generation. Approach. Reappearance, 15:will be precipitated. Let us be realistic in our approach to this theme and avoid mystical andReappearance, 33:people will have a deeper and more understanding approach. To them it will convey the recognitionReappearance, 44:its many gifts to man. The early signs of His approach with His disciples can already be discernedReappearance, 59:is concerned and that the purely intellectual approach (which rejects the vision and refuses toReappearance, 62:East and the West stand equally expectant. As we approach the theme of His work, it is essentialReappearance, 69:His reappearance connotes a great hierarchical approach to humanity and a great spiritual event.Reappearance, 88:more open and general relationship. The mystical approach to the Kingdom of God will gradually dieReappearance, 88:increasing intelligence and a more scientific approach will be favored; the rules for admissionReappearance, 100:workers, He will come and nothing can arrest His approach. He discovered also that men were notReappearance, 105:and to lay the foundation for a more enlightened approach to life, giving the teaching which [106]Reappearance, 124:in, but this will take a new vision and a new approach to living conditions and this only theReappearance, 138:is in Christ) must be attained; they sense the approach of new, impending spiritual revelations butReappearance, 148:with God, and then the giving of light and the approach of God to man. Always the Savior, theReappearance, 148:for contact with the divine. Another great Approach of divinity and another spiritual revelationReappearance, 149:steadily nearer to us. What [149] this great approach will bring to mankind, we do not yet know. ItReappearance, 149:has been drawing nearer to humanity and its approach is responsible for the great concepts ofReappearance, 149:revelation. Of one thing we can be sure, this approach will, in some way - deeply spiritual, yetReappearance, 150:of glory. It is this surely that the expected Approach will demonstrate; it will prove also theReappearance, 150:the future will rest. Its keynote will be Divine Approach. "Draw near to Him and He will draw nearReappearance, 151:of their tremendous potency. Man invokes divine Approach in various ways: by means of the inchoate,Reappearance, 153:will take place as a result of the coming Great Approach will enable humanity to grasp not only itsReappearance, 156:other and are a part of the unified spiritual Approach of humanity. The time is coming when allReappearance, 156:will be achieved and the effects of the Great Approach, so close to us at this time, will beReappearance, 158:as far as humanity is concerned, is the approach (in the coming New Age) of a mentally polarizedReappearance, 158:Christ came to end the cycle of this emotional approach which had existed since Atlantean days; HeReappearance, 177:Evil is seeking every avenue available for a new approach but - and this we can say with confidenceReappearance, 178:is their emphasis and so one-pointed is their approach that they get what they demand; they have toReappearance, 189:the Christ and His disciples will steadily approach closer to mankind. If the initial premise isSoul, 10:It is different. It starts from another angle of approach. Both East and West have specialized inSoul, 10:one and should bear fruit in a more intelligent approach to both types of thought. What gives thisSoul, 17:Meanwhile in this cosmic proscenium, and in the approach to truth through various lines, scienceSoul, 18:our two hemispheres is so widely different, the approach to truth so dissimilar, that only latelySoul, 84:an expression of the life force, and we begin to approach the truth as formulated in the East, thatSoul, 90:animistic, and mystical ideas. The materialistic approach, however, has been of profound value. ItSoul, 130:nervous system, the response apparatus. Can we approach the subject from this standpoint and by aSoul, 131:means of which we can avoid the purely physical approach and also the danger of awakening theSoul, 153:A tendency to God. Prognostics told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise AugustTelepathy, 37 To:only prompt you to a renewed vital effort to approach more closely to his soul; the revelation toTelepathy, 47:you have the basis for the new and coming Approach to Divinity which will be known under theTelepathy, 106:reached in evolution, the mystical or the occult approach of the disciple to the center of truth,Telepathy, 118:may revise and revitalize your entire approach to the Plan, and you will therefore be enabled toTelepathy, 121:of consciousness, the many lines of spiritual approach become the few lines of conscious spiritualTelepathy, 123:factor. This might be regarded as the scientific approach to the spiritual life, and it is of valueTelepathy, 162:and of service to humanity. This approach most surely also produces conflict and the personalityTelepathy, 175:of importance along some definite [175] line of approach to his fellowmen. The "sphere ofTelepathy, 178:not repeat it here as I am seeking a different approach. It might be profitable to point out that
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