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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPROPRIATE

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Astrology, 32:2. The Creative Hierarchies It might here be appropriate if I interpolated a chart or a tabulationAstrology, 392:will of God which it is his peculiar function to appropriate and make possible of expression. ThisAstrology, 469:the term "sacred" will be deemed correct and appropriate. This statement of course means little toAstrology, 544:of Libra. You find today a cycle wherein an appropriate balance or point of equilibrium has beenAstrology, 547:of truth - will create the needed new forms of appropriate expression. Such are the influencesAstrology, 547:the appearance upon Earth and among men of their appropriate results, and the expected response.Astrology, 586:working with and through the mind can begin to appropriate this energy. Those who seek to evoke theAstrology, 610:of other transmitting agents in the form of the appropriate three zodiacal constellations and theirAutobiography, 192:our absence. In many cases this letter seemed appropriate to send to those inquiring aboutAutobiography, 254:were deemed by me and A.A.B. as useful and appropriate for more general use and were embodied inAutobiography, 297:Origins and Purposes By Foster Bailey This is an appropriate time for us to consider theAutobiography, 300:It was for this reason that at the appropriate time, before her last physical incarnation, A.A.B.Bethlehem, 9:developed shades of consciousness - we can appropriate the teaching with a clearer vision and aBethlehem, 147:(A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 476.) It is appropriate in this connection to remember that theDestiny, 130:(I am handicapped here for words which are appropriate), interpreting them in terms of theirDiscipleship1, 141:disciples have some day to learn it and it is an appropriate lesson for you at this time. The callDiscipleship1, 146:You have a capacity for clothing an idea in its appropriate garb. You could write a book whichDiscipleship1, 343:based on fear - a fear of losing time as you appropriate the mental errors of others), the groupDiscipleship1, 606:or lighted Way. Therefore, for the present most appropriate name for that part of the Path ofDiscipleship1, 770:Hierarchy as a whole, though emphasizing some appropriate aspect. They usually play [771] theirDiscipleship1, 786:have been deemed by me as useful and appropriate for more general use and were embodied in theDiscipleship2, 95:in both directions. Do you want or deem it appropriate to have a fellow-worker come under theDiscipleship2, 281:to [281] something better and greater and more appropriate to the life of the slowly manifestingDiscipleship2, 369:though they necessarily have an interpretation appropriate to all the initiations. Let me expressDiscipleship2, 411:gave the disciple the hint which he deemed appropriate to the immediate need. Decisions as to theDiscipleship2, 414:personality and thus permitted entrance into the appropriate Ashram? Or has a still higher pointDiscipleship2, 433:and precipitating the energies via any appropriate center. In working with the subhuman kingdoms,Discipleship2, 493:and awareness which you can appreciate. Appropriate it, my brother, and transmit the teaching toDiscipleship2, 554:painful; that is why the symbol of fire is again appropriate at this point. Act in the future "asDiscipleship2, 576:related if modern science is to appreciate and appropriate the new knowledge. For yourself, myDiscipleship2, 626:live and move and have our being. Therefore we appropriate that which we earlier "earmarked" (if IDiscipleship2, 634:indicates the attainment of certain aspects of appropriate conduct. When these aspects of behaviorDiscipleship2, 690:meditation at any point which you may deem appropriate. I would ask you to give five minutes atEducation, 11:and to acquisitiveness. The child begins to appropriate, becomes self-conscious and grasps for theEducation, 73:child of the period) and some of the more [73] appropriate methods embodied in the new vision,Education, 73:old and the new techniques are welded into one appropriate whole. The visionary idealist hasExternalisation, 162:also be contacted and humanity can be trained to appropriate this extra-planetary type of energy.Externalisation, 190:idealistic vision. The new world order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through aExternalisation, 226:to touch upon, leaving you to take right and appropriate action and to follow, with all otherExternalisation, 327:never before), so that humanity as a whole will appropriate these ideals. They then can be trustedExternalisation, 385:masses, and aid the world leaders to right and appropriate action. 8. Above everything else andExternalisation, 556:Invocation, prefacing each stanza with its appropriate keynote, again sounded in unison. TheseExternalisation, 556:together, their united OM might approximate the appropriate keynote. It will be apparent to you,Externalisation, 590:physical, producing civilizations and cultures appropriate to a particular point in evolution) -Fire, 107:living conditions, the [107] employment of more appropriate clothing, and the adoption of a freerFire, 224:accurately fit the detailed information into its appropriate niche. Perhaps the best plan would beFire, 227:by life, and consciousness demonstrated through appropriate vehicles. How can this be expressed? InFire, 549:or higher energy; how best they can be led to appropriate the knowledge and ability of their higherFire, 599:the three aspects, and demonstrate under their appropriate Logoi, Who manipulate world affairsFire, 653:those Intelligences who have reached the appropriate equilibrium between Spirit and Matter - S. D.,Fire, 941:of the egoic work are: The sounding of the appropriate note, which note is indicative of man'sFire, 1091:wheel. Many wait for development and for more appropriate seasons in interplanetary spaces, andGlamour, 60:of the little self. These lead a man to appropriate an idea as his own, to credit himself with itsGlamour, 176:latter are ever the first to appreciate and appropriate the new truth. The intuitives present theGlamour, 178:of spiritual perception, of divine isolation and appropriate response which characterizes theGlamour, 188:and isolates the truth or truths which He deems appropriate to the need of the time. He comes forthGlamour, 201:various and many types of glamor. The power to appropriate the light, absorbing it into themselvesGlamour, 251:an instrument to the soul through which appropriate energies can flow and the full organization andGlamour, 261:and safely swing the centers into needed and appropriate activity. This is the sound method ofGlamour, 264:body and anchor the light or energy in the appropriate centers because there will be completeHealing, 84:of the right reception of force through the appropriate center. An instance of this might be foundHealing, 138:or inspiration (either of these words would be appropriate), or their lack or deficiency, affectHealing, 235:sanitation and universality, and therefore appropriate as an ending for what one of the Masters hasHealing, 270:your study under no misapprehension. This is an appropriate point at which to stop and meet thisHealing, 276:to relate these various ray forces to their appropriate centers; hence they will know which type ofHealing, 296:and to trace the conditioning energy to the appropriate effect, dealing primarily then with theHealing, 337:are forms of energy, working out through the appropriate centers in the body, and these, in theirHealing, 604:Having concentrated soul energy in the appropriate center, through the power of direction from theHealing, 604:it is there focused and held steady. From that appropriate center the stage of synchronization withHealing, 615:one form to another form, and always through an appropriate mechanism. This is true in theHealing, 643:center - to send it forth again into the appropriate center in the patient's body, but this timeHealing, 696:into healing force when passing through the appropriate personality vehicle. To be appropriate itHealing, 696:the appropriate personality vehicle. To be appropriate it must be on the line of 2-4-6. [697] TheHealing, 697:it must be on the line of 2-4-6. [697] The appropriate vehicle can be either the mental body or theHealing, 697:it is composed of: The energy of the soul. The appropriate vehicle. The etheric body, throughHealing, 698:soul energy, via the desired vehicle, with the appropriate center in the etheric body; the heart orHealing, 699:as an aid to the basic method, and use the appropriate lower vehicle (either his own or that of theHealing, 700:of both healer and patient and trace for you the appropriate technique; this will become clearer ifHealing, 704:been reached, the healer will proceed with the appropriate technique. The [705] quiet, peace andHealing, 705:easy to attain. Where the healer has not the appropriate technique or does not understand theHealing, 709:heals primarily through the use of the appropriate sound or sounds. In the early stages when thisHealing, 710:all aids to bring about a cure, starting with appropriate physical care and passing on to subtlerHercules, 45:than Taurus itself, the dove becomes a specially appropriate symbol for this little star-group."Hercules, 205:her papers. This excerpt seems to provide an appropriate concluding note for the Hercules series.)Initiation, 12:defined as the faculty of the Thinker in Time to appropriate knowledge as the foundation forInitiation, 34:for a time no more Monads on the higher plane to appropriate bodies. This restricted the number ofInitiation, 97:follow the line of least resistance, and seek to appropriate and experience in fullest tide ofInitiation, 145:procedure is followed. The geometrical figures appropriate for the various initiations differ, andIntellect, 11:a vast world of life and of beauty, with its own appropriate laws and phenomena? Mystics, seers andIntellect, 11:forward. Read the words of Carlyle and note how appropriate they are to the present time. "In theIntellect, 53:Webster adds the following comment which is appropriate in its application to our theme that "someIntellect, 154:hears nothing except the phenomena which are appropriate to the world in which he is living. But inMagic, 180:phase of development. Conditions as yet are not appropriate, but humanity is urged to be ready andMagic, 290:etheric vehicle of all forms and its capacity to appropriate, to utilize, and to transmit areMagic, 304:themselves may never see and yet nevertheless appropriate the conveyed information to themselvesMagic, 321:brain to understand it or the human heart to appropriate it until such time as the heart center isMagic, 576:and the throat, and must be accompanied by appropriate words. In the work of linking a man up withMeditation, 60:that it is not possible for me, nor wise and appropriate to give to you different keys in which theMeditation, 163:by the sounding of their key note with appropriate words employed; each root-race has its mantricPatanjali, 87:the way to the ray wherever it seems to them appropriate.
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