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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPROPRIATE

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Patanjali, 314:result is to be brought about by the use of appropriate means, the seeing of divine beings can bePatanjali, 363:meditation upon time and its units. It might be appropriate here to point out that the variousPatanjali, 363:with in this third book are not applicable or appropriate to all types of aspirants. Men are foundProblems, 40:What basic plans must be laid which will be appropriate for so many differing races andProblems, 140:churchmen of all faiths at this time. They are appropriate to both the East and the West. ThesePsychology1, 82:in such a way that they are of general and appropriate application. Hence the confusion and thePsychology1, 289:form, the enshrining of some aspect of truth in appropriate expression, and thus the enriching ofPsychology2, 78:The Path of Return, motivated by the wish to appropriate nothing for the separated self. ThePsychology2, 80:as "crashing their way into incarnation." They appropriate dynamically that which they require.Psychology2, 173:been mastered. The symbol of the scales is here appropriate, and, of this truth, the three CrossesPsychology2, 328:Consciously taking the necessary steps to appropriate the needed substance through which to appearPsychology2, 332:Then and only then can the conscious soul appropriate the "body of light and of splendor, thePsychology2, 391:(practical, experimental and subjective) of the appropriate phrase for his ray. Let me paraphrasePsychology2, 491:and the so-called recorded guidances. Men appropriate to themselves sometimes that which isPsychology2, 507:of the activities of others. These he is apt to appropriate unwillingly and quite erroneously toRays, 141:"system of identification" would appear more appropriate. Rays, 156:which I would have you appreciate and appropriate. We can then take up the work to be done withinRays, 175:initiation, is nevertheless a mantram definitely appropriate to the third initiation. It is onlyRays, 176:by the Christ in order that the candidate can appropriate its potency without risk or danger. AfterRays, 182:Shamballa force which the initiate is able to appropriate and to use because he has begun to workRays, 238:confronted, are being brought to a new and more "appropriate" conception of the divine PurposeRays, 295:must therefore express the true need in form, appropriate to the registering capacity of humanityRays, 342:has led the average esoteric student to appropriate initiation and to make it personal andRays, 349:up in the "knowledge petals" of the soul; he can appropriate and utilize the energy of attractionRays, 393:on the presence in the three worlds of certain appropriate ray forces, are brought to the point ofRays, 454:"building the antahkarana" becomes accurate and appropriate. It is in this connection thatRays, 512:The calling in of the will through the method appropriate to the Ray of the disciple, the soul ray.Rays, 540:tension, through the medium of the fusion of the appropriate dualities. It is through the activityRays, 543:once he can register them consciously upon their appropriate plane and through the appropriateRays, 543:upon their appropriate plane and through the appropriate center; it naturally takes time to developRays, 545:streams of energy to escape from him which are appropriate to the need) the "passing-by" of aRays, 554:in the world took heart of grace (a most appropriate phrase) and became active. The three pointsRays, 579:stimulation of the Hierarchy, pass through the appropriate initiation. It should here be rememberedRays, 609:cycle of unfoldment to which I can give no truly appropriate name, but which climaxes in the ninthRays, 617:sciences, then still another locality may prove appropriate. The determining factor in all cases,Rays, 617:cases, and that which will indicate to Him the appropriate place for this focal point, will be theRays, 626:all men of goodwill must work. It is perhaps appropriate to point out here that the spiritualRays, 726:unknown to us, may be demonstrated by the appropriate initiates; but those who attain resurrectionReappearance, 6:higher than the strictly human. Always the appropriate mechanism is found through which divinityReappearance, 61:we are immediately confronted. It would seem appropriate at this point to consider the nature ofReappearance, 142:the theological seminaries teach nothing new or appropriate to the day and age, but send out youngSoul, 15:paths in practice are usually the right and appropriate ones! - Köhler, Wolfgang, GestaltSoul, 17:type of mind and of investigation is especially appropriate in psychology, the oldest branch ofSoul, 60:reality, to which therefore some other name is appropriate. The term used is unimportant, but longSoul, 74:Webster adds the following comment which is appropriate in its application to the present trend ofSoul, 156:from a mere outer working, deemed by him appropriate for the life of leisure that he proposes asTelepathy, 32:the word, for such a word as "will" has no appropriate form like "pool" has; one may, if he choose,Telepathy, 42:the higher impression, that They [42] absorb or appropriate the impression so that it becomes a
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