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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPROPRIATED

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Astrology, 206:Physical comfort - life conditions, selfishly appropriated. Money - selfishly cornered (if I mayBethlehem, 54:of testing. Every new revelation grasped and appropriated has to be adapted to the needs of aDiscipleship1, 314:nature from that which is familiar, desired and appropriated from long habit, but it involves alsoDiscipleship2, 43:or for only partial service are easily found and appropriated; postponement of all-out help today,Discipleship2, 193:to you that this cross is only correctly appropriated by (or is symbolic of) the man who has builtDiscipleship2, 311:employs that which he has learnt, grasped and appropriated. It matters not, in this case, what wordDiscipleship2, 428:history of humanity, this moment of potency is appropriated by mankind. I wonder if you realize theDiscipleship2, 547:plane. Then produce stabilization of the light appropriated by the sounding of the OM. Seek not toDiscipleship2, 625:involving Spirit, and the consciousness appropriated in a great moment of crisis, when each kingdomDiscipleship2, 626:forms are built. On the Path of Return, they are appropriated and used, and the consciousness ofExternalisation, 59:study the significance of money as directed and appropriated energy. [60] This direction of forceExternalisation, 162:seek to transmit to humanity can be consciously appropriated. The Christ, the embodiment of theExternalisation, 245:of peace when the little children in the appropriated lands come under the soul-killing system ofFire, 71:all gradually into play. 26 Permanent Atom. An appropriated point of atomic matter. A tiny centerFire, 517:[517] The permanent atom is one that has been appropriated by one of the lives that form theFire, 768:coordinated, and the three permanent atoms are appropriated by the jiva concerned, and appear atFire, 787:with which any particular sheath is energized is appropriated. This brings the sheath concerned:Fire, 910:permanent physical atoms of all humanity and the appropriated atoms of the deva kingdom. The devasGlamour, 192:(soul light) that the Light is seen, known and appropriated. This light puts out the lesser lightsGlamour, 196:concern us here is how this light is recognized, appropriated and used in order to dispel glamorHealing, 231:that which (when seen and coveted) could be appropriated. Just as the major sins of Lemurian timesHealing, 347:the use and the effect of this energy, as it is appropriated by a form or forms of some kind, whichHealing, 427:of the forms thus "stolen or borrowed or rightly appropriated," according to the stage ofHealing, 428:soul has come. The soul has in the past: Appropriated a physical body of a certain caliber,Healing, 645:all of a mental nature and do not require to be appropriated and held by the mind of the patient.Magic, 294:solar and cosmic energies, every human being has appropriated, out of the greater Whole, enough ofMagic, 321:effect upon us because - under the Law - we have appropriated for our own use a portion of thatMagic, 321:be sensed in a large way, though not as yet appropriated in its pure essence. We call it the "loveMagic, 367:something that can be definitely visualized and appropriated as a basis for thought. ThisMagic, 571:between these forces of nature which he has appropriated for his own use and which constitute thePatanjali, 407:of the universal thinking principle which he has appropriated for his own use. The solar Logos,Psychology1, 157:to the individual need. The vision cannot be appropriated. It is ever on ahead, but if the entirePsychology2, 53:twenty-fifth years, wherein the mind vehicle is appropriated. The man should then begin to respondPsychology2, 55:those mental forms that can be appreciated and appropriated by the mind and brain of man during anyPsychology2, 57:vehicle and the mental body are consciously appropriated, and as consciously used. It must never bePsychology2, 329:realization is established and the soul has appropriated a form upon the mental plane through theRays, 61:Now a master of that which has been seen and appropriated, and being conscious of and sensing thatRays, 692:may realize that the teaching here given can be appropriated by you and that the initiatory processRays, 694:of crucifixion (which the Christian world has appropriated for itself) is far vaster in itsReappearance, 131:in a large way, though it cannot as yet be appropriated in its pure essence; this energy, we callSoul, 99:principle which any particular human soul has appropriated. The energies which utilize the akashaTelepathy, 95:being formulated by him into thoughts with their appropriated thought-forms, and upon these heTelepathy, 161:factors the various energies become when appropriated and used, and how their substance, or rather
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