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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPROXIMATELY

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Astrology, 4:which the sun passes in its great cycle of approximately 25,000 years. Astrologers with insight mayAstrology, 64:plane and producing outer physical events took approximately 5,000 years to mature and the Sun wasAstrology, 81:apparently a slow and laborious process, taking approximately (on the plane of time) 25,000 years.Astrology, 344:at this time for the greater zodiacal round of approximately 25,000 years - the date of whichAstrology, 410:as is now the case, the period covered is approximately five hundred years. These are points whichAstrology, 410:rounds of the zodiac or a period of cycles of approximately 250,000 years has a correspondence toAstrology, 473:must be remembered that they are passed through approximately three times from the standpoint ofAutobiography, 225:the Jews were well treated in that country. The approximately 30,000 Jews in Italy were valued asAutobiography, 253:to A.A.B. (in 1931 and later) a group of approximately 45 people - some known to her personallyBethlehem, 18:"the Piscean age" because, during this period of approximately two thousand years, our sun isBethlehem, 76:of a year, and during its greater cycle of approximately 25,000 years. Having completed theDestiny, 28:follow the same line of reasoning and come to approximately the same conclusions, provided he lovedDestiny, 136:or pulsation of the heart and these periods last approximately three thousand years. They are, whenDiscipleship1, 786:many possible neophytes, I indicated a group of approximately 45 people - some known personally toDiscipleship2, 115:two parts - one aspect or technique will cover approximately the first six months, and the otherEducation, 11:and the place on the ladder of evolution will be approximately noted; mystical and introspectiveExternalisation, 128:Lodge, the Hierarchy of Masters). That was then approximately true, for the conflict was betweenExternalisation, 185:and the noise of exploding bombs are heard in approximately twenty countries; war rises up from theExternalisation, 269:to that great round of the zodiac (a period of approximately 25,000 years) in which the sun passesExternalisation, 399:(as far as you are concerned) until July first, approximately. This they must do through their ownFire, 415:is over practically and the evolutionary is approximately midway through. This will be marked byFire, 531:atom has its spirillae arranged so as to form approximately a figure eight with a central streamFire, 1009:to a point in the head or brain which is found approximately in the center of the forehead. This isFire, 1084:the majority of cases than ours, only one being approximately of the same magnitude as our solarGlamour, 118:physical, astral and mental) have been approximately ascertained, then the following factors willHercules, 10:the zodiac which, the astronomers tell us, takes approximately twenty-five thousand years toHercules, 91:came into being during the two thousand years, approximately, when our sun was in Cancer. TheHercules, 184:in Aquarius. At the end of the Aquarian age, approximately two thousand five hundred years hence,Hercules, 217:instead of a month our solar system requires approximately two thousand and sixty years to traverseHercules, 219:the sacred ox, as in the Mysteries of Mithras. Approximately two thousand years before the birth ofHercules, 220:fully into that sign, a process that will take approximately a further two hundred years. We areInitiation, 28:to say that in the middle of the Lemurian epoch, approximately eighteen million years ago, occurredIntellect, 219:written upon the postures, of which there are approximately eighty. But because it has been done inIntellect, 227:used such forms as the following in working with approximately three thousand students of theMagic, 437:sun through a constellation covers a period of approximately two thousand two hundred years, theMagic, 440:and when at a later date the sun was in Leo (approximately eighteen million years ago) the firstMeditation, 61:of what has to be accomplished. He realizes approximately his place in evolution and the work to beMeditation, 81:The man therefore will meditate correctly or approximately so; thus what we are to consider todayMeditation, 234:similarity of vibration will be seen as having approximately the same basic hue, though with manyMeditation, 271:place upon the ladder of evolution (for that is approximately known), but in service. This is ofPsychology1, 153:the greater Zodiac, during the vast period of approximately 25,000 years, and in a lesser degreePsychology1, 265:and which come in and out of manifestation approximately every 2,100 years. Those cycles whenRays, 208:thing, been difficult to find disciples who are approximately at the same point in evolution, whoseReappearance, 90:the Easter season of that year and covering approximately a period of five weeks, the Forces ofReappearance, 106:to remember that when the Buddha came, approximately five hundred years before Christ (for theReappearance, 127:course, not their real names - came into being approximately eight thousand years ago. Then came
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