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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APT

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Magic, 259:must be borne in mind or else discouragement is apt to ensue when the ideal is enunciated. WorldMagic, 356:at the heart of their being, they are very apt to place themselves in a higher category than otherMagic, 434:mind, and certain conditions they are only too apt to forget, may however be briefly noted. For theMagic, 485:apprehension of the real ideas; he is still apt to express his likes and dislikes through the powerMagic, 494:for the best and sure of nothing. But people are apt to forget that every night, in the hours ofMagic, 529:the other kingdoms of nature. Human beings are apt to be primarily concerned with their higherMagic, 550:other three kingdoms. This which I tell you is apt to be found confusing by the neophyte for theMeditation, 47:must be overcome. (Some of you who meditate are apt to be so engrossed straining after intuitionalMeditation, 111:was unbelievably rampant. The solar plexus was apt to be over vivified, the triangles were notMeditation, 113:than his heart center, and his throat center is apt to be vitalized. The oriental uses his heartMeditation, 133:no matter what transpires without. We are so apt to look out at environing circumstances, whetherMeditation, 153:type. The outlines will be clear, and will be apt to be rigid. The form will be more painstakinglyMeditation, 153:surge of emotional colors as the mystic form is apt to be. Later, when the man in either case hasMeditation, 173:the sons of men are rising. Even the ones - so apt to be despised - who are the active workers ofMeditation, 179:force pouring in on all the different centers is apt - unless duly regulated - to cause a feelingMeditation, 191:its raison d'ętre, and the results achieved, are apt to be overlooked. Every religion - Christian,Meditation, 211:be regarded as a circle of sevenfold light. Too apt is the student to picture seven bands, strikingMeditation, 282:and that discrimination that mind affords is apt to be unbalanced and unwise. Both love and mindMeditation, 302:work under proper and adequate supervision. Too apt are the Theosophists to think that they alonePatanjali, 75:is towards all other objective forms, and it is apt (in its unregenerate state) to gravitate withPatanjali, 323:a hard lesson for the aspirant to grasp. He is apt to think that a tendency towards clairvoyance orPatanjali, 361:a stage of great danger for such disciples are apt to be allured by the possibilities of powerPatanjali, 361:possession of psychic faculty opens up. They are apt to be deluded and to consider that psychicPatanjali, 411:of human cooperation an analogous situation is apt to occur. The constantly active mind stuff canProblems, 20:and conservative, slow to move, and apt to be satisfied with existing conditions, particularly ifProblems, 27:superior to more mature fellow nations; they are apt to think that they have a higher idealism, aProblems, 27:love of freedom than other nations; they are apt to forget that though there may be some backwardProblems, 48:of the emerging individual. Older people are apt to foster in a child an early and unnecessaryProblems, 48:undermined right senior authority. A child is apt to become anti-social when he is not understoodProblems, 97:oriental people - which the occidental is apt to forget; if he remembered it he would realize thatProblems, 100:(according to The New Testament); he is more apt to remember that Christ was a Jew and to wonderProblems, 178:men are only in process of organizing and are apt to feel that the work to be done is so stupendousPsychology1, 16:rhapsodies anent the One Life, which are apt to be no more than the negation of all mentalPsychology1, 116:still too destructive and personal; you would be apt to hurt the group and cause trouble; you wouldPsychology1, 184:relief from the surrounding chaos, that they are apt to forget that from the inner side there isPsychology1, 248:wonders in the world of phenomena. Man is also apt to think that his ray influences (the rayPsychology1, 349:is always of a crystallizing nature and is apt to produce "set forms which warrant promptPsychology2, 60:idea of mechanism and divinity, for these are apt to be a materializing of the idea of divinity,Psychology2, 320:three in the order of their appearance. We are apt to consider these appearances from the point ofPsychology2, 329:We must not forget this fact. We have been apt to regard aspiration as the consummation or thePsychology2, 346:appreciation of purpose and of truth. We are so apt always to think in terms of form and formPsychology2, 348:ray. Just what do we mean by Integration? We are apt to bandy words about with unthinking lightnessPsychology2, 360:of living. The aspirant upon the third ray is apt to waste much energy in perpetuating thePsychology2, 419:in reality nothing to do with the will, but is apt to be the result of this feeble integration andPsychology2, 500:cells get no rest and forms of sleeplessness are apt to supervene. Nature wills that all forms ofPsychology2, 507:of the activities of others. These he is apt to appropriate unwillingly and quite erroneously toPsychology2, 510:student or the mystically inclined person is apt to feel that all these technicalities are of minorPsychology2, 515:new forces, plus the withdrawal of the old, is apt to produce clearly felt effects upon humanity,Psychology2, 517:the stress and strain of modern living, men are apt to think that the major task and the mostPsychology2, 541:and can be seen on every hand. Students are apt to think that the awakening of the heart center andPsychology2, 544:the mystic remains unaware. The mystic is too apt to feel that the occultist over-estimates the wayPsychology2, 544:can give him nothing. The occultist is equally apt to despise the mystical way and to regard thePsychology2, 564:and occult movements. Such people are apt to consider these powers as indicative either of anPsychology2, 600:unusual) serious psychological difficulties are apt to be found. These have brought much concern toPsychology2, 607:production of creative work, then there is very apt to be difficulty with the thyroid gland. ThePsychology2, 704:I would remind you of something we are very apt to forget. The plans for humanity are not laidPsychology2, 708:surprising if this were so. They are far more apt to be the result of astral polarization, ofRays, 29:ground has done its work. Here there is quite apt to be misunderstanding. To most people theRays, 201:the Word, and He also utters the Sound. This is apt to be forgotten. He it is Who intones the AUMRays, 207:to the reader; initiation otherwise would be apt to be regarded as the attainment of a relativelyRays, 241:may be a somewhat new idea to you for you are apt to regard revelation as a goal in itself. YouRays, 245:the brains of advanced human beings. People are apt to forget that with each forward advance ofRays, 298:of revelation can be made known to him. Men are apt to confuse vision and revelation, and I seek toRays, 311:inadequate name of "divine Will." Students are apt to forget that the Spiritual Triad, related asRays, 333:connection with planetary evolution. Men are so apt to regard their own lives and destiny and theRays, 362:Initiation of Decision. [362] Disciples are more apt to be interested in the Ashrams from the angleRays, 374:in preparation for initiation. People are apt to regard magnetic [375] potency as evidence of love;Rays, 375:law, the Law of Attraction, students are apt to think that magnetism is a second ray quality. TheyRays, 379:working under the supervision of a Master is too apt to color your thoughts. The complete freedomRays, 419:way related to humanity - a fact which men are apt to forget. It is, however, with these rayRays, 454:It is in this connection that confusion is apt to arise in the mind of the student. He forgets thatRays, 660:that which will better serve His will. Men are apt to think that the whole evolutionary process -Rays, 695:directly with the Monad. He feels bereft and is apt to cry out - as did the Master Jesus - "My God,Rays, 735:work. There is one aspect of initiation which is apt to be overlooked. Every initiation is aRays, 744:and all the others as false and wrong. They are apt to forget that according to the locale ofReappearance, 5:are beyond their solving or handling, they are apt to look for a divine Intermediary and for theReappearance, 53:of human thinking and aspiration. Christians are apt to forget that the crisis in the final hoursReappearance, 66:the routine of His work and coming. People are apt to forget that the coming of the ChristReappearance, 67:and time is no simple one. Human beings are apt to look at all that happens, or that could happen,Reappearance, 79:Forerunner of the Aquarian Age People are very apt to overlook the fact that though ChristReappearance, 138:of new, impending spiritual revelations but are apt to shrink back from their revolutionaryReappearance, 168:and ailing and this, as the years go by, is apt to get worse. The only cure for this creepingReappearance, 180:sensual pleasure or luxury buying, we are [180] apt to be discouraged; it is wise to remember thatSoul, 24:[24] Furthermore, the subjective school is apt to be ultra-rational and systematic; theSoul, 123:concentration on it, often rashly undertaken, is apt to result in a peculiarly intractable form ofTelepathy, 88:from the Ashram which the disciple will be apt to confuse with group telepathy, soul communicationTelepathy, 106:point out, in the nature of symbols) that he is apt to go astray. They are the media through whichTelepathy, 129:and Extra-Planetary Relationships Students are apt to make their thinking unduly complicated whenTelepathy, 136:the expression of first ray energies. This is apt to be confusing. The human mind seeks to makeTelepathy, 144:centers; this is a point which students are apt to forget. It is here that knowledge of the egoicTelepathy, 150:The Basis of Non-Separateness Students have been apt to speak simply of the etheric body as an
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