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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AQUARIAN

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Externalisation, 88:effects. These effects will constitute the new Aquarian culture and civilization. In this processExternalisation, 93:They are likewise conditioned by the incoming Aquarian force and "measured" by the outgoing PisceanExternalisation, 127:end and so enable humanity to pass into the new Aquarian Age relatively free and with a clearerExternalisation, 168:fusion in consciousness of soul and body. The Aquarian Age will demonstrate an increasingExternalisation, 225:has been only preparatory and through which the Aquarian Age of brotherhood and understanding mayExternalisation, 659:only come into activity in the middle of the Aquarian Age. These energies, along with the fiveFire, viii:that teacher and pledges of secrecy. As the new Aquarian dispensation progresses these limitationsFire, 1220:and this law is the governing factor of the Aquarian age. It might here be added that the symbolGlamourand can be a real service to mankind. The newer Aquarian techniques include such group endeavors.Glamour, 22:mankind is immersed and which, during the coming Aquarian Age, will largely disappear in connectionGlamour, 156:personality ray of a minor incarnation. In the Aquarian Age which is rapidly coming, the DwellerHealing, 340:period of today producing a clash between the Aquarian and the Piscean forces, has led to aHercules, 109:mountain-top, and entering now, as we are, the Aquarian cycle, the aspirants of the race are in aHercules, 182:Entrance into heaven is entrance into the Aquarian age, begun during the last two hundred years. WeHercules, 183:be in conjunction with each other [183] and the Aquarian age will be fully with us, but only fullyHercules, 183:for us to grasp, because it is something in the Aquarian age which will be emerging in greaterHercules, 184:going to happen in Aquarius. At the end of the Aquarian age, approximately two thousand fiveHercules, 185:and help them. It is no effort for the true Aquarian master to do so. 2. Group work. This isHercules, 186:the members of the group is perfect? That is the Aquarian group and it is not with us yet. 3.Hercules, 186:it. You appreciate that we are entering into the Aquarian age where materialism, as we know it,Hercules, 187:the two words that embody the technique of the Aquarian age; not form, not mind, but life and love.Hercules, 188:because of [188] the impact of Piscean and Aquarian energies. There are two diverse groups: thoseHercules, 189:lose yourself in something outside yourself. The Aquarian law is based on spiritual illumination,Hercules, 189:bodies and we are trying to vibrate to the Aquarian age. We are not Aquarians yet; there are noHercules, 189:but even they are few and far between. The Aquarian age is going to manifest over the whole world;Hercules, 189:other forms of life, all merging under the new Aquarian influence. A marvellous thing is takingHercules, 191:is the first thing that has to happen in the Aquarian age. We are just beginning to do it. We areHercules, 191:to be inclusive in their thought, because in the Aquarian age nations as we know them now will haveHercules, 192:largely emotional; that is the trouble. In the Aquarian age, especially in the second decanate,Hercules, 193:way under a particular condition? Cultivate the Aquarian spirit of leaving people free, cultivateHercules, 193:can with the light we have. Let us cultivate the Aquarian spirit of non-separativeness, love,Hercules, 193:Self reference is always necessary for the Aquarian, but not that self-consciousness that we findHercules, 194:World Savior will come. And as we look upon the Aquarian age as a John the Baptist sign, so we canMagic, 314:and file of humanity. Facts about the coming Aquarian age can be searched for in the current booksMagic, 321:a group sentiency, and only in the coming Aquarian Age will its true nature find correctMagic, 404:of the race noted the future coming in of the Aquarian age, with its distinctive energies and itsMagic, 405:do two things before the coming potencies of the Aquarian age could profitably be employed. FirstMagic, 416:not appear for many decades. He will be a true Aquarian with a universal touch, an intenseMagic, 609:and energies pouring in on the new tide of the Aquarian Age; unable to understand and explain, andMagic, 610:more adequately embody the life of God in the Aquarian Age which is now upon us. It is to thisMagic, 619:the surface owing to the growing strength of the Aquarian influence which (from about the year A.D.Magic, 621:between the two great ages - the Piscean and the Aquarian. A part of the underlying purpose hasMagic, 631:who are Piscean in their tendencies and not Aquarian are carefully considered but not unduly so,Magic, 633:who are enough developed to respond to the Aquarian message, but who - as yet - cannot trustMagic, 633:yet - cannot trust themselves to employ the real Aquarian methods of work and message. ForMagic, 633:place. The problem they present however to the Aquarian worker lies in the fact that though theyMagic, 633:of those who respond more fully to the incoming Aquarian vibration register the voices of thePsychology1, xxiii:in the scientific sense, during the coming Aquarian Age. Science will then have penetrated a littlePsychology1, xxiv:of what is as yet a veiled surmise. The Aquarian Age will see the fact of the soul demonstrated.Psychology1, 95:which is Love. This will come to fruition in the Aquarian Age, and we shall see brotherhoodPsychology1, 228:stability to the planet and give the incoming Aquarian influences a stable and extended field inPsychology1, 280:of this problem of sex. The coming in of the Aquarian age also stimulates in man a spirit ofPsychology1, 282:the coming centuries, until at the end of the Aquarian age, and through the work of the seventh rayPsychology1, 289:will be tremendously accelerated. In the coming Aquarian age this will go rapidly forward. [290]Psychology1, 292:things we are told will characterize the coming Aquarian age, and they will be made possiblePsychology1, 313:and triumphant. This is the coming glory of the Aquarian Age; this is the next revelation of thePsychology1, 332:its fulfilment [332] and true usefulness in the Aquarian age. It will then become the basic andPsychology1, 364:nature, and its symbol is water. The coming Aquarian Age will reveal to man (and hence alsoPsychology1, 364:by the energies released during the incoming Aquarian Age. The new and esoteric psychology will bePsychology1, 374:will be released in fuller measure during the Aquarian age, through the agency of the seventh ray.Psychology1, 380:be much facilitated and speeded up during the Aquarian age, and it will eventuate later in thePsychology2, 119:thousand years ago. He was the forerunner of the Aquarian Age, and hence His constant emphasis uponPsychology2, 120:up to his innate capacity. The sign for the Aquarian Age is that of a man, carrying on hisPsychology2, 123:it is because the response of men to these new Aquarian influences is being registered at presentPsychology2, 132:who can therefore work under the new incoming Aquarian Law. This centers around the capacity toPsychology2, 145:ray. It is also linked up with the incoming Aquarian influence. The Masters, [146] with their largePsychology2, 146:basis of this selection is: Sensitivity to the Aquarian influence. Willingness to work in a groupPsychology2, 194:a new civilization. This is the New Age that the Aquarian Age will see consummated. The outerPsychology2, 196:means of this augmentation - during the coming Aquarian zodiacal cycle - groups on earth can availPsychology2, 263:of the characteristics of the incoming Aquarian Age. The second category of human beings, who, arePsychology2, 515:the influence of the rays today and in the Aquarian Age. (A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. IIIPsychology2, 615:are usually of as pure a type of the new age or Aquarian character as is possible or available atPsychology2, 625:is the influence of the rays today and in the Aquarian age which is now upon us. This should provePsychology2, 708:ideas creatively, which will be the glory of the Aquarian Age. 4. The understanding of the diseasesPsychology2, 720:of consciousness. The incoming forces of the Aquarian Age. These are having a wide and generalPsychology2, 720:the world today who are learning to think. The Aquarian inspiration is being registered by all whoPsychology2, 721:to be paid to the planet Venus, which in the Aquarian age will supersede Mars as a basic influence.Psychology2, 744:between the Piscean way of life and the Aquarian attitude of thought and life; between the laws ofRays, 19:quality of the New Age and will inaugurate the Aquarian phase of planetary history. Rays, 109:and which will develop the civilization of the Aquarian Age. This coming age will be asRays, 227:during the next great cycle, that of the Aquarian Age, we shall therefore be considering thoseRays, 228:so express it) obedience to this rule calls in Aquarian energy, the reasoning power of Mercury, andRays, 229:be understood as it truly is at the close of the Aquarian Age. The initiate sees the New Group ofRays, 231:begin to train themselves to respond to the Aquarian energy now pouring into the Hierarchy. Some ofRays, 231:Ashram of Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy. This Aquarian influence produces mainly the intensifying ofRays, 231:World Servers are brought under the stepped-down Aquarian influence; this has to be an individualRays, 232:their spiritual status permits. This inflow of Aquarian energy is one of the factors which willRays, 232:of the seventh ray. Incidentally, it is this Aquarian influence which has given the adepts of theRays, 233:by Taurus and responsive in degree to the Aquarian impulse coming from the Hierarchy. TheseRays, 234:the dawn is with us as yet - the dawn of the Aquarian Age. The full tide of light is inevitablyRays, 235:withdrawal of the sixth ray force, the incoming Aquarian energy, via the Hierarchy (affecting atRays, 238:study concern the work of the Hierarchy in the Aquarian Age. Hence they are specifically for theRays, 239:to the Hierarchy that with the arrival of the Aquarian Age, group preparation, group initiation andRays, 255:to precede and condition the New Age, the Aquarian Age, falls into three categories: Preparatory,Rays, 344:This is not the idea as it is presented in the Aquarian Age, so close today; it was the mode ofRays, 547:the problems connected with group work in the Aquarian Age, or with the life and relationshipsRays, 581:Piscean energy, and the impact of the incoming Aquarian energy will bring a potent transformationRays, 581:in time and space: ray energy, Piscean energy, Aquarian energy and the energy of the astral planeRays, 584:type of energy, and the coming into power of the Aquarian Age (with its potent purificatoryReappearance, 79:the Future II. Christ as the Forerunner of the Aquarian Age People are very apt to overlook the
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