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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AQUARIAN

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Reappearance, 80:ahead to the work He would have to do in the Aquarian Age, in the next sign into which the sunReappearance, 80:He referred to the symbol of the Aquarian Age and to the task He would then perform. With HisReappearance, 80:relations and this will be the great gift of the Aquarian Age to humanity. This the church hasReappearance, 81:little desire to change. The coming in of the Aquarian Age, Christ foresaw and reduced to pictorialReappearance, 82:as the Teacher and Leader during the Aquarian solar cycle. He is the first of the great worldReappearance, 82:cover two zodiacal cycles - the Piscean and the Aquarian. This is a statement easily made andReappearance, 83:Christ took His [83] stand; from that point His Aquarian work began, and it will continue for twoReappearance, 83:Little Ones, He enters upon His duties in the Aquarian Age, whilst as the center of the TriangleReappearance, 83:distinctive of His world service, throughout the Aquarian Age. [84] Reappearance, 84:and to the principle of intelligence, so in the Aquarian Age, a mass response to right relationsReappearance, 85:abundantly," because they will set loose (in the Aquarian Age) in a new and dynamic manner the newReappearance, 85:it concerns the future. This inflow of Aquarian energy is one of the factors which will enable [86]Reappearance, 86:as the Forerunner and the Teacher of the Aquarian Age. As Nourisher of the Little Ones, we areReappearance, 86:of countless thousands towards the close of the Aquarian Age. The purifying waters of the BaptismReappearance, 87:work which He would be called upon to do in the Aquarian era. In the first two initiations,Reappearance, 87:into the hearts of men"; the group which (in the Aquarian Age) the Christ Himself will "nourish"Reappearance, 88:humanity to the Hierarchy of the planet; in the Aquarian Age, His work will be to relate thisReappearance, 96:certain plans for the coming civilization of the Aquarian Age. As many millions in the world know,Reappearance, 98:will demonstrate within Himself, during the Aquarian Age and after His reappearance, certain majorReappearance, 98:years of Christ's spiritual activity and the Aquarian energies to be generated and active on EarthReappearance, 99:energy, generated during the Christian era. Aquarian energy, already generating upon the innerReappearance, 126:not understood today, at some point during the Aquarian Age. Humanity, the world disciple (throughReappearance, 129:Hierarchy will be increasingly potent and the Aquarian Age will see so many of the sons of menReappearance, 131:essentially a group sentiency, and only in the Aquarian Age, and as a result of the reappearance ofReappearance, 182:In the age into which we are now emerging, the Aquarian Age, this mode of group work will reach aTelepathy, 33:This will be, outstandingly, the glory of the Aquarian Age. As the race achieves increasingly aTelepathy, 35:which will come to its full glory in the Aquarian Age. The intuition is the infallibly sensitive
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