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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AQUARIUS

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Destiny, 68:Greece Virgo 6th - Capricorn 10th - Holland Aquarius 11th - Cancer 4th - India Aries 1st FirstDestiny, 68:3rd - Roumania Leo 5th - Aries 1st - Russia Aquarius 11th Seventh Leo 5th Sixth. Scandinavia (4Destiny, 68:Capricorn 10th Seventh. Switzerland Aries 1st - Aquarius 11th - Turkey Cancer 4th - Scorpio 8th -Destiny, 68:11th - Turkey Cancer 4th - Scorpio 8th - USA Aquarius 11th Second Gemini 3rd Sixth. Destiny, 69:10th Pisces 12th Russia Moscow Taurus 2nd Aquarius 11th United States Washington Cancer 4thDestiny, 73:Aquarian influence in the coming new era when Aquarius is dominant. The Sun, as the ruler of Leo,Destiny, 85:the indicated lines. Her two ruling signs are Aquarius and Leo and her real function in the comityDestiny, 88:therefore closely with Great Britain and also by Aquarius as the ruler of its soul ray. ThisDestiny, 88:second ray soul (as has Great Britain), ruled by Aquarius, is potent for future power andDestiny, 89:The influences are, therefore, as follows: Aquarius - with its rulers, Uranus, Jupiter and the MoonDestiny, 139:is this basic love which the second decanate of Aquarius - governed as it is by Mercury - willDestiny, 140:therefore, why in the second decanate of Aquarius the Hierarchy can, as the representative ofDestiny, 145:personal relations. I would remind you that Aquarius is to be found in the upper half of theDestiny, 145:This highly individualized sign consummates in Aquarius wherein the individual finds fullDestiny, 149:during two thousand years, the spreading light; Aquarius will see the Rising Light, and of both ofDestiny, 150:unfoldment during the three divisions into which Aquarius (and consequently the New Age now uponDestiny, 150:into the water-pot carried on the shoulder of Aquarius in the symbol which is distinctive of thisDestiny, 150:symbol which is distinctive of this sign, for Aquarius is the water-carrier, bringing the water ofDestiny, 151:the man carrying the water pot and typifying Aquarius led the disciples, and in which the firstDiscipleship2, 425:the seventh ray is active and when the Sun is in Aquarius. Such a combination of relationships isDiscipleship2, 425:coming into manifestation and the Sun is in Aquarius, for the Aquarian Age is just beginning. TheExternalisation, 155:transmitter of divine energies from Virgo and Aquarius which Jupiter esoterically governs. Virgo isExternalisation, 155:and aid the growth of the Christ consciousness; Aquarius is the coming expression of the groupExternalisation, 338:light, and the new world cycle, beginning in Aquarius, will be definitely inaugurated by humanityExternalisation, 567:with the lesser zodiacal activity because Aquarius governs the greater immediate cycle of 25,000Fire, 1220:brings in the energy, symbolized by the sign Aquarius, and this law is the governing factor of theFire, 1263:our solar system reaches our planet via the sign Aquarius. The reasons will be noted if the studentFire, 1263:are but a lower manifestation of love-desire. Aquarius is a force center from which the adept drawsFire, 1263:multitude. This force from the Pole Star, via Aquarius, is of special power at this time and theFire, 1264:of cosmic direction. Source - The Pole Star via Aquarius. Hierarchies - The first and the second.Hercules, 23:the four constellations Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Tradition tells us that he wasHercules, 24:Then, at his maturity, he symbolized in himself Aquarius the Man, whose motto is "to know". He hadHercules, 29:the signs, passing into Pisces, and then to Aquarius, and so on through all the intervening [30]Hercules, 44:fire or spirit; Taurus, earth or body; Aquarius, air or mind; and Scorpio represents water likenedHercules, 44:bull, is always the symbol of creative force. Aquarius, the man, is the light-bearer, orHercules, 82:of initiation; now he can be the world worker in Aquarius, and [83] the world savior in Pisces.Hercules, 90:initiate, who becomes the world server in Aquarius; and the world savior in Pisces. Cancer admitsHercules, 92:the group. He then becomes the world server in Aquarius and has no sense of separateness. TheHercules, 102:He is essentially what he will demonstrate in Aquarius, the opposite sign to Leo. He will then beHercules, 102:and demonstrates as the complete man in Aquarius, and this has only been possible because of theHercules, 104:the cross, sacrificing illusion to reality. In Aquarius, we have the light of the universalHercules, 107:of spirit. It is interesting to note that in Aquarius, the consummating sign to Leo, we findHercules, 107:eagle of Scorpio, and as Cygnus, the swan, in Aquarius. This he must begin to do in Leo, byHercules, 172:to humanity. For it is interesting that, in Aquarius, we are dealing symbolically with [173]Hercules, 179:Capricorn, on his way to serve humanity in [179] Aquarius. In that sign he cleans the AugeanHercules, 180:Labor XI LABOR XI Cleansing the Augean Stables (Aquarius, January 21st - February 19th) The MythHercules, 182:Labors of Hercules - Labor XI The Energies of Aquarius (Lecture by A.A.B. 1937) There is a phraseHercules, 184:upon humanity, we are now passing into the sign Aquarius where, through symbolism of water andHercules, 184:human being. That is what is going to happen in Aquarius. At the end of the Aquarian age,Hercules, 184:five hundred years' time. The opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo, the sign of the individual, the manHercules, 185:Capricorn and undergoes the transfiguration. In Aquarius the disciple becomes the serving master.Hercules, 185:up the subject of world saviors in Pisces. In Aquarius the man is a serving master. That is theHercules, 185:go together. The ruler of the first decanate of Aquarius is Saturn. Saturn gives us discipline;Hercules, 187:what the next Piscean age is going to bring in. Aquarius is depicted as a man holding an invertedHercules, 187:concept. Decanates, Rulers and Constellations Aquarius, like other signs, is divided into threeHercules, 188:universal consciousness. The second decanate of Aquarius is governed by Mercury, and out of theHercules, 188:illumination that came in Leo, the opposite of Aquarius, was "I am the self", the illumination weHercules, 188:call self consciousness. Illumination coming, in Aquarius is "I am That", I am group conscious. MyHercules, 189:has to give place to Kefus, the law of Aquarius, where we shall have a new law based on suffering,Hercules, 190:later work. There are three constellations in Aquarius. The Southern Fish, Pisces Australes,Hercules, 190:Pisces Australes, picturing in connection with Aquarius the coming world saviors. Note that here,Hercules, 190:the cleansing, purifying "living waters" of Aquarius. (Interpolated) Interpretation of the TestHercules, 192:Hercules - Labor XI That is going to happen in Aquarius, that is what lies ahead, that is what theHercules, 192:become time conscious. The time is coming in Aquarius when past, present and future will pass outHercules, 194:and separation may die out. I like to think of Aquarius as the "John the Baptist sign" in terms ofHercules, 211:Twins Element: Air sign (as are also Libra and Aquarius). Quality: Duality. Love-Wisdom. Fluidity.Hercules, 212:Self assertion. Polar Opposite: Aquarius. An air sign (group awareness, world service. Rulers:Hercules, 213:Element: Air sign (as are also Gemini and Aquarius). Quality: Equilibrium. An interlude whereHercules, 214:supernal, yet on that light I turn my back". Aquarius, the Water Carrier Element: Air sign (as areHercules, 216:Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces." The Zodiac: A Life Epitome.Hercules, 220:the Zodiac Now we are passing into the sign Aquarius, the water carrier, though we have not yetHercules, 220:ago, and it is discernible how, since then, Aquarius, the water carrier, has begun to make hisHercules, 220:of sanitation and the prolific use of water. But Aquarius is an air sign and the skies are full ofHercules, 222:Scorpio The final freeing from illusion. Aquarius Server of the race, pouring out the living waterHercules, 222:Ezekiel. These four had the face of a man, Aquarius; the face of a lion, Leo; the face of an ox,Hercules, 223:a wolf's head. "Benjamin shall raven as a wolf." Aquarius, the Water Carrier Reuben Means "theHercules, 226:two last signs of the zodiacal round, those of Aquarius and Pisces. [227] In Virgo (August 22 -Hercules, 228:that of the Transfiguration. The next two signs, Aquarius and Pisces, show us the liberatedHercules, 228:and has no longer any personal problems. In Aquarius (January 21 - February 19, the Water Carrier),Magic, 313:zodiac into which we are now entering, the sign Aquarius. This sign, that of the water-carrier, isMagic, 440:for this transition period out of Pisces into Aquarius. This is seldom done, but it is evident thatMagic, 442:light supernal and on that light I turn my back. Aquarius - Water of life am I, poured forth forMagic, 442:- And the Word said: Go forth into matter. Aquarius - And the Word said: Let desire in form beMagic, 548:of Taurus, of Leo, of Scorpio and of Aquarius, for they are potent in our world cycle. He must, ifMagic, 548:I am the bird that flies with utter freedom." In Aquarius the words spoken will be: "I am thePatanjali, 46:pace." They frequently then enter the sign of Aquarius and become bearers of water, having to carryPsychology1, 71:the Saturn disruption of the first decanate of Aquarius. In the meantime a study of His names willPsychology1, 103:much augmentation. In the second decanate of Aquarius these three aspects will again be augmentedPsychology2, 122:of that great Life who informs the constellation Aquarius, just as our solar Logos informs ourPsychology2, 266:sign, Sagittarius, just as now it is entering Aquarius. This coordination is going on rapidly amongPsychology2, 518:between the forces emanating from the sign Aquarius and the sign Leo which is its polar oppositePsychology2, 518:What effect will the potency of the sign Aquarius (which is becoming increasingly dominant withRays, 23:Disciples and Initiates: Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the groupRays, 227:runs as follows: Rule XII Let the group serve as Aquarius indicates; let Mercury speed the groupRays, 228:time, conditioned by three great constellations: Aquarius - The Custodian of that "life moreRays, 229:energized by life, and by the energy of Aquarius, carrying a hitherto unknown aspect of the lifeRays, 230:men and evoke recognition as the influence of Aquarius is more firmly established. The Masters, inRays, 230:You will note, therefore, that the effect of Aquarius upon the Hierarchy (as far as you, at yourRays, 232:The group, therefore, which "serves as Aquarius indicates" is the Hierarchy; the group which isRays, 233:All who respond to the life-giving force of Aquarius and to the light-giving force of Taurus can
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