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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AQUARIUS

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Rays, 235:implement both the Shamballa energy and that of Aquarius; the Masters Themselves have to learn howRays, 237:into the aura and the field of activity of Aquarius, guided by those who are responsive to theRays, 269:energy from the constellations Capricorn and Aquarius. The Act of Identification. This involvesRays, 427:of cosmic direction Source The Pole Star via Aquarius Hierarchy The first and the second Method ARays, 534:their Messiah when He again comes in the sign Aquarius. Otherwise they are repeating their ancientRays, 551:being rapidly superseded by energies coming from Aquarius. These result in major changes in theRays, 581:are as fishes, immersed in the sea of emotions." Aquarius is also known by the symbol of water, forRays, 581:is also known by the symbol of water, for Aquarius is the "water-carrier." The sixth ray will bringReappearance, 80:took place. The ancient symbol for the sign Aquarius (into which our Sun is now entering) is thatReappearance, 80:of water. This passing of the Sun into the sign Aquarius is an astronomical fact, as any one canReappearance, 81:their Messiah when He comes again in the sign Aquarius. Otherwise, they will repeat their ancientReappearance, 81:yet functioning fully within the influence of Aquarius; we are only just emerging from the PisceanReappearance, 81:and the full impact of the energies which Aquarius will set loose has not yet been felt.Reappearance, 82:true initiation as it enters into the new age of Aquarius; it will then be subjected to thoseReappearance, 98:over the building or reconstruction [98] work in Aquarius, and thus complete the task which HeReappearance, 126:Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. Today Aquarius, the fifth age, is coming into power. In Gemini,
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