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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARBITRARY

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Astrology, 418:as far as our Earth is concerned in the rather arbitrary division of the twelve constellations intoBethlehem, 112:invented these myths? Nobody. For inventions are arbitrary, are fiction. But these tales areDestiny, 72:the nations which occupy them. This is not an arbitrary matter but due to magnetic interplay. It isExternalisation, 670:Nothing of true value is to be gained by any arbitrary or autocratic activity on the part of theFire, 893:forms of truth impartation, and this for no arbitrary reason. It is not possible to enlarge uponFire, 1036:periods of the emergence of the Rays, setting arbitrary dates, such as 2500 years, for theGlamour, 50:that they are not authoritatively imposed by an arbitrary Board of Directors, such as a groupHealing, 661:and of karmic decision; it must not come as an arbitrary act, or as an escape from life and itsIntellect, 27:a man to cope with external facts and with his arbitrary environment? Humanity must be led out andMagic, 439:The names of the planets are not the result of arbitrary choice but the planets name themselves.Meditation, 208:eye even the choice of these blinds is not arbitrary, but subject to rule and law. It is thereforePsychology1, 159:ever to think in terms of the whole. The arbitrary tabulations, the divisions into triplicities andRays, 207:these Councils have been held - under our arbitrary dates - in 1725, 1825, 1925. At these Councils,Rays, 454:of the student. He forgets that it is a purely arbitrary distinction of the lower analyzing mind toRays, 454:antahkarana in process of forming. It is equally arbitrary to call the bridge which the disciple
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