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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARCHIVES

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Astrology, 85:phrase given to a world cycle in the Masters' Archives) these energies are stepped down into forcesAstrology, 144:for the three crosses taken from the ancient archives and therefore difficult to translate: TheAstrology, 204:Buddha and the Christ - are associated in the archives of the Great White Lodge with three specialAstrology, 214:implications, and yet they were written in our archives over seven thousand years ago. Death inAstrology, 305:are related to spirit and to synthesis. In the archives of the esoteric astrologers connected withAstrology, 482:composed of Vulcan, Pluto and the Earth. In the Archives of the Great Lodge this is referred, toAstrology, 488:subordinated. These triangles are called in the Archives of the Lodge "Triangles in Revolution"; atAstrology, 633:to the world but - as the legend in the Masters' Archives goes on - He came "to fabricate theAutobiography, 260:of certain stanzas and data in the hierarchical archives have been also shown to Mrs. Bailey andDiscipleship1, 743:is quoted from a very ancient manuscript in the Archives of the Hierarchy, dealing with this stageDiscipleship2, 157:for Power and Light," as it is called in the Archives of the Masters, is apparently simple. It has,Discipleship2, 157:Masters, is apparently simple. It has, in these Archives, an indicatory symbol beside it whichDiscipleship2, 224:of mankind; as it is said in the ancient Archives of the Masters: "Eventually, the solar Lords,Discipleship2, 246:or symbolic forms which are to be found in the archives for disciples. They concern the sixDiscipleship2, 249:If you were a disciple who had access to the archives wherein instructions for disciples areDiscipleship2, 356:presentation, as they are thus preserved in the Archives of the Hierarchy. Discipleship2, 356:its implications. Its ancient formulation in the Archives consists of an injunction to the MasterDiscipleship2, 396:knowledge." Thus is it expressed in the ancient archives which, at times, I attempt to translateExternalisation, 90:process is spoken of in the ancient books and archives in the library of the Hierarchy in theExternalisation, 534:[534] is a quotation from certain of the ancient Archives which constitute the study of theFire, 748:and entereth into the timeless Aeon." (From the Archives of the Lodge.) We have touched upon theFire, 840:needed and then the work stands forth." From the archives of The Lodge. Fire, 1082:rank find their place in the hierarchical archives of this fifth (or third) department. A cyclicFire, 1082:under which human beings are grouped in the archives of this the seventh department: Units of theFire, 1097:from an old esoteric manuscript in the Masters archives: "The vision of the higher sphere is hiddenFire, 1141:intuition. Symbolic books in the Master's archives used for instruction. These books areFire, 1148:into another file in the hierarchical archives, and becomes what is occultly termed "a selfFire, 1179:very exalted rank. They are each depicted in the archives of our Hierarchy as holding a trident ofFire, 1253:They are constantly spoken of in the occult archives as the "Lords Whose mayavirupa continuouslyGlamour, 141:for disciples, which can be found in the Archives of the Hierarchy and which refers to thisGlamour, 269:wherein the two can meet," as the ancient Archives put it. I would call your attention to the factHealing, 228:some of the most ancient books in the Masters' Archives we read: "earth took its toll and earth toHealing, 468:Death which is to be found in the hierarchical archives would prove explanatory to you, and mightHealing, 555:relationship. As an ancient book in the Masters' Archives puts it: "Soul to soul, the two are one;Initiation, 104:also that his name and effort are noted in the archives of the Lodge, and that the "Silent Watcher"Magic, 466:names given to these stages in the occult archives which are suggestive and illuminative; they areMagic, 546:words from an ancient writing in the Masters Archives. It is said to date back to early AtlanteanMagic, 616:and ancient proclamation found in the archives of the adepts which covers some of the stages in thePatanjali, 45:and it is interesting to note that in the archives of the Lords of Karma, the majority of thesePatanjali, 172:attained. In one of the old commentaries in the archives of the Lodge of Masters, the followingPatanjali, 286:us in the ancient writings found in the Masters' archives as follows: "When the star with fivePatanjali, 331:of Initiation. In one of the old books in the Archives of the Lodge, are found these words: "LetPatanjali, 366:of the teacher whose works are found in the archives of the Lodge: "To him, standing before thePsychology1, 150:that Being Who is designated in our hierarchical archives as the "One About Whom Naught May BePsychology1, 349:rays which produce what is called in the ancient archives "the intrusion of one or another of thePsychology1, 358:brought about which is described in the ancient archives in the following terms: "A time ofPsychology2, 32:in the words of the Old Commentary, found in the archives of the Masters. "The quality of lifePsychology2, 53:which the life story of a soul is charted in the archives of the Masters (under the presentPsychology2, 116:this law in the sacred records and in the archives of the Lodge. It is the symbol of the two ballsRays, 55:lives. This process is expressed in the Masters' Archives as follows: You must remember that theseRays, 64:is based on information to be found in the Archives of the Masters, that "there shall be no moreRays, 95:So speaks a prophetic passage in the ancient Archives of the Hierarchy which deals with the presentRays, 344:mind the meaning of the following words from the Archives of the Masters, given in question andRays, 384:matter upon the form side. Again, so the ancient Archives tell us, there came a great crisis in theRays, 430:Russia. In the maps which are to be found in the Archives of the spiritual Hierarchy, the entireRays, 507:in an ancient book belonging to the Masters' Archives that: "The preservation of values is the taskRays, 538:story of the Path of Evolution. In the Masters' Archives there are some Rules for Disciples of veryRays, 556:to keep in mind some words out of the ancient Archives which are as follows: "Energy is all thereRays, 559:of time. Except in the occult teaching and the Archives which remain in the custody of the Masters,Rays, 699:here quoting ancient phrases to be found in the archives of the Hierarchy. They will therefore need
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