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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AREA

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Astrology, 329:forth from the point in Aries, and revealing the area of light control. Gemini - The Light ofAstrology, 510:may then pour in. If he will study the "fluid area" where the planets, veiled by the Sun and Moon,Astrology, 514:focus or is to be found working first in, one area [515] of his "body of force" (the threeAstrology, 570:and quiet. This peace and quiet provides the "area of consciousness" in which aspiration canDiscipleship1, 89:the pituitary body and the pineal gland. In that area, he draws pictures and paints scenes and thusDiscipleship1, 89:goes on in a more focused manner and in the area directly around the pineal gland. The pineal [90]Discipleship1, 258:to shift your soul emphasis into the "mind area" and from there control the physical body insteadDiscipleship1, 452:bringing through of the unfolding light into the area of the physical brain, thus making what [453]Discipleship1, 456:before the window and visualize your head (the area around it and in it), as a center of force intoDiscipleship1, 505:not the physiological organ but the etheric area surrounding it and picture it as bathed in pureDiscipleship1, 556:down to a lower level of consciousness. The area of your natural being which is as yet the mostDiscipleship1, 591:your friend. But you have worked always in that area or that layer of mental substance wherein theDiscipleship1, 691:force and to draw energies into the destined area of service and this is a fact you must constantlyDiscipleship2, 61:called the Far West, and each time a great area of disruption was formed which will have futureDiscipleship2, 62:pattern - has a definite relation to this area of disruption. It will in due time be found that theDiscipleship2, 125:truth and will consequently point out to you an area of blindness and of weakness in yourDiscipleship2, 142:the "life of the triangles may penetrate the area of the square and produce the inevitableDiscipleship2, 142:an unusual word in this connection) a magnetized area of thought upon which the higher impressionsDiscipleship2, 176:Will, plus the instrument of service and an area in which evil is scaled, frustrated and renderedDiscipleship2, 210:into the Hierarchy. Their united aura or area of influence and the extent of their magnetic andDiscipleship2, 248:which changes sensitivity into love within an area of space; there is [249] that which altersDiscipleship2, 301:hint becomes a clear direction and a luminous area of enlightenment. Discipleship2, 301:entirely new adjustment to a higher rhythm and area of expression. This has greatly enhanced allDiscipleship2, 306:and move forward into the new impulsive causal area. Difficult though this task may be (and, myDiscipleship2, 313:things." The raincloud is a symbol of that area of the as yet unrevealed purposes of God which canDiscipleship2, 346:or constituting a "field of revelation" or an area of consciousness wherein five major points ofDiscipleship2, 362:of Hint Two should show you how rich is the area or the atmosphere of a hint - if I may use suchDiscipleship2, 386:permitting you to penetrate at least into that "area of promise" upon which all spiritual hope, allDiscipleship2, 387:Jewish people, in spite of many exceptions. The "area of promise" wherein the divine thought isDiscipleship2, 421:the initiate's vision and which indicates a new area, both of future conquest (from the consciousDiscipleship2, 421:the true significance of the words "the Whole." Area after area of the Body of him "in whom we liveDiscipleship2, 421:of the words "the Whole." Area after area of the Body of him "in whom we live and move and have ourDiscipleship2, 422:consciously includes in his thinking this new area of the divine Life to which any particularDiscipleship2, 427:act of penetration which takes place "within the area guarded by the Spirits of the seven Rays."Discipleship2, 431:arena of activity of the Initiator; within that area of spiritual and dynamic influence he becomesDiscipleship2, 434:to which penetration must be made; of a fresh area of consciousness in which the initiate must beDiscipleship2, 436:reason for this is that the first "great lighted area" which the initiate can grasp is the "circleDiscipleship2, 609:and of transformation. It is towards this area of merging [610] and of fusion that you are nowDiscipleship2, 610:of the personality, and within that lighted area the disciple learns to stand." There is much moreDiscipleship2, 618:- must have its focal point and its energizing area and these you must attempt to provide. This isDiscipleship2, 666:integrates him more definitely into the "lighted area" of our planetary life, bringing freshDiscipleship2, 666:revelation and vision but making the unlighted area dark indeed. [667] The Plan is as much of theEducation, xi:department shall not offer degrees in its own area or 'field.' The Department of Unified Studies isEducation, 63:people of the world include this relatively new area of human thought and its internationalExternalisation, 184:armies of Napoleon was heard over a far wider area, and the triumphs of Hitler - diplomatic andExternalisation, 268:forth to the aiding of humanity is a certain area of the divine Consciousness which is open to theExternalisation, 417:Evocation, we are also moving forward into the area of mental understanding. The grasping nature ofExternalisation, 480:men so close that what happens in some remote area of the earth's surface is a matter of generalExternalisation, 657:the substance of the three lower worlds, and its area of influence is on the three lower planes ofExternalisation, 674:made the Hierarchy in the last century widen the area or the scope of its teaching activity andExternalisation, 681:and to know, have brought into their recognized area of consciousness the teaching which is givenExternalisation, 692:following stages: The stage wherein the tainted area, the hidden evil, or the diseased factors areFire, 136:the throat and in the electrification of this area of the body. These higher centers then form aFire, 356:from the standpoint of energizing force. Such an area as the heart may, in this connection, beFire, 356:compared (as regards force value) with such an area as the calf of the leg. The entity, man,Fire, 662:plane is man's principal battleground and the area of his most intense field of sensation, - mentalFire, 944:spreads itself over the center, and forms an area of fairly large dimensions. It separates the twoFire, 944:astral and physical. A similar corresponding area will be found in the solar system. Through it theFire, 1101:the aggregate of those atoms within a specific area with which the Thinker has to do, which heGlamour, xi:uses only a small part of his equipment. The area of the brain which is found around the pinealGlamour, 58:of illusion. It [58] is also an atmosphere or area of conscious contact wherein thought-forms ofGlamour, 140:of light, turned with intention upon that area of the astral plane wherein it is proposed that someGlamour, 144:as a group, are dealing. What this localized area is, I will presently disclose. When this isGlamour, 144:you trained, my brothers?) will pour on to that area of glamor with which you are supposed to deal.Healing, 38:centers and glands which govern the particular area of the body wherein the disease or discomfortHealing, 101:any concentration upon the disease itself or the area in the physical body involved and carefullyHealing, 155:thus bringing into one related system the entire area of the throat and of the head. Just as theHealing, 156:form or another of the center nearest to the area of the body under consideration. It will also beHealing, 172:troubles connected with the liver. The entire area immediately below the diaphragm is in a constantHealing, 174:of the three vital organs to be found in that area of the human physical mechanism. As I haveHealing, 176:is located in the lower part of the lumbar area and is a very powerful center, controlling as itHealing, 187:to this triple channel: The medulla oblongata area (the alta major center) and the carotid gland.Healing, 194:that of the soul and of the life principle - the area of the physical body in which it is found,Healing, 195:the radius of influence of the center. The area of this influence is variable according to theHealing, 201:in the head. In the latter case, the entire area is in a quiescent state, spiritually speaking,Healing, 203:balanced flow of energy from the center into the area which it controls leads to resistance toHealing, 205:Form or matter - the organs in any particular area governed by any one center. Healing, 206:in the patient which governs the distressed area or diseased organ. As he thus works, the energyHealing, 206:glands or produce action in the connected area of his own body. The healer must learn to insulateHealing, 206:of the patient's center, governing the diseased area; the allied gland is then doubly energized (orHealing, 207:streams of required specific energy to the area diseased. This is usually done via the relatedHealing, 207:on loving intent, which isolates the specific area in which the trouble exists, which identifiesHealing, 208:ductless glandular system. By this means every area of the body is properly supplied with theHealing, 213:in the head, the correct use of the spinal area with its "beaded centers," and the awakening of theHealing, 225:the race, and some part of which involves an area of the body of every human being. One of the aimsHealing, 239:and it will be found that the center in the area wherein the cancer exists is over-active, with aHealing, 239:too much concentrated energy in any particular area. One of the main sources of cancer as relatedHealing, 240:of the liver, and sometimes of the entire area of the abdomen. I simply mention these causesHealing, 240:the veins, arteries and capillaries within the area controlled by the center under consideration.Healing, 273:within the subtle mechanism of the patient. The area of the body which has received surgicalHealing, 273:This flow, which has hitherto passed through the area of surgical attention, must work its way toHealing, 273:or lines of force, bridging the "mutilated" area, will have to be established and a basicHealing, 276:for conditions - good or bad - in any particular area of the body. Some day, when more research andHealing, 276:have perforce been needed who can deal with one area of the body and with its effect upon theHealing, 283:center which is the determining factor in that area of the physical body where the trouble lies.Healing, 283:higher than the one controlling a particular area and thus - by the intensification of the higherHealing, 284:a consequent definite effect upon the diseased area; or they lessen the inflow of force in theHealing, 284:greatly increase the trouble in the diseased area and even succeed (which frequently happens) inHealing, 284:physician, and the center which controls the area of the disease. The safest plan for the averageHealing, 285:to the center [285] which controls the diseased area. Initiates, in their healing work, deal with
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