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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARGUE

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Astrology, 497:I hoped to get from you. Astrology must now argue from the universal to the particular because itAtom, 152:certain stars is in a specific direction; others argue that the distances are so vast that it isAutobiography, 151:attention to them. I don't fight them; I don't argue with myself; I simply recognize my fears forAutobiography, 164:as to what is the cause of the phenomenon, and argue that what I write probably comes from myAutobiography, 168:mental integrity all the time and I can always argue with Him if it seems to me, at times, that -Bethlehem, 7:remember that He was "the Word made flesh." We argue about the Virgin Birth of the Christ, andBethlehem, 179:and with Him they tread life's pathway. They may argue about whether He was God or man, or God-Man,Discipleship1, 198:This leads you to watch and criticize and to argue with yourself and with circumstances. It alsoDiscipleship1, 600:if they failed to do so, how easily you would argue that they were the words of someone else andEducation, 124:railway carriages, or wherever people consort, argue and talk. This is apt to be forgotten, and IEducation, 125:because it is a basic rule in esotericism to argue always from the universal to the particular, andHealing, 401:immortality. The highly intellectual also argue at times that the crowning gift to humanity is aHealing, 504:We are now in a position (after this attempt to argue from the universal to the particular, whichHealing, 522:is enfolded is entirely helpless. You might argue, brother of mine, that this statement negates theSoul, 63:here discuss, though divers experiments seem to argue that there is an ethereal substance, very
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