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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARID

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Astrology, 157:light of illumination. The Goat leads us into arid ways in search of food and water. This is theDiscipleship1, 261:that the outer life of service will become arid and full of personality unless it is paralleled byDiscipleship2, 167:achieved. This is the obvious and simple meaning arid it ties in with the spiritual aspiration ofHercules, 79:but found no doe; and over dreary plains and arid wilderness and deserts wild, I struggled towardsHercules, 171:goat, the materialist, seeks for nourishment in arid places. The scapegoat on the way up finds theMagic, 63:that he has naught to offer and his service is arid and apparently without results. All is clear toMagic, 147:of desire in that direction. All seems arid and undesirable, and all fails to satisfy the ardentPatanjali, 425:[425] have gone. The system now followed seems arid, dry and unsatisfactory. But joy and peace areRays, 63:had nourished and contained his life became an arid waste and naught was left but bones and dustRays, 765:immense cone of fire is seen in the midst of an arid desert. A man stands in front of the scene inRays, 765:a fruitful country. Rises the cone from out the arid waste. Naught but its heat is felt, naught butRays, 765:From out the country full and green, across the arid waste had traveled far the Pilgrim. Naught had
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