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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARIES

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Astrology, 20:through the zodiacal circle from Pisces to Aries, thus retrograding through the signs as he followsAstrology, 21:direction. He then passes through the signs from Aries to Pisces. He begins patiently andAstrology, 25:the revolution of the sun around the zodiac from Aries to Pisces instead of the reverse movement,Astrology, 25:to Pisces instead of the reverse movement, from Aries to Taurus. This is repeated in the humanAstrology, 34:Intelligent substance None 12 2 * Unknown IV Aries Unity through effort None 11 3 * Unknown VAstrology, 50:Unknown The Cardinal Cross: 2. The Great Bear Aries Libra Sun, veiling Vulcan Second CreativeAstrology, 52:to travel back to his source. He then goes from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn,Astrology, 52:Scorpio and Capricorn, instead of moving from Aries to Taurus via Sagittarius, Leo and Cancer. TheAstrology, 52:the emphasis is laid upon the influence of Aries, Gemini and Libra. Under that influence the manAstrology, 56:inferred from them. The two horns of the Ram in Aries. The two horns of the Bull in Taurus. TheAstrology, 58:appears to pass through the constellations from Aries to Taurus. But this is all part of the GreatAstrology, 58:disciple around the path from commencement in Aries to consummation in Pisces. The present methodAstrology, 60:that phrasing) as it travels clockwise from Aries to Taurus and then - reversing the process -Astrology, 60:and then - reversing the process - travels from Aries to Pisces. We will consider the dualitiesAstrology, 60:manner: From the standpoint of commencement in Aries until the man - through many turnings of theAstrology, 63:When we state, for instance, that the Sun is "in Aries" it conveys an esoteric truth but not anAstrology, 63:truth but not an exoteric fact. The Sun was in Aries at the beginning of this great cycle, but itAstrology, 66:Man Constellation Ruler Ray Related to 1. Aries Mars 6th Scorpio Same ruler 2. Taurus Venus 5thAstrology, 66:Venus 5th Taurus Same ruler 8. Scorpio Mars 6th Aries Same ruler 9. Sagittarius Jupiter 2nd PiscesAstrology, 66:charts connected with the Path, progress is from Aries to Pisces through Taurus, etc. ConstellationAstrology, 66:etc. Constellation Ruler Ray Related to 1. Aries Mercury 4th Virgo Same ray 2. Taurus Vulcan 1stAstrology, 66:Sun 2nd Aquarius Same ray 6. Virgo The Moon 4th Aries Same ray 7. Libra Uranus 7th none 8. ScorpioAstrology, 67:disciple becomes the initiate. The Initiate Aries and Virgo, through Mercury and the Moon, areAstrology, 68:Constellation Orthodox Disciple Hierarchies 1. Aries Mars Mercury Uranus 2. Taurus Venus VulcanAstrology, 68:Constellation Ruler Ray Related to 1. Aries Uranus 7th none 2. Taurus Vulcan 1st Pisces Same ray 3.Astrology, 68:ray 12. Pisces Pluto 1st Taurus Same ray Note: Aries and Capricorn in conjunction with 7th and 5thAstrology, 81:along which he has traveled for aeons from Aries to Taurus, via Pisces and - reversing himself -Astrology, 81:- will begin to travel the path of light from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. This changing experienceAstrology, 86:(Othodox) Planets (Esoteric) I. Will or Power Aries, the Ram Leo, the Lion Capricorn, the Goat MarsAstrology, 86:Jupiter Moon Earth Pluto VII. Ceremonial Order Aries, the Ram Cancer, the Crab Capricorn, the GoatAstrology, 90:- from the orthodox angle as he travels from Aries to Taurus, via Pisces, and then - as theAstrology, 90:coming under other influences - travels from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. Thus the usual process isAstrology, 91:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Aries, the Ram Strictly speaking, what I have toAstrology, 91:say now concerns the pure first ray type because Aries is the zodiacal sign through which the firstAstrology, 91:which might prove illuminating and fruitful. Aries is one of the constellations of the CardinalAstrology, 92:centers - Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. Aries initiates the cycle of manifestation. AllAstrology, 92:Cancer, emerging as mental entities in the sign Aries, as emotional-desire entities in the signAstrology, 92:of matter. Yet the first impulse is awakened in Aries, for Aries is the place where the initialAstrology, 92:Yet the first impulse is awakened in Aries, for Aries is the place where the initial idea toAstrology, 92:plane in the system which is the mental plane. Aries "awakens the will to reach the lowest andAstrology, 93:ancient statement. [93] The keynotes of the sign Aries are four in number, all conveying the sameAstrology, 93:them all." (S.D. Vol. I, 80) What appears in Aries as spiritual energy enters into the soul stageAstrology, 94:great [94] wheel. The undeveloped man goes from Aries to Capricorn and to Libra and Cancer, whilstAstrology, 94:Spiritual Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Aries, therefore, starts the process of the "mostAstrology, 95:Cross. Therefore, in its lowest manifestation, Aries is the creator of those activities, conditionsAstrology, 95:of this treatise: Life - Quality - Appearance. Aries is also the purveyor to our solar system ofAstrology, 95:signs in which the "three deaths" are undergone: Aries, which at different points along the Path ofAstrology, 96:of death is to be found in a different cross: Aries - The cardinal cross Scorpio - The fixed crossAstrology, 97:born to death. And then again I died to form (Aries). The heat of earth, the fiery temper of theAstrology, 98:the Hierarchy. The death by fire or burning in Aries releases man into another center to which weAstrology, 98:of the world," and when the relationship between Aries, Scorpio and Pisces is properly understoodAstrology, 98:is considered from this angle. At the same time, Aries is related to birth, through Mercury whoAstrology, 98:is related to birth, through Mercury who rules Aries esoterically, and also Virgo, of which MercuryAstrology, 98:is the exoteric ruler. Through Uranus also, Aries is related to Aquarius, [99] the sign of worldAstrology, 99:my above reference to Uranus. In connection with Aries, which expresses or is the agent primarilyAstrology, 99:strife, war, effort and evolution. God's idea in Aries becomes the concrete plan in CapricornAstrology, 100:and Mother-Matter. Mercury, therefore, leads Aries to Virgo (again speaking symbolically) where theAstrology, 100:take form, and consequently the latent life in Aries comes to the "crisis of the birth hour," priorAstrology, 100:the final stages of the Path, when the fire of Aries and the fires engendered through the potencyAstrology, 101:[101] Therefore, we have in relation to Aries and the life of the soul, which there comes intoAstrology, 101:to liberation. Libra is the polar opposite to Aries and therefore closely related. You will noteAstrology, 101:are related to or expressing themselves through Aries are curiously balanced, Rays 1 and 7 are theAstrology, 101:your attention to the fact that through Uranus, Aries is related to Aquarius. The vague beginningsAstrology, 102:to Aquarius. The vague beginnings [102] in Aries, the faint emergence of the latent embodied ideasAstrology, 102:of beginning and of renewed cyclic realization. Aries, the "birthplace of divine Ideas," whetherAstrology, 103:of life as it turns from right to left" (from Aries to Taurus via Pisces). But the soul is bound toAstrology, 103:wheel as it turns from left to right, going from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus. It is thisAstrology, 104:and mathematically that, The Sun is exalted in Aries. Here the Sun stands for the life of theAstrology, 104:of the great evolutionary process, initiated in Aries. The life of God which in this sign is "swungAstrology, 105:and reason to pure perception. Saturn "falls" in Aries. This has two meanings, for this is a dualAstrology, 106:sign, speaking in symbols. [106] If he enters Aries when on the Common Cross he will come under theAstrology, 106:great reversal takes place. We have seen that Aries is the sign of beginnings - the beginning ofAstrology, 107:the influence of Cancer, combined with that of Aries, produces the pull into incarnation upon theAstrology, 107:in mind. Going through the great cycle from Aries to Taurus, the man re-enters the sign Aries againAstrology, 107:from Aries to Taurus, the man re-enters the sign Aries again under the potent impression of Taurus,Astrology, 108:In the second great stage, he passes from Aries to Taurus, because desire has at last beenAstrology, 108:the significance of the two keywords of the sign Aries: "And the Word said: Let form again beAstrology, 109:I would point out that what I have given you on Aries will be dealt with also as we consider theAstrology, 112:(this time the anima mundi or world soul) from Aries to Pisces, via Taurus and not vice versa. TheAstrology, 115:Pisces, the Fishes This sign is also dual. In Aries we have the duality which is attached to theAstrology, 119:again and again into the sphere of influence of Aries which, through the ruling activity of theAstrology, 125:though impulsed (if I may use such a word) in Aries it begins and ends in Pisces. Precipitates theAstrology, 141:sign for the majority of people who proceed from Aries to Pisces upon the Fixed Cross. A rare fewAstrology, 145:lines: Subjective latent consciousness - In Aries The consciousness of duality - In Gemini MassAstrology, 150:signs of the zodiacal wheel as it revolves from Aries, through Pisces, to Taurus. Each of theseAstrology, 151:the case where they stand for beginning we have: Aries - 1st Aspect - latent - Movement outwardAstrology, 151:of experience upon the Mutable Cross. Aries - 1st Aspect - expressed. - Appearance of the will toAstrology, 151:Crosses can be carried out with Gemini, Taurus, Aries or the reverse: Aries, Taurus and Gemini,Astrology, 151:out with Gemini, Taurus, Aries or the reverse: Aries, Taurus and Gemini, remembering always thatAstrology, 152:only understood when initiation has taken place. Aries - Governs the Path of Discipleship. The WillAstrology, 152:The Prodigal Son journeys into a far country. Aries - Again the beginning as well as the end. ItAstrology, 152:as well as the end. It should be remembered that Aries is definitely that divine manifestation toAstrology, 154:the three signs in which the animals have horns: Aries, the downturned horns of the ram, signifyingAstrology, 154:the Goat, related particularly and closely to Aries, but hiding (as an esoteric blind) theAstrology, 156:will of the Father aspect, manifesting through Aries, that governs Shamballa; the loving desire ofAstrology, 156:Hierarchy - Humanity Will - Love - Intelligence Aries - Taurus - Capricorn Astrology, 157:Unicorn depict three stages of man's unfoldment. Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn are the greatAstrology, 157:in man: the head, the heart and the throat. Aries opens the door into Shamballa, when theAstrology, 160:Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius were evidenced. Aries to Capricorn marked the circle of experience.Astrology, 166:Evolution 6th and 4th Mars - Mercury Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio Dicipleship 3rd and 5th
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