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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARIGHT

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Atom, 14:the solar system, and Who guides the worlds aright, keeping our little human life in the hollow ofDiscipleship1, 377:questions are basic and can only be answered aright by your endeavoring anew to grasp the vision asDiscipleship1, 415:the leisure (if you organized your daily life aright) to read and study. But this is a hard thingDiscipleship1, 536:speech. Thus must I learn to speak and speak aright. 5th month - The mind reveals the truth. ThatDiscipleship1, 607:months much would depend. You have done the work aright and your feet are set more firmly upon theEducation, 87:The war has demonstrated that we have not taught aright. A better educational system should,Externalisation, 518:who know of these times and can interpret them aright in the light of the illumined intuition, mustMeditation, 301:point for it is only as we lay the foundation aright that the superstructure measures up toPatanjali, 125:basic enquiries and as he seeks to answer them aright, he will inevitably equip himself to treadProblems, 137:of their representatives to teach the people aright be swept away? These were the things which werePsychology2, 105:selfishness. And yet, did they but know and see aright, they would realize that to hold, one mustPsychology2, 157:are needed; purification and the power to choose aright, which is right discrimination. A vision ofRays, 361:choose any of them and know that He has chosen aright. Though these seven Paths, being one of the
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