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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARISE

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Astrology, 103:which should be cast. Two questions will then arise, requiring reasoned answers: Is the subject aAstrology, 110:I have to take up certain problems as they may arise in the consciousness of the enquirers and theAstrology, 208:worldly desire and ambition - he says: "I will arise and go to my Father." There are two such majorAstrology, 387:"who sleep in the caves of the earth who will arise and bring liberation" has reference. But be notAstrology, 442:a perfectly normal question which is liable to arise in the minds of thinking students andAstrology, 546:man in its essential divinity can be trusted to arise unhurt from the experience in answer to theAstrology, 624:"The Transcendent One said: I am alone. I must arise and seek with ceaseless urge, that whichAtom, 93:told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise August anticipations, symbols, types Of a dimAutobiography, 75:dealing with the many problems which naturally arise when hundreds of men are stationed away fromBethlehem, 39:told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise August anticipations, symbols, types [40] Of a dimBethlehem, 79:in on them. None of these difficulties would arise if aspirants would remember two things: First,Bethlehem, 99:sentient pleasure and pain, the storms which arise in the world of feeling, and the peace and calmBethlehem, 108:with Him this experience? Many such questions arise in the mind of the intelligent man, and manyBethlehem, 140:are superhuman. The question might justifiably arise: when does the possibility come to man ofBethlehem, 150:And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid. And when they had lifted upBethlehem, 275:demanded of him, another creature who can, will arise." (The Supreme Spiritual Ideal, by S.Bethlehem, 277:which perhaps has been a wrong attitude. We may arise and carry forward the inner Plan by equippingDiscipleship1, 17:communication persist? [17] Many such questions arise and time alone will give the answer. If thereDiscipleship1, 63:the outer physical symbol. Certain questions now arise and it might be well to formulate theDiscipleship1, 65:Disciples - Part VII Another question might here arise: Are there any specific and brief rulesDiscipleship1, 176:understanding, pity, love and self-forgetfulness arise. I carry love to all I meet. I meet men'sDiscipleship1, 272:cannot take place, then some dire condition will arise; money (as we know it) will vanish off theDiscipleship1, 360:their effect. In what does this discouragement arise? It is to be found in your realization thatDiscipleship1, 432:it is to meet the needs, one by one, as they arise but not to meet all the need at once. You mustDiscipleship1, 461:of that which is seen and heard, there will arise a spiritual awareness which will register blissDiscipleship1, 463:that earlier I gave you a hint that there might arise a need for you to call for added strength,Discipleship1, 532:disciples, opportunities will inevitably arise which will enable you to adjust past conditions andDiscipleship1, 686:- Part II PART II Two questions always arise the moment the stage of discipleship is discussed: theDiscipleship1, 686:Out of this fundamental question, lesser ones arise which I would like to cite. Has the disciple toDiscipleship1, 687:This whole problem of occult obedience would not arise at all if the rapport between soul andDiscipleship1, 725:this point and one which should unquestionably arise: Is the group of working disciples to be keyedDiscipleship1, 727:brings me to a question which may quite normally arise in the minds of those working in the outerDiscipleship1, 744:to take firm action as need and opportunity arise. The disciple has developed a sense of proportionDiscipleship2, 7:up to requirements, then there may again arise correspondences to the original groups as planned.Discipleship2, 7:to the original groups as planned. They will arise as the spiritual result of the esotericDiscipleship2, 86:attention and meeting its needs as they arise. The Triangle work and the Goodwill work are in theDiscipleship2, 245:like to deal with a question which is bound to arise in the minds of those of you who are senior inDiscipleship2, 284:that is, then some vision may come, some dream arise in your consciousness, and some power ofDiscipleship2, 349:spiritual events. It is these ideas which must arise as the true occult student faces up to theDiscipleship2, 362:of human implementation that error is apt to arise and mistakes can occur. In every ashram are toDiscipleship2, 381:you to consider. Many questions must naturally arise. Can, for instance, the faults of a discipleDiscipleship2, 471:There are the problems and circumstances which arise out of the period in which our modern humanityDiscipleship2, 545:your case) a most difficult situation is apt to arise, handicapping the service until such time asDiscipleship2, 607:and you, I know, will meet requirements as they arise. Third: Your work must increasingly be thatDiscipleship2, 622:emotion? Do not our thoughts, however remotely, arise out of our feelings, past as well as present?Discipleship2, 625:third question, I would say that thoughts do not arise out of our feelings, but that when the mindDiscipleship2, 707:approach, in judgment or in speech, should need arise to heal a breach and in the interests of theEducation, 133:this, new ideas and attitudes must eventually arise which will be in line with the coming worldExternalisation, 120:past few hundred years have seen a major problem arise in the present tendency of humanity toExternalisation, 176:a stalemate will be reached and a situation will arise which will bring to an end all civilizedExternalisation, 291:of Lives? These are questions which normally arise and need clear answering. An Avatar is a BeingExternalisation, 324:group which I have now formed, opportunity will arise to demonstrate the practicality of this newExternalisation, 332:Activity and Work October 1941 Certain questions arise in the minds of all disciples anent theExternalisation, 336:a departmental spirit. When such situations arise, it is necessary then to intensify the innerExternalisation, 458:in truth the "Sun of Righteousness" Who can now arise "with healing in His wings"; Who can carryExternalisation, 513:conditions will eventuate, the same needs arise, and the same egos incarnate that were present inExternalisation, 573:itself. They will build for a future which will arise out of the wreckage of the past, whichExternalisation, 652:and many similar questions almost automatically arise in your minds, and it is essentiallyExternalisation, 696:to say. I know well the questions which will arise in your minds, and I would like to touch uponFire, 176:is not his egoic Ray. Enquiry might naturally arise as to whether the egoic ray is necessarily oneFire, 224:that will be laid down. These questions arise naturally to the student of the Secret Doctrine, whenFire, 354:All these questions, and numbers of others, will arise in the mind of the interested student, butFire, 355:he is a cell or lesser life. Certain mysteries arise consequently for our consideration which areFire, 566:to a solar Logos, many questions of interest arise which are profitable only in so far as theyFire, 567:the good of the group? Many such thoughts will arise, and in the study of thought man learns theFire, 652:told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise August anticipations, symbols, types Of a dimFire, 706:the next round, when fresh opportunity will arise for certain groups of the discarded, though theFire, 839:taking the Word as sounded by the Sons of God, arise in the fierceness of their solar life andFire, 1123:the Path: "Then shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings." (Bible. Malachi,Fire, 1166:the Lotus-seated. The lotus, again, is said to arise from or in the navel of Vishnu, because theFire, 1270:the utmost confines of the starry vault. The Two arise and pass the essential Flame through TheirGlamour, 116:else the Form of God? [116] Many such questions arise in the mind of the aspirant. They indicateGlamour, 152:does the problem of the Dweller truly arise, and only when the mind is alert and the intelligenceHealing, 19:are there dealt with, but such situations as arise out of an automobile or railroad accident, forHealing, 57:energy. The following questions will inevitably arise: From whence come these inherited taints? IsHealing, 66:second point under the healing of diseases which arise in the emotional or desire nature. Our firstHealing, 67:The third category of complaints which arise in the emotional or astral body is synthesizedHealing, 68:suggestively, considered those problems which arise from the over-activity and wrong condition ofHealing, 71:which, producing effects in the physical body, arise in the mind or in the astral body. NecessarilyHealing, 72:problems and physical difficulties which arise in the etheric body itself and work out in itsHealing, 88:mind in the Aryan race, certain difficulties may arise in the physical body. Their origin is notHealing, 91:and thought, or to say that such or such ills arise in the astral or the mental body, or thatHealing, 91:here that the diseases and difficulties which arise from what I have called wrong mental attitudes,Healing, 126:of Disease Many psychological difficulties arise whilst this process is being mastered, leading toHealing, 127:and physical disarrangement which must arise whilst cleavages are being healed, rightHealing, 190:the handling of similar difficulties which arise in the individual unit; these are based on theHealing, 193:related to the herd or mass condition, They arise within the persons themselves, and though theyHealing, 198:inevitably produce disease. Such diseases either arise from within the body itself as the result ofHealing, 198:present in the bodily tissue; or they arise as the result of the radiation or the non-radiation ofHealing, 198:which work through the nadis; they can also arise as a result of external impacts or contact (suchHealing, 233:to suffer from a dire disease which seemed to arise from within himself and - whilst suffering -Healing, 247:in the bodily tissue will surely and gradually arise. Disease or deterioration of some part of theHealing, 283:in the stimulation and real difficulty will arise. They can stimulate a center higher than the oneHealing, 289:the psychological causes of disease as they arise in the subtle vehicles in the three worlds orHealing, 382:The new learning and the coming knowledge will arise as a result of an awakening intuition, of theHealing, 594:mainly by their emotional natures, these crises arise today. Eventually, and metaphysicallyHercules, 67:spiritual truth emerge, and many teachers will arise everywhere to help lead the race into a newHercules, 67:Consequently, new difficulties and problems arise and we find Saturn governing the last decanate,Hercules, From n:that when the word went forth the disciple would arise to labors new, and this he told the greatHercules, From n:of the Lord. And then the word went forth. "Arise, O Hercules, and pass the sixth great Gate."
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