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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARISES

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Astrology, 110:One of the questions which normally arises might be expressed as follows, and was so expressed byAstrology, 493:- The Science of Triangles - Conclusions A point arises here which is one of real moment orAstrology, 573:the group conscious man in Aquarius. There arises in the consciousness of the disciple a vision ofAstrology, 686:receptive. This is indeed so, but the question arises in our minds, owing to lack of information,Autobiography, 294:what it costs to finance the School. When need arises, the students are informed and asked to meetBethlehem, 74:of my own, derived from the Law, but that which arises from faith in Christ - the righteousnessBethlehem, 201:that the underlying principle from which sin arises is to be found in 'the self-assertion of theBethlehem, 248:The Resurrection and Ascension The question then arises as to what occurs when the sense of valuesBethlehem, 262:greater achievements. The question, however, arises whether we may hasten the process; whether, byDestiny, 21:though those are met as need (note, I say, need) arises. Disciples learn to grasp the need of groupDestiny, 81:immediate future lies, and again the question arises: Will the coming [82] decisions be based uponDiscipleship1, 49:develop as time goes on and the need for them arises. I refer to the following capacities, inherentDiscipleship1, 154:your own activity from the indecision which arises from too much understanding and too great aDiscipleship1, 251:into the light should be. The question now arises as to what you should do, how you should proceedDiscipleship1, 356:and power to unfold and teach when the need arises... In your early work in meditation you wereDiscipleship1, 462:the form, a point of light is seen. Then there arises, all around that point, a field of deepestDiscipleship1, 515:if I touched here upon a question which oft arises in the minds of disciples working together inDiscipleship1, 516:of the true disciple, the next question that arises is: Which do I do - help or hinder? Let meDiscipleship1, 668:the need for quiet and poised strength arises and there come those moments when powerful actionDiscipleship1, 696:constitute a definite problem. The question now arises: How does a Master form and organize hisDiscipleship1, 701:soul energy, they add personality force which arises from their being, as yet, focused in theDiscipleship1, 720:It involves capacity for firm action where need arises, because the disciple has a long rangeDiscipleship1, 731:relationship is tried out. One simple question arises here: How can right relations be establishedDiscipleship1, 734:or in groups. One question that necessarily arises is: How can a group within an AshramDiscipleship1, 745:reach the Master at will and when an emergency arises. I would like here to call your attention toDiscipleship2, 9:insight and vision. Incidentally, the question arises in your minds as to the method whereby IDiscipleship2, 47:to our starting point, and a question now arises in your minds: "How can I overcome this DwellerDiscipleship2, 84:same workers, and new ones will be added as need arises. Young workers must be chosen who may notDiscipleship2, 86:of young people to the group of workers as need arises and place occurs. I suggest that the work beDiscipleship2, 280:and here is a point where confusion oft arises. They are merely the broad, general and universalDiscipleship2, 318:it will find its way out into expression as need arises and as opportunity is offered to theDiscipleship2, 338:prevision? That is the immediate question which arises to your lips. I will counter this questionDiscipleship2, 368:are referred to when the subject of the Christ arises or of those times when he is spoken of as theDiscipleship2, 388:by not recognizing the revelation when it arises above the line of their spiritual horizon. YouDiscipleship2, 450:you, and my cooperation and my help when need arises. On that you may count. Meet happiness andDiscipleship2, 542:A.A.B. (as you do), and also by F.B., when need arises. The work in the world will grow in everyDiscipleship2, 586:you need me, are always available. When need arises you can seek my aid - your Master, friend andDiscipleship2, 609:instance, all Ashrams upon the second ray) there arises a point where the circle of an AshramDiscipleship2, 616:can take up the work that they are doing if need arises. When A.A.B. expressed the wish that youDiscipleship2, 639:daily work and consider where opportunity there arises which can be fitted into the spiritualDiscipleship2, 688:way. Cultivate a fluidness of living when demand arises. Two there are upon the inward way whom youEducation, 73:and a personality. The question here arises: How can such methods be employed without the wholeEducation, 74:consciousness. Here the question at once arises: How can one achieve this and at the same timeEducation, 80:competency considerably higher. The question now arises: What will be the next evolutionaryExternalisation, 278:in which today we find ourselves. The question arises here whether the cycle is susceptible toExternalisation, 454:the invocative cry of mankind. When that cry arises, these divine energies will precipitateExternalisation, 546:Ashrams gradually into external activity as need arises, and it involves the constant cooperationExternalisation, 576:rankest blasphemy, but the question immediately arises: Why should it be blasphemy for Him to useExternalisation, 609:the Church Invisible. The question now arises: In what way can we be of service? How can we aidExternalisation, 616:frustration, and another very vital question arises: For what period of time must we endure,Fire, 253:the trouble present in the planet at this time arises from the coming into activity of the higherFire, 377:receptive. This is indeed so, but the question arises in our minds, owing to lack of information,Fire, 697:and merge perfectly. Confusion on this point arises from two causes which are the point ofFire, 820:ruler. The Lord of Life then turns Himself, and arises in His might. He consumes the solar Lords,Fire, 979:just the same thing, only the trouble frequently arises that in his speech he constructs somethingFire, 989:evil might be interpreted thus: Planetary evil arises from certain relations existing between ourFire, 1097:as what it is not, or a power of illusion that arises out of limitation in the ancient concept of aFire, 1130:gives place to light, and the Sun of Knowledge arises and dispels the darkness of ignorance. TheFire, 1166:central and essential desire, the will to live, arises the whole of becoming, all the operations,Fire, 1166:him and by him, i.e., by incessant activity, arises and manifests the organized world, the tribGlamour, 44:the problem of duly recognizing glamor when it arises, and of being aware of the glamors whichGlamour, 104:merged into a divine synthesis. The question arises as to what produces this glamor and illusion.Glamour, 145:for a temporary period. But, again, difficulty arises because few people care to face the actualGlamour, 185:population [185] of the world, the question arises: Is there in the sumtotal of this wishfulGlamour, 253:the centers up the spine. The question now arises as to how this is to be brought about. ThisHealing, 7:attitude. Those energies, when need arises, which will stimulate the patient to the desiredHealing, 26:basically, and in what body it principally arises and lies. Know where the patient stands upon theHealing, 121:nature only. Organic disease of the heart arises in more deeply seated causes. Those which are aHealing, 252:conditions and not in war time - the question arises whether there are one hundred thousandHealing, 369:feeling of comfort and relaxation. The question arises whether the healer's radiation has theHealing, 509:implications and significance, and the question arises as to how the others who are as yet only inHercules, 116:courts bear loud testimony; and competition arises in business as well as in the home. There areInitiation, 4:Dissonance yet sounds forth, and discord arises from many systems, but in the progression of theInitiation, 77:on the physical plane. With many, much arises in the astral body that is based on old vibration andIntellect, 13:fulfiling our temporary destiny. The question arises here as to whether such a stage is even yetIntellect, 61:one word: - Meditation. The question naturally arises: "Is that all?" and the answer is: "Yes." IfIntellect, 179:of the spiritual man. By meditation upon this, arises the intuitive perception of the spiritualIntellect, 189:in fire." "When the Sun of spiritual Knowledge arises in the heart's heaven (that is to say at theIntellect, 193:God." "In this inflowing grace there forthwith arises that light of the mind into which God isIntellect, 210:- The Practice of Meditation A third question arises at this point: What really happens to theMagic, 51:of the spiritual man. By meditation upon this arises the intuitive perception of the spiritualMagic, 175:of the race. The interpretation of the process arises from many causes; the status of the writersMagic, 200:The Awakening of the Centers The question now arises: How can this awakening and coordination beMagic, 244:force spends itself. Within the aspirant there arises an understanding of what is going on and heMagic, 317:not the same. [317] The practical question now arises: How is one to overcome the wrong vibration?Meditation, 10:Even when the mental body is active, no urge arises until the man has run through many changes andMeditation, 12:the occasions of withdrawing within, until there arises for the man several lives given to mysticMeditation, 67:results. The time for this is not yet, and need arises not for detailed description, yet if thingsMeditation, 114:yet [114] the results will be identical. Danger arises when the occidental bases his endeavor onMeditation, 120:working on the subtler planes. The difficulty arises in three ways: The ignorance of the averageMeditation, 120:in the concentration of thought that necessarily arises in discussing these problems, thought-wavesMeditation, 164:always four times a year, or when urgent need arises. Once a year the entire Hierarchy employs aMeditation, 332:emotional body. The mental body. [332] The need arises these days for tested instruments. WhenMeditation, 345:considers he has capacity for that which [345] arises, who brings zeal but no brains to bear onPatanjali, 56:a sun. By its use the "sun of righteousness arises" in the life of every man. Each of the threePatanjali, 103:This is the clearness. When this clearness arises in the super reflective balanced-state then thePatanjali, 234:seven worlds. 27. A knowledge of all lunar forms arises through one-pointed meditation upon thePatanjali, 234:of the spiritual man. By meditation upon this, arises the intuitive perception of the spiritualPatanjali, 302:its Results 27. A knowledge of all lunar forms arises through one-pointed meditation upon the moon.Patanjali, 320:of the spiritual man. By meditation upon this, arises the intuitive perception of the spiritual
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