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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARISTOCRACY

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Autobiography, 19:The Fairbairns did not belong to the so-called aristocracy of birth which is so much prized.Autobiography, 19:- La Trobe stock. They belonged to the aristocracy of brains and that is of greater importance inAutobiography, 102:classes are the salt of the earth, whilst the aristocracy are absolutely useless and should beAutobiography, 102:also, of an equally virulent kind among the aristocracy. The prudery and the conservatism of theAutobiography, 102:tradition, culture and noblesse oblige of the aristocracy is a great asset to the nation thatAutobiography, 102:without its class distinctions. There may be an aristocracy of birth in Great Britain but in theAutobiography, 102:Britain but in the United States there is an aristocracy of money equally as distinctive,Externalisation, 131:control for many centuries in the past by the aristocracy, with its paternalism, conservatism andExternalisation, 188:and all other races are inferior. Only a chosen aristocracy should be permitted the privilege ofExternalisation, 190:The domination of the proletariat over the aristocracy and bourgeoisie, as in Russia, or theExternalisation, 190:as in Russia, or the domination of an entrenched aristocracy over the proletariat and middleExternalisation, 475:classes, her exaltation of a Fascist-minded aristocracy and her hatred of the Jews. The UnitedExternalisation, 544:orthodox in their thinking; they belong to the aristocracy of spiritual belief to which theProblems, 25:hands of the so-called ruling classes and the aristocracy. Countries such as Great Britain andProblems, 25:have been ruled for centuries by a dominant aristocracy and a politically-minded church. The UnitedProblems, 99:and valued. These belong to the great spiritual aristocracy of humanity, and though they functionPsychology1, 174:been subversive of the rule and control of the aristocracy, of the bourgeoisie and of thePsychology2, 634:leaders. I am not differentiating the so-called aristocracy into a group, because that is entirelyPsychology2, 634:existing as a state of consciousness in the aristocracy of any nation and absorbing them under thePsychology2, 634:which is everywhere going on, the spiritual aristocracy can now emerge, - an aristocracy based on aPsychology2, 634:the spiritual aristocracy can now emerge, - an aristocracy based on a realization of divine originPsychology2, 638:word can be used) from all classes, - the aristocracy, the intelligentsia, the bourgeoisie, higher
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