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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARM

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Astrology, 182:We might list these as follows, finding for each arm a distinctive phrase: Unevolved man Gemini -Astrology, 223:conscious, and given to service. The horizontal arm is Taurus-Scorpio, indicating that desire forAstrology, 381:is, as you will have realized, the dominant arm through which the most effective potency flows uponAstrology, 396:of the four energies which play through each arm of the Cross upon humanity. One aspect of thisAstrology, 564:has as yet been conveyed is the effect of one arm of the Cross upon the subject born in aAstrology, 573:the new world cycle, beginning in Aquarius (one arm of the Fixed Cross) will be definitelyAutobiography, 29:out of the charge, "carrying his head under his arm." I have often, as a child, felt the goldAutobiography, 66:about the deck with my large Bible under my arm. There was one man on the ship who was my petAutobiography, 83:old Bugaloo came up to me and put his hand on my arm (a thing no Indian servant ever does) and gaveAutobiography, 113:come at once. She then tucked Dorothy under her arm, nodded to me, assured me that Dorothy would beAutobiography, 221:would come in the morning with a daughter on one arm and a Baedeker on the other. "Alice," sheAutobiography, 236:condition in which no steps would be taken to arm the nations against possible aggressors. The factExternalisation, 235:of its territorial rights, but refuses to arm for the defence of human liberty. Do I speak tooExternalisation, 240:the neutral nations, including the Americas, arm for defence but refuse to fight for human welfare.Externalisation, 614:permits the raising of [614] funds in order to arm the Zionists against Great Britain, an ally andHealing, 359:concerned because the wound (a bite in the arm - A.A.B.) was self-inflicted and before inflictingHercules, 80:was his by right of skill and the prowess of his arm. "The doe is therefore doubly mine," he said.Hercules, 87:is one of the arms of the cardinal cross. One arm is Aries, the sign of beginning, of commencement,Hercules, 87:or towards spiritual liberation. A third arm of the cross is Libra, the balance, the choosingHercules, 87:so frequently refers. Capricorn, the fourth arm, again is birth, the birth of the world savior,Hercules, 104:universal mind. In Scorpio, which is the third arm of the fixed cross, we find cosmic love orHercules, 114:within the belly of the monster. With his left arm he seized her, and held her close whilst with
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