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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARMIES

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Astrology, 238:he sat down in despair between the two opposing armies will be found most illuminating inAstrology, 657:God of War, Mars, the commander of the celestial armies." (Vol. II, 579) "The Pleiades are theAutobiography, 201:rule and not the exception. Wherever marching armies march hundreds of thousands of illegitimateDestiny, 26:plus the mental concern, the terror of marching armies, the thunder of the many voices and theEducation, 46:its vision? The war produced great migrations. Armies marched and fought in every part of theExternalisation, 184:Genghis Khan; but the sound of the marching armies of Napoleon was heard over a far wider area, andExternalisation, 193:therefore dependent upon the strength of their armies and fleets. The recognition of a spiritualExternalisation, 194:of many strains. Tides of emigration, marching armies throughout the centuries, and modern travelExternalisation, 248:might mean fighting in the ranks of the Allied Armies, or it might mean driving an ambulance underExternalisation, 327:wrought by the invading and the defending armies - the destruction of great cities with theirExternalisation, 369:ending of the war, to the demobilization of the armies, to the tranquil passage of the seven seasExternalisation, 385:territorial boundaries, of the demobilization of armies and the subsequent re-employment of theExternalisation, 391:activity in the material world - marching armies, factories working in shifts twenty-four hours aExternalisation, 425:was partly dependent upon the inability of the Armies of the Lord to commit the crimes for whichExternalisation, 426:angle, this can be interpreted as putting the "Armies of the Lord" at a disadvantage. It is thisExternalisation, 429:comprise those nations (working through their armies and in the diplomatic arena) who are todayExternalisation, 430:Germany by the skillful evil workers. The German armies are still unbeaten; central Europe is aExternalisation, 430:into evil conditions, and into slavery. The armies of the Lord stand poised, and victory will beExternalisation, 433:to be the inner spiritual Commander of the Armies of the Lord. His is the responsibility ofExternalisation, 442:of Light, for the triumphant progress of the armies of the United Nations, and for that triumph toExternalisation, 443:behind it and protecting it will stand the Armies of the Lord. At the close of that time, if theExternalisation, 443:been adequate, sane, wise and sound, then these Armies can rest from their labors and the sword beExternalisation, 476:The leaders of the United Nations and of their armies are not Godless men, as are the leaders ofExternalisation, 478:to their fate and to the tender mercies of the armies of evil; the present debacle in Germany is aHealing, 223:the world war can be noted on a large scale. The armies of the world are everywhere and are spreadHealing, 224:hastened the process and the soldiers of all the armies of the world are having physical relationsProblems, 44:The world war has produced great migrations. Armies have marched and fought in every part of theProblems, 114:a great admixture of races. Where marching armies go there is inevitable promiscuity and aProblems, 171:by the forces of war and their conversion into armies, navies and armaments. It is this that isPsychology2, 37:forth: 'Rise up and fight, and reconcile the armies of the Lord. There is no battle. Force thePsychology2, 276:rightly, as did Arjuna, the demands of both armies (the army of the Lord and the army of thePsychology2, 630:we mean by the phrase "forces of evil?" Not the armies of unrighteousness and sinfulness, organizedSoul, 73:the two sides of this gulf have been arrayed the armies of philosophers: the idealists upon the
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