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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - AROUSING

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Astrology, 349:with suddenness, He heard a sound go forth...Arousing to that cry, He stretched Himself, reachedAutobiography, 53:as they seemed to do and as the circumstances of arousing people seemed to require. I hesitated andDestiny, 36:must be announced in no uncertain terms, thereby arousing public interest, public investigation andDiscipleship1, 66:that goes on beneath the surface - awakening, arousing and stimulating to a pronounced mentalDiscipleship1, 513:the garden, awakening it to color and beauty, arousing it to movement and life, and calling forthDiscipleship1, 734:here the Master's particular work comes in - the arousing of the Ashram to the asking of thoseDiscipleship2, 164:progress towards them, and this is already arousing interest among thinkers in many lands. However,Discipleship2, 253:forces, the obstructions and the rapidly arousing handicaps and hindrances. The words I here useDiscipleship2, 410:so extensive that the steady, consistent arousing of human expectation is guaranteed. Ponder onDiscipleship2, 443:work has ever faintly glimmered you. The arousing of the desire to serve and the kindling of theDiscipleship2, 588:difficulties, such as over-stimulation and the arousing of glamor but - if you are watchful andDiscipleship2, 748:and constant antagonism it arouses (and is arousing increasingly) in the opposing forces of evil.Externalisation, 19:practices which have for their objective the arousing of the fires of the body, the awakening of aExternalisation, 219:proper relation to the larger whole. It is this arousing of public opinion to world rights, toExternalisation, 371:and a terror to all right-thinking men. The arousing of the men of goodwill in every nation - menExternalisation, 435:making plain that for which we fight, and arousing men and women to take such action as will, onceExternalisation, 435:present civilization and bring about the new. Arousing the minds of the masses and turning them -Externalisation, 478:relief, guiding the minds of army leaders, and arousing public opinion to take those steps whichFire, 139:- Division D - Kundalini and the Spine II. The Arousing of Kundalini How this fire at the base ofFire, 162:knowledge. He may, by his efforts, succeed in arousing the fires and in intensifying the action ofFire, 209:Third. A burning away, through a gradual arousing of kundalini, and its correct geometricalFire, 538:in awakening or unfolding the nine petals, or in arousing the fire of the nine spokes or whorlsFire, 546:a similar process, leading up to the full arousing of the spirillae within the mental unit. Here IFire, 548:true conception of the nature of the Ego, or the arousing of the Ego to full activity inFire, 548:to another will be realized; the method of arousing consciousness on the different planes by actionFire, 764:by ordinary men. Pralayas, with the intent of arousing in the mind of the student the idea ofFire, 774:part of the time, or are directed towards arousing the permanent atoms, [775] and not towards theFire, 907:increased awareness will be brought about by the arousing of the fifth spirilla, by the unfoldingFire, 907:the gradual opening of the third eye through the arousing and uniform activity of five factors: theHealing, 124:and influence permeate into the masses of men, arousing them to activity of some kind - often goodHealing, 182:refrain from indicating modes and methods of arousing the activity of this center, on account ofHealing, 186:an expression of personality will), succeeds in arousing the lowest of the three fires, the fire ofInitiation, 103:a man to the Portal of Initiation. Curiosity, by arousing a strong vibration in a man's lowerInitiation, 127:bodies, but primarily of the causal body. The arousing of the kundalinic fire (or the fire at theInitiation, 140:away of the etheric web, through the gradual arousing of kundalini and its correct geometricalIntellect, 231:to power which played upon its unfulfilments, arousing secret passions and ambitions beyond hisMagic, 200:The development of the power to employ time. The arousing of the Kundalini fire. This last andMagic, 287:and coordination is achieved, through the arousing of the purifying agency of fire. The sacralMagic, 373:earth, it might be noted, is of slow and gradual arousing. He is on the involutionary arc andMagic, 378:called the fourth or human kingdom. [378] The arousing of manas or mind in animal man in a tripleMagic, 391:is definitely associated with [391] the work of arousing the sacred fire, the kundalini. Note howMagic, 391:will achieve his peculiar work for this cycle by arousing the fire of kundalini in the largeMeditation, 79:risks involved would be too great. The method of arousing the Sacred Fire. The order of itsMeditation, 291:or signal to him approval (for instance by arousing this vibration within his head)... Patanjali, 63:with the awakening of the centers and the arousing of the serpent fire. Only when the entirePatanjali, 221:psychic powers are displayed. The methods for arousing the kundalini [222] fire and blending itPatanjali, 289:and through its light see light everywhere. Arousing the fires of the body so that the centersProblems, 173:facts for what they are. The mass of men need arousing to see that good comes to all men alike andPsychology2, 302:play with the idea that they have succeeded in arousing the kundalini fire. Many advancedPsychology2, 305:what is called initiation and signalizes the arousing into activity of the central focus of powerPsychology2, 340:of the head center, with the consequent arousing of the kundalini fire at the base of the spine.Psychology2, 341:energies which are motivating and dynamically arousing the centers into activity. This leadsPsychology2, 387:to the center at the base of the spine, thus arousing the kundalini fire. It will interest studentsPsychology2, 476:his [476] interest, holding his attention and arousing his curiosity, even if he remains, at thePsychology2, 623:play upon the center at the base of the spine, arousing it into a hitherto unknown activity. ThesePsychology2, 637:men of good will) that - without war, without arousing hatred between men, and without attackingRays, 640:aroused as yet to handle them. It is the arousing and the awakening to the critical nature of theSoul, 114:both afferent and efferent or sensory and motor, arousing sensation or stimulating action. Of theSoul, 140:energy of the soul. This is what is meant by the arousing of the Kundalini power and it should be
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