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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRANGED

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Autobiography, 24:it was. Every thirty minutes of our lives were arranged for and even today I can see the chart hungAutobiography, 44:that you were taken care of." I left as he had arranged, not knowing whether to be flattered orAutobiography, 67:the daily sweepstakes; he got up the dances and arranged the theatricals; he played cards and IAutobiography, 92:Delhi. New Delhi was not then in existence. He arranged it all - cushions, various comforts, foodAutobiography, 101:my marriage. What little money I had was legally arranged in a trust that Walter Evans could notAutobiography, 144:Y.M.C.A., to France and my friend, the Bishop, arranged that I should have an allotment of oneDestiny, 68:the specified nation. NOTE: This tabulation is arranged alphabetically and not in the rate ofDiscipleship1, 196:It must take the place of doing. Life has so arranged itself for you that activity is the way ofDiscipleship1, 284:that each day is dealt with by you as an arranged opportunity for organized effort. Will youDiscipleship1, 359:sequential, synthetic and readable so that the arranged and presented ideas can be of service toDiscipleship1, 530:where the grapes and fruit are brought to be arranged in flat baskets, to be sent down theDiscipleship2, 84:correspondence course for, the School has been arranged around one or other of my books. The policyDiscipleship2, 105:and the united adhering to the desired and arranged cyclic technique binds all members of theDiscipleship2, 133:in your lives. The symbol is capable of being arranged in several ways, and all of them have to beDiscipleship2, 344:the formulas, as given to you by me, have been arranged into two different groupings. I mentionDiscipleship2, 453:allocation [453] of such energies to the arranged duties of the day, and to the active outer taskDiscipleship2, 538:is a combination of radiations, energies and arranged forces - can repel the good or attract theDiscipleship2, 617:mine; your next incarnation is necessarily duly arranged, the needed relations retained and theDiscipleship2, 742:endowed and to produce that ordered rhythm and arranged living which are required to make aEducation, 3:data, sequentially handed out, digested and arranged so as to equip the child to compete with theExternalisation, 522:that this great return to Earth which has been arranged for the Hierarchy after so long an absence,Fire, 72:atom has its full demonstration) the matter is arranged and separated that must eventually be builtFire, 168:and nine hundred and sixty secondary petals arranged around the central twelve. This makes a totalFire, 531:permanent atom has its internal streams of force arranged so that the spirals do approach quiteFire, 531:The buddhic permanent atom has its spirillae arranged so as to form approximately a figure eightFire, 762:Around this central nucleus, or inner flame, are arranged the nine petals in circles of threeFire, 857:connection with the planetary centers. They are arranged in such a way that the entire record ofFire, 1196:would make thirteen. "This thirteen may be arranged as a circle of twelve, with one in the center.Fire, 1236:of the deva evolution would be differently arranged. Key to Diagram of Solar and PlanetaryHealing, 104:adaptation of the second ray method of healing, arranged for beginners. Feel a deep love pouringHealing, 309:cannot cause an outer congestion. The soul has arranged to express itself through the medium of aHealing, 615:doctrine of interdependence, of a planned and arranged conscious linking, and of the transmissionInitiation, 110:his name is balloted, and sponsors are arranged. [111] During the initiation ceremony the importantInitiation, 112:must be remembered that this order is not idly arranged, but carries the initiate on fromInitiation, 116:tinted Lotus of nine petals. These petals are arranged in three circles around a central set ofInitiation, 199:be studied, and conditions for its use wisely arranged. The sounding [200] of the Word, and itsInitiation, 221:magic. A form of words or syllables rhythmically arranged, so that when sounded certain vibrationsIntellect, 255:instead of following his outline, which is so arranged that it takes about fifteen minutes toMagic, 285:Rays The above enumeration might therefore be arranged in the following order. The table gives manMagic, 552:"A precipitation is an aggregation of energies arranged in a certain form, in order to express theMagic, 567:A right adjustment of forces has here to be arranged, so that neither too much energy is used inMeditation, 78:of white and gold, and 960 secondary petals are arranged around the central twelve. This makes aMeditation, 158:first of all that they will be necessarily arranged in three groups, each with many subsidiaryMeditation, 326:the same way his studies each month will be so arranged that the harder part (dealing with theMeditation, 356:magic. A form of words or syllables rhythmically arranged, so that when sounded certain vibrationsPatanjali, 225:the way. The fires of the body are justly arranged, the "motionless" condition can be somewhatPsychology1, 113:conditions may be suggested; meditations may be arranged in order to bring about certain results;Psychology1, 117:of life. This training is never organized and arranged for on the physical plane, nor are anyPsychology1, 225:complete, so eventually science will have arranged the progressive tables which will show the threePsychology2, 392:called initiations, have been temporarily arranged as a hastening or forcing process. ThisPsychology2, 479:Definite physical or mental occupation (again arranged according to type) should be arranged andPsychology2, 479:(again arranged according to type) should be arranged and the man forced to occupy himself in somePsychology2, 731:business interests. Moments of contact are also arranged between members of the New Group of WorldReappearance, 6:doctrine of interdependence, of a planned and arranged conscious linking and of the transmission ofSoul, 17:to truth through various lines, science has arranged the known facts and is deducing the next
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