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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRAYED

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Bethlehem, 109:material things, of desire and of ambition, was arrayed before Christ, and because He reacted as HeExternalisation, 171:situation is serious. Sea and air and land are arrayed against the Forces of Light; they are theFire, 996:angels and their complete subjugation. They are arrayed against him, until, through meditation,Initiation, 35:of light, and the forces of darkness, were arrayed against each other, and this for the helping ofMagic, 231:courage (and often with clear vision) the forces arrayed against him. They involve not only thoseMagic, 231:reacts, but also involve the forces of illusion arrayed against the group of disciples to which heMagic, 231:above enumerated factors, plus the black forces arrayed against the Elder Brothers, can call uponMagic, 260:the magnitude of the Plan and surveys the forces arrayed against him may be overcome by theProblems, 31:of all peoples? Will they overcome the forces arrayed against them through firm conviction of theProblems, 178:work to be done is so stupendous and the forces arrayed against them are so great that their - atRays, 576:and the potency of glamor are now all arrayed against him. The reorientation with which he is nowRays, 636:greed, against which the Forces of Light were arrayed in the last war. The United Nations hasSoul, 73:realm. Upon the two sides of this gulf have been arrayed the armies of philosophers: the idealists
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