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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARREST

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Astrology, 118:critical analysis become possible and serve to arrest the fluidity of Pisces. These two signsAstrology, 139:an inherent tendency to fusion which nothing can arrest. The achievement of ultimate synthesis isAstrology, 443:eternity the good of the whole and naught can arrest this happening; for who can arrest the impactAstrology, 443:naught can arrest this happening; for who can arrest the impact of these energies which play uponAutobiography, 266:where their effort should be placed. Nothing can arrest the hierarchical plans as outlined above.Bethlehem, 215:and experience do this for us, and nothing can arrest the process. It is not a theological beliefBethlehem, 241:significance of the inevitable future fails to arrest their attention. Others face it with courage,Bethlehem, 254:the new direction is assured, and nothing car arrest the progress of humanity's entrance into life.Destiny, 95:the masses of people has not proved adequate to arrest, as yet, the materializing of this vision.Discipleship1, 55:then lead the thinking people of the world to arrest their present trend of thought and toDiscipleship1, 265:Law and towards the goal I strive. Naught shall arrest my progress on the Way. Each tiny lifeDiscipleship1, 276:proceeds upon his way at any cost and naught can arrest his progress on the Path. I have askedDiscipleship1, 285:definitely worded my thought that way so as to arrest your attention. There must be for you thatDiscipleship1, 336:worked out. Nothing will be permitted by you to arrest your spiritual achievement once the wayDiscipleship1, 348:circumstance and human frailty, but nothing can arrest your progress. Your personality dependenciesDiscipleship1, 451:is to this that those who would take no steps to arrest disaster (because they believe in what theyDiscipleship1, 475:contribute to the whole. Above all, my brother, arrest each unloving thought; stamp out eachDiscipleship1, 603:you there is no release this life. Naught can arrest at this stage the work of your own soul. OnlyDiscipleship1, 636:into a high grade astral magician and arrest your own true development for this life. Three thingsDiscipleship1, 729:of his group brothers to understand or to arrest the fire of their minds, but he goes on steadilyDiscipleship2, 103:point for you to understand. I would like to arrest any tendency to consider one Ashram as superiorDiscipleship2, 331:ways and has himself taken the needed steps to arrest the evil which he was responsible inDiscipleship2, 573:poised attention. Then sound the OM as the soul. Arrest the downward flowing soul energy and effectDiscipleship2, 662:because I seek to say something which will arrest your attention and give incentive to the next fewDiscipleship2, 689:and am wording in a current phrase in order to arrest your attention is this: Where do you go fromDiscipleship2, 745:(forgive me for this word, but I speak to arrest your consciousness) and enter into that fullDiscipleship2, 757:in your life is the power to use words to arrest others and to put them, as a consequence, upon theEducation, 117:so strongly awakened within him that nothing can arrest his progress into knowledges which would beEducation, 121:This was permitted to continue without arrest for a long period of time because the Hierarchy ofExternalisation, 138:then lies the solution? What must be done to arrest the fires of hate and of aggression, of revengeExternalisation, 153:theories facts in outer expression. Nothing can arrest the eventual progress of this will-to-goodExternalisation, 171:today. What can be done at the present moment to arrest defeat and the overwhelming of the ForcesExternalisation, 183:each other. What will be the outcome? Will men arrest the evil and initiate a period ofExternalisation, 233:How will you begin to stem the onslaught and arrest the whirlwind? Will you use prayers for peace,Externalisation, 233:up and fight for that which you desire. Who will arrest the progress of aggressive selfishness ifExternalisation, 235:has never before seen. As those who sought to arrest German progress succumb to treachery and painExternalisation, 235:true issues whilst there is yet time. I seek to arrest in you the idea that the western hemisphereExternalisation, 243:those who seek to distort the vision and to arrest its appearance, arming for battle so that finalExternalisation, 244:individual do to aid the cause of humanity and arrest the tide of evil? If he is fighting alreadyExternalisation, 386:of the children in the subjugated lands did not arrest the onward march of Hitler's soldiers; theExternalisation, 472:to aid mankind, and that nothing can now arrest or prevent the contact between that intelligentExternalisation, 474:men to their imminent peril; They endeavored to arrest the selfishness of humanity and to produce aExternalisation, 475:Full opportunity had been given to humanity to arrest the descent of evil into manifestation.Externalisation, 601:coming has now reached a stage where nothing can arrest its progress or slow down its momentum, InExternalisation, 609:it hard to say anything practical or which will arrest your attention. [610] What the members ofExternalisation, 623:need, then there is only one thing which can arrest that return, and that is the failure of mankindExternalisation, 643:time in manifesting. Nevertheless, nothing can arrest its subtle working and its eventualExternalisation, 668:living. An effort is being constantly made to arrest the ugly chaos of the present and to produceExternalisation, 671:enforcing peace and comfort, taking steps to arrest evil by force and working for the materialExternalisation, 701:there is a Plan, and that nothing can possibly arrest the working out of that Plan. You must tellFire, 724:so consciously vivid that nothing can then arrest the onward march of affairs. Under Him work aFire, 747:bearing the sword that pierceth. Naught can arrest His approach, and none may say Him nay. To theFire, 748:Avatar, bearing the shattered Cross. Naught can arrest His return, none can impede His Path, for HeFire, 978:of difficulty in group work and consequent arrest of the inflow of force from the MasterGlamour, 82:I am choosing my words with care in an effort to arrest your attention. Illusion is dispelled,Healing, 60:and good food could cure, or at any rate arrest, the disease. It is an interesting item in theHealing, 97:and too potent a use of the mind processes can arrest and hinder the healing work. Thought has toHealing, 296:cause. Practicing harmlessness so as to arrest the expression of the cause and to prevent anyHealing, 351:and also through our deep attachment to form, we arrest the natural processes and hold the life,Healing, 436:end the fear at present rampant, and will also arrest the tendency to suicide, evidencedHealing, 483:which will keep man in good health, which will arrest disease in its earliest stages, and whichMagic, 244:to withdraw to his center at will. He seeks to arrest this process of being swept out intoMagic, 341:and eventually will use, [341] for naught can arrest that great evolutionary development. Magic, 487:contact it. Will you vitalize it, or will you arrest it? Arrest it by a rush and wave of love forMagic, 487:it. Will you vitalize it, or will you arrest it? Arrest it by a rush and wave of love for the partyMagic, 491:ideas that the old thought-forms will fail to arrest the attention; they will die of inanition.Meditation, 95:inhibiting or suppressing all movement, he will arrest these thought-forms within the mental ovoid,Patanjali, 310:and a steady meditation upon it, the yogi can arrest the pangs of hunger and of thirst and thusPatanjali, 398:has been sown in the past exists and nothing can arrest or stop those seeds from coming toProblems, 31:part of divine purpose and nothing can arrest its eventual appearance. That appearance can,Problems, 124:the spiritual life. Nothing under heaven can arrest the progress of the human soul on its longProblems, 144:the Source of all good and nothing on earth can arrest this progress nearer to God. Problems, 154:but they are proven and sure and nothing can arrest the moving forward into the Kingdom of God.Psychology1, 79:loving spirit may enter into rest. Naught must arrest the progress of the workers with the plan.Psychology1, 81:Quality - power to detach oneself. Can you arrest the waters of the sixth great sphere? Can youPsychology1, 345:goal. Beauty must be achieved. He cannot then arrest the life and stop its flow. "The Middle Four,Psychology2, 128:time thus express itself. Nothing can stop or arrest the potency of this life of natural, lovingPsychology2, 234:ever a closer union with God and naught can arrest his at-one-ment (in consciousness) with Deity.Psychology2, 357:but no real concern, the attempt is made to arrest the difficulty by elimination and not byPsychology2, 617:and should cause many in the New Age groups to arrest their [618] thoughts and so release theirPsychology2, 642:Servers not to interfere with this loyalty or to arrest any activity, but to gather into onePsychology2, 723:of World Servers in both its divisions, can arrest the process and bring order into a distressedRays, 8:a position of danger and should take steps to arrest that control prior to an attempt to enter intoRays, 14:entire hope of the future depends; nothing can arrest their return or their progress through theRays, 176:He stands directly behind the initiate so as to arrest and distribute the potency passing throughRays, 500:the powers of evil, and hence their attempt to arrest the progress of the human spirit and to stopRays, 573:humanity will increasingly register. Nothing can arrest this activity; all that is happening todayRays, 692:that I am hard put to it to say that which will arrest your attention, and thus offset aRays, 734:not that They come to put wrong right or to arrest evil. A few, a very few, may do so, but TheyReappearance, 47:coming has now reached a stage where nothing can arrest its progress or slow down its momentum. InReappearance, 100:workers, He will come and nothing can arrest His approach. He discovered also that men were notReappearance, 138:as follows: Why has the church been unable to arrest the overpowering expression of evil, asReappearance, 139:of Love, have Christian teachers been unable to arrest the unparalleled growth of hate in the worldReappearance, 159:of the mass of men. Nothing under heaven can arrest the progress of the human soul on its longReappearance, 170:demand, then there is only one thing which can arrest His reappearance and that is the failure ofReappearance, 188:ancient evils which produced the world war, and arrest the reactionary forces in every nation, weSoul, 62:for it, or move them in any way whatever, arrest their circular motion, and do such similar further
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