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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRESTED

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Astrology, 380:and not till then is the progress of the wheel arrested and "revolution" takes place with the lifeAstrology, 665:of the sexual misery experienced on our planet. Arrested in its evolution by the timelyAutobiography, 50:in thought and all progress would be permanently arrested. Fortunately, I know that evolution isBethlehem, 216:was something in the quality of Jesus which arrested his attention and forced from him theDestiny, 128:expression of the originating impulse. It is arrested upon the astral plane. This has been balancedDiscipleship1, 109:of your being that there is a measure of arrested growth. The mental tension for thirty years hasDiscipleship1, 653:drastic lessons - everything short circuited and arrested by yourself and, therefore, no clearDiscipleship2, 312:they are then inevitable and cannot be arrested. By that you may infer that once the initiate hasDiscipleship2, 581:myself, have in them a potency which may not be arrested. This has oft been noted. Let me give youDiscipleship2, 741:the mental plane, and there both of them are arrested by your over-analytical mind. You need notDiscipleship2, 752:life upon the inner planes only to see it arrested on the eve of expression upon the plane of dailyExternalisation, 175:power was not universal and their progress was arrested by the conditions of the [176] period inExternalisation, 236:Norway, Poland, Finland and Romania. Nothing has arrested their progress - neither truth nor armedExternalisation, 239:thing must not be - Germany would then have been arrested in her triumphant progress. The Allies,Externalisation, 278:take right action, the progress of evil can be arrested." This is encouraging, and I commend theExternalisation, 373:banded together from the start, they might have arrested it in the initial stages? Also, given theExternalisation, 395:evil and even the wicked man is shocked and arrested by the unleashed wickedness which is todayExternalisation, 434:the Hierarchy, and by its means cosmic evil is arrested; the sword of discrimination is wielded byFire, 416:evolution on the moon was abruptly disturbed and arrested by the timely interference of the solarFire, 719:fifth round, and were a group of initiates who arrested their own evolution (technically speaking)Fire, 843:the heart of the sun (the subjective Sun) were arrested and directed elsewhere, while the PitrisFire, 944:to scientists. A good deal of imbecility, or of arrested development will be found to have itsGlamour, 263:is distorted by illusion of any kind, arrested in its expression by glamor, or liable to beGlamour, 263:he is seeking to express may be held up and arrested by etheric force or by the veils of maya. HeHealing, 162:the unbalanced unfoldment of the centers, their arrested development and their lack of responseHealing, 198:they are highly energized but with their flow arrested because some center along the path of theirHealing, 308:rapidly circulated. The flow of energy can be arrested in certain areas and can nourish alsoHealing, 321:found some form of congestion, or some form of arrested development, or some form of predispositionHealing, 703:conditions, sudden healings and dramatically arrested disease will not occur. If they do occur, itHercules, 58:fame; and pluck the apples." But again, he was arrested by a sense of deep distress. AtlasIntellect, 11:eventually falls to pieces and, where there is arrested growth, abnormalities will occur andIntellect, 11:days that are passing over us, even fools are arrested to ask the meaning of them; few of theMagic, 621:consciousness of non-separateness cannot be arrested. The problem is what means to continue toPatanjali, 312:upward to the throat, and hunger and thirst are arrested in the esoteric sense. It should be borneProblems, 138:great spiritual revelation is due and cannot be arrested and that there lies ahead of them aPsychology2, 357:of the soul is for that particular life cycle arrested, and delay ensues. With this problem we willPsychology2, 531:absorb and utilize the sacral energies. They are arrested in some cases in their upward passage andPsychology2, 538:straight down to the sacral center and not be arrested at the throat center, as it rightly shouldPsychology2, 585:how the abuse of the lower psychic powers may be arrested temporarily until such time as theRays, 28:set in motion is such that purpose cannot be arrested or stopped. The disciple cannot then beRays, 313:of "the full-grown man in Christ" cannot be arrested. The center of interest which has hithertoRays, 521:a Figure of very great, but at the same time, arrested development. This was of course impossible,Reappearance, 142:flower of the Christ life has been stunted and arrested in the dark caves of man's thinking;
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