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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRESTING

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Astrology, 18:might discover some most interesting and arresting problems and perhaps arrive at an accuracy whichAstrology, 158:of what has been called esoterically "periodic arresting." Progress becomes impossible under theAstrology, 542:glory of the human spirit in a more definite and arresting way and involves an orientation towardsAstrology, 586:evoke the Shamballa energy and use it for the arresting of the forces of evil. This, I realize, isAutobiography, 171:the Hierarchy of the future, and the curious and arresting thing to me was that the majority of theAutobiography, 255:more definitely before the public and in a more arresting way. Years ago, I definitely told A.A.B.Bethlehem, 208:familiar to us as our own names, and much less arresting. That is the tragedy of Christ. He did soBethlehem, 238:before the public consciousness in a new and arresting manner. There was scarcely a family in overBethlehem, 275:thought is one which warrants our attention. Arresting in its implication, it is sadly and deeplyDestiny, 15:hatred of the individual. It may work out as the arresting of the individual's activities orDestiny, 15:as harmful to the good of the group. But the arresting will not be destructive. It will beDestiny, 128:has produced much difficulty in the past by arresting the true expression of the originatingDiscipleship1, 282:esoterically speaking, consists in mentally arresting and stimulating the thinkers and workers inDiscipleship1, 320:it out in the will-to-love all beings and arresting its descent at the astral [321] body. Do thisDiscipleship1, 387:as a disciple under training, there need be no arresting of the process of development. The highDiscipleship1, 787:more definitely before the public and in a more arresting way. Years ago, I definitely told A. A.Discipleship2, 400:receptive to light from the highest source, is arresting in its outward-going activity andDiscipleship2, 453:the "epochs for storage" (if I may use such an arresting and unusual phrase), and they are theDiscipleship2, 607:centers in the etheric body, and a consequent arresting of the work you are doing - and doing soDiscipleship2, 752:Ponder on this. This sensitivity causes an arresting of physical expression, plus a mistakenDiscipleship2, 757:or an eloquent appeal, or to evoke the words of arresting power which you feel seething within you,Externalisation, 248:directed to the shouldering of your due share in arresting the forces of aggression from anyExternalisation, 346:evoke the Shamballa energy, and use it for the arresting of the forces of evil. [347] Externalisation, 397:not, therefore, prove adequately effective in arresting the onward march of evil. It does, however,Fire, 1150:some adjustments, and occasionally the temporary arresting of his karma. These adjustments are madeGlamour, 188:Messenger of the Most High, leads a dramatic and arresting life of service and symbolizes in HisGlamour, 264:through the three worlds. When he discovers any arresting or sidetracking of progress throughHealing, 246:will be apparent and the sequence of ideas is arresting. With the withdrawing of the wind orHealing, 307:truth. Congestion is perhaps best defined as the arresting of the free flow of the force throughHealing, 405:as spiritual will. This should be to you an arresting thought. It will be obvious, however, thatHealing, 471:[471] purification of the astral plane and for arresting the "downward moving" tendency of desireHercules, 40:Hercules. "What hast thou here?" said Brontes, arresting Hercules upon the Way. "The sacred bull,Hercules, 116:are many, and the Tibetan adds these august and arresting words: "Under the will of Deity and theHercules, 220:of Saturn and Jupiter created a brilliant, arresting appearance. [221] One other instance of thePsychology2, 354:reorientation that he gains the reward for the arresting of his selfish efforts, and aspects of theRays, 38:and demonstrated by all previous initiates. The arresting of the steps of the initiate before theRays, 323:three and the seven centers in a new and more arresting manner. This is a large order and one notRays, 565:I find it essential to discover new and arresting words and word phrases by which to express theRays, 578:is "to clear himself" is perhaps the most [578] arresting and illuminating of all possibleReappearance, 138:a new revelation. They seek something new and arresting by which to attract the masses back to God;
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