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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRIVE

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Astrology, 10:to study individual man; in this way we can arrive at a faint comprehension of the basic andAstrology, 18:interesting and arresting problems and perhaps arrive at an accuracy which is at present unknown.Astrology, 81:painfully the mechanism which will enable him to arrive at a major moment of crisis in his cyclicAstrology, 93:to manifest. Enter into battle for the Lord. Arrive at unity through effort. Creation - Being -Astrology, 226:to investigate and study. Some day they will arrive at a clear decision as to the position of theAstrology, 235:now going on, the coming generation will arrive at a point of balance and then, as a consequence,Astrology, 318:thoughts you can elaborate for yourself and thus arrive at the evident implications. Astrology, 335:Cancer, Libra, Capricorn - the astrologer can arrive at a clearer understanding: Of ordinary,Astrology, 335:- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius - he will arrive at a right interpretation of the lives: OfAstrology, 335:- Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces - he can arrive at the significance: Of disciples. Of groupAstrology, 341:these results are studied, you will eventually arrive at an insight into the relationships weAstrology, 370:Zodiacal Constellations Taurus, the Bull We now arrive at the last of the twelve signs which weAstrology, 412:of basic importance and until astrologers can arrive at the point of development where the world ofAstrology, 417:seek to prove their effect and to endeavor to arrive at some understanding of that intricate,Astrology, 516:philosopher understands it) is the ability to arrive at knowledge through the activity of someAstrology, 563:part of astrologers (even the most advanced) to arrive at a general or synthetic understanding ofAstrology, 579:and a nature quite unpredictable today) will arrive. The war will have taught humanity many lessonsAtom, 61:of the Scriptures the "Heavenly Man." Thus we arrive finally at the concept that the solar systemAtom, 92:upon our planet, the earth, until we arrive at the fundamental basic Life, Who holds all theAtom, 109:Thought, and the study of psychology they will arrive at certain realizations which will proveAtom, 113:it, great thinkers, such as Edison and others, arrive at a solution of their problems along theAtom, 149:change in world conditions, and for that time to arrive, of which St. Paul speaks when he says:Autobiography, 70:Time and again, the attempt has been made to arrive at a constitution in which the Moslem (theAutobiography, 249:in mind. The accepted disciples of a Master who arrive at recognition of Him from within themselvesAutobiography, 268:plan as it is gradually revealed to him and to arrive at the knowledge which will permit him toAutobiography, 275:the world meditate, make alignment and arrive at soul contact and knowledge. The truth has alsoAutobiography, 288:ancient rules to his daily life will eventually arrive at a personal knowledge of the Hierarchy andBethlehem, 20:radiance they will vision the new truths and arrive at a fresh enunciation of the ancient wisdom.Bethlehem, 50:he will enter into the realm of real values and arrive at a truer knowledge of God. The mystery ofBethlehem, 150:worketh by love, it goes on by living well to arrive at sight also, wherein is unspeakable beautyBethlehem, 184:people, because then and only then can they arrive at a full and clear understanding of what, inBethlehem, 186:what God had done for the universe, until we arrive at the culminating Son of God Who carried theBethlehem, 190:brought together and then reinterpreted shall we arrive at the basic concept upon which we can takeBethlehem, 215:sins and mistakes, and cease to make them. We arrive eventually at the point, where we no longerBethlehem, 262:recognized as the kingdom of God? How shall we arrive at an understanding of the problem of death,Bethlehem, 268:and inner attention by means of which he can arrive at the significance and the condition ofDestiny, 27:factors that it is difficult for a student to arrive at those true indications which will trulyDestiny, 131:and their inherent potency, men will eventually arrive at vast magical achievements and creations,Discipleship1, 7:you may travel more rapidly along the Path and arrive at greater usefulness to your fellowmen.Discipleship1, 10:the teachers on the subjective side of life and arrive more rapidly at that Gate which opens on theDiscipleship1, 73:Then the period of group usefulness will arrive. This will naturally depend upon two things: 1.Discipleship1, 97:experiment which I am undertaking, you need to arrive at a point in group experience wherein youDiscipleship1, 171:to the work of fusion at which you must arrive in connection with your bodily forces and your soulDiscipleship1, 233:that your entire personality life expression can arrive at the needed balance and recognitions. Discipleship1, 245:a dynamic interest in world work. Do not arrive at this detachment through an intensification ofDiscipleship1, 245:desire to have fanatics in with us. Arrive at it through a deepening of your loveDiscipleship1, 264:reaction to you yourself. By this you will arrive at an understanding of your vibratory, magneticDiscipleship1, 446:and then test and prove them - you will arrive at a better understanding of the intendedDiscipleship1, 495:Accept the implications at which you arrive, provided they are the highest you can reach. CenterDiscipleship1, 509:if you could achieve detachment and if you could arrive at a stable, focused mind that the whole ofDiscipleship1, 545:place in your interests and outlook, and will arrive at fresh ways of dealing with life. You willDiscipleship1, 707:not be submitted to the group "gaze"; thus they arrive at the stripping away of all the "veils"Discipleship1, 724:The first task which confronts disciples is to arrive at an understanding of the nature of theDiscipleship1, 738:and mental - in terms of the whole. So again we arrive at impersonality - this time impersonalityDiscipleship1, 766:VI - The Chela within the Master's Heart We arrive now at a consideration of the last of the sixDiscipleship1, 781:in mind. The accepted disciples of a Master who arrive at recognition of him from within themselvesDiscipleship2, 14:to face the Dweller and triumph; together to arrive at understanding; together to stand before theDiscipleship2, 18:and an effort to evoke the intuition and thus arrive at [19] the three meanings which they hold forDiscipleship2, 32:of the objectives of the present world war. To arrive at that understanding which is the foundationDiscipleship2, 95:a mental proposition. You hope some day to arrive at this basic sense of inclusiveness which isDiscipleship2, 130:for you a particular message at which you can arrive if you will take each of them into your dailyDiscipleship2, 130:it can gestate. In this way you will not only arrive at the meaning of your personal injunctions,Discipleship2, 130:(for that is what they may prove to be when you arrive at their intended meaning), but you will atDiscipleship2, 165:do so briefly, as time lacks. It is for you to arrive - according to your evolutionary status andDiscipleship2, 190:a few hints in the above analysis, but you can arrive at much greater light on the matter if youDiscipleship2, 197:of Hierarchy and the personnel of their Ashrams arrive at an intense spiritual perception, andDiscipleship2, 197:arrive at an intense spiritual perception, and arrive also at a selfless formulation of the divineDiscipleship2, 200:are normally aware; in that higher state they arrive at those intuitional and spiritualDiscipleship2, 207:Servers; then, and only then, the moment will arrive when the Christ will come. Already upon theDiscipleship2, 250:aid in the process), the group together can arrive at the second purpose of the formula, which isDiscipleship2, 253:in that light, will he see the greater light and arrive at a truer perception. He sees himself, andDiscipleship2, 257:your daily life, it is not possible for you to arrive at contact with the "Point." The discipleDiscipleship2, 274:of these phrases is great; you can only arrive at them yourself as you ponder the only threeDiscipleship2, 280:This is done, first of all, by enabling him to arrive at a right relation and correct evaluationDiscipleship2, 282:you will discover reality progressively and arrive at whole areas of expression, because you serve.Discipleship2, 328:and closer attention; they would then arrive at the [329] knowledge that their limitationsDiscipleship2, 354:grasp and appreciate. Disciples can, however, arrive at much deeper significances, and it is toDiscipleship2, 354:gauge a disciple's ability to pass onward and arrive at his attained status by his mode of handlingDiscipleship2, 355:read these words. The probationary disciple can arrive at the significance of a hint as it can beDiscipleship2, 356:the servant of humanity. If you will endeavor to arrive at this attitude and also at a spirit ofDiscipleship2, 416:It took the disciple a full two years to arrive at the hidden significance of this trite statement.Discipleship2, 416:significance of this trite statement. Can you arrive at it in any quicker time? Still otherDiscipleship2, 447:approach [447] to reality, and then leave you to arrive at right decision, via direct or intuitiveDiscipleship2, 452:By means of them also (rightly used) you can arrive at a real understanding of the Law of Cycles -Discipleship2, 485:not intend to enlarge upon this as I want you to arrive at your own conclusions and knowledges.Discipleship2, 501:of the Hierarchy, working under the Christ. They arrive at their decisions after due consultationDiscipleship2, 509:meditation is developed, you should eventually arrive at a contact, at a registered sense ofDiscipleship2, 526:and you will weather these stormy waters and arrive in [527] the quiet land of realities, free fromDiscipleship2, 539:or regret may lie and thus, my brother, arrive at a clear comprehension of yourself as a directingDiscipleship2, 565:it to the sixth statement and endeavoring to arrive at an understanding of both of them. This youDiscipleship2, 566:matter and disciples on all rays have to arrive at comprehension of Will activity as they moveDiscipleship2, 579:each other's papers and instructions, so as to arrive at this depth of insight, vision and sourceDiscipleship2, 599:not usual you may, perhaps - by due pondering - arrive at the point where you will be able toDiscipleship2, 642:thus covering a year's work. See if you can arrive at deeper significances than those which appearDiscipleship2, 650:and requiring the implementing of the soul to arrive at true understanding. You have made muchDiscipleship2, 681:Asia and - as your vision quickens - you will arrive at understanding. Contribute your ideas andDiscipleship2, 709:its fulfilment. One of the ways in which you can arrive at this deeper comprehension of humanityDiscipleship2, 718:instruction I gave you; it has taken you long to arrive at a point of focus upon some definiteDiscipleship2, 737:here ask: In what way can I know? How can I arrive at right decision? First of all by eliminatingEducationarts; to grow in ability to analyze problems and arrive at thoughtful conclusions." This statement
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