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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRIVE

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Rays, 664:this definition carefully in mind, they would arrive at a keener concept of the processes which lieRays, 700:the teaching of the East and of the West to arrive at the true understanding of the experience. TheRays, 733:only by such inadequate comparisons that one can arrive at some faint comprehension of that greatReappearance, 27:of all those who obey His injunction and arrive at the perfection which He pointed out as possible.Soul, 131:centers prematurely? May it not be possible to arrive at a solution and a method which will giveSoul, 132:utilized the intellect and the mind, in order to arrive at spiritual knowledge. This long line ofSoul, 136:In this way we are taught that man can arrive at a definite knowledge of the soul, and can knowSoul, 145:vision somewhat and "deepening our conviction," arrive at a better understanding of the forms andTelepathy, 47:agents later of the impressing agent. When we arrive at the human family, this reciprocal activityTelepathy, 131:can nevertheless be substantiated by you if you arrive at an understanding of the Law of Analogy orTelepathy, 190:be stillborn and abortive, and thus fail to arrive at manifestation. The student is well aware that
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