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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRIVED

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Hercules, 43:Arges, meaning whirling activity. When Hercules arrived with the bull at the gates of the city, heHercules, 81:in Aries, and with desire, in Taurus, and having arrived at the realization of his essentialHercules, 197:sailed to the island in a golden cup and when he arrived there he climbed to the top of a mountainHercules, 202:brief time; it resulted in the decision arrived at by the Christ to reappear or return to visibleInitiation, 156:unit, man, in their myriad differentiations are arrived at. 3. Therefore, on the path of return,Intellect, 8:as a thinking, feeling entity, seems now to have arrived at a fair measure of understanding theIntellect, 126:of the human being, we find that we have now arrived at the phase in which he is self conscious, orIntellect, 128:by a few in the religious field, many have arrived at a point where two things happen: the idea ofIntellect, 153:penetrated so far within the veil that they have arrived at a something which they call "energy".Intellect, 164:sums up in the words: "The point at which I have arrived is the definite acceptance of two distinctIntellect, 177:of a method by means of which they have arrived at this apprehension of divine Truth, and of aIntellect, 180:bringing about of this apparent miracle. We have arrived at an understanding of the laws whichIntellect, 181:on to our next evolutionary development? Having arrived at some understanding of the nature ofIntellect, 182:Plan. The Knowers tell us that when they have arrived, through a method at a Way, and through theIntellect, 186:"supreme perfect knowledge" that the Buddha arrived at the wisdom which changed him from aIntellect, 224:know that through the reasoning process, we have arrived at an understanding that, within andIntellect, 227:practice, and usually even those who have arrived at the stage of contemplation test themselves outMagic, 38:is the consciousness of the great sum totals, is arrived at by man through the development, firstMagic, 41:possible of comprehension by the man who has arrived at soul-knowledge. The great need at this timeMagic, 41:men for many centuries. Much at which they have arrived is basically correct. The modernMagic, 68:having through this triple eliminative process arrived at a certain position cases arise whereMagic, 151:in a "breathing forth", and engendered or arrived at dynamically in the interlude of contemplationMagic, 168:with that of the group. Then, if decision is arrived at, for the space of two years a seniorMagic, 399:in the world, another great moment of crisis has arrived. I refer not to the present worldMagic, 399:the state of the human consciousness. Mind has arrived at a functioning power, personalities areMagic, 438:as you know, is one of seven. When a man has arrived at this point in evolution, birth months,Magic, 585:in all things. Only thus will the reality be arrived at and the true Self known. 3. Pay noPatanjali43. Perception without judicial reasoning is arrived at when the memory no longer holds control,Patanjali, 43:and the not-self is achieved and pure spirit is arrived at. This is the way for the fifth or AryanPatanjali, 81:of the world [81] creative processes can be arrived at, and the man can achieve an understanding ofPatanjali, 83:to use it, knowledge of the spirit can be arrived at. At the center of the "heart chakra" dwellsPatanjali, 92:in tune with his own soul. Thus knowledge is arrived at, - knowledge of that which the form (orPatanjali, 97:43. Perception without judicial reasoning is arrived at when the memory no longer holds control,Patanjali, 101:formless, seedless, objectless meditation be arrived at. It is here that the language of thePatanjali, 104:in identifying himself with the formless. He has arrived at the point at the heart of his being.Patanjali, 229:be corrected, not only must inner purity be arrived at, not only must the right attitude towardsPatanjali, 302:a true understanding of the Sanskrit is only arrived at through combining the two. It might sufficePatanjali, 344:forms of all the elements, the knower has arrived at a knowledge of all their qualities,Patanjali, 367:it is well put, and the state of consciousness arrived at concisely summed up: "In aphorism XXXIII.Patanjali, 386:the sense of individuality. When this stage is arrived at, there comes the great realization ofPatanjali, 422:of the spiritual nature in the man who has arrived at the state of discriminating detachment, andPatanjali, ix:why the day of opportunity has only just arrived. The East has preserved rules for us since timePatanjali, xii:characterize the life of the average man and has arrived at the point of peace. The devil of pride,Psychology1, 83:and their forms were veiled. The time had not arrived for the breaking [84] forth of light. ThePsychology1, 118:an aspect of truth. Through them we have arrived at an amazing knowledge of man, of his instinctsPsychology1, 357:of God (as the Christian calls it) will have arrived. This will constitute an event of anPsychology2, 94:those great Sons of God who down the ages, have arrived at an understanding of the significance ofPsychology2, 151:of Synthesis, which will govern man when he has arrived at the Path of Initiation, but which as yetPsychology2, 443:proceeded to complicate his problem. Finally, he arrived at the life expression we arePsychology2, 493:or attack their theories in any way. They have arrived at a most important and indicative fact -Rays, 44:or of Probation. The ordinary and easily-arrived-at significances mean little to the initiate mind.Rays, 51:form may be either His temporary personality, arrived at along the normal lines of incarnation, orRays, 53:meaning of the Word. Understanding can only be arrived at when a man lives the Word, hearing itsRays, 55:to control it. It is an accumulative tension arrived at through many lives. This process isRays, 63:flourished and it flowered, and then the drought arrived and man removed himself. That which hadRays, 93:the Lord of the World. When the exact moment has arrived, the work of the Buddha, representingRays, 158:"The hour of service of the Saving Force has now arrived". (The Externalization of the Hierarchy,Rays, 167:them becomes increasingly great. We have arrived at a section of the rules which requiresRays, 219:into three stages, each one of which has to be arrived at by the group in unison. The first is theRays, 335:"saving force" because the hour of service had arrived, permitted (at the same time) the inflow ofRays, 342:various stages of initiate-unfoldment who have arrived at their point of ashramic consciousnessRays, 384:founded, developed and expanded until the time arrived - several aeons ago - when all seven AshramsRays, 470:that the critical aspect of this process is only arrived at when the distinction is sharply definedRays, 621:the nations are Germany and Italy, for they only arrived at nationhood in the nineteenth century;Rays, 701:initiation, is a definitely planned undertaking, arrived at as true vision is gradually conferred,Rays, 734:mind that these extra-planetary Avatars have not arrived at Their high state of spiritualReappearance, 38:for which He has so patiently waited has almost arrived; the "end of the age" to which He referredReappearance, 49:is not yet stated. The exact moment has not yet arrived nor has the method of His appearance beenReappearance, 69:brief time); it resulted in the decision arrived at by the Christ to reappear or return to visibleReappearance, 72:of humanity itself. This decision is being arrived at through certain new trends in human thinking,Reappearance, 72:human reaction to the decision already arrived at by the Christ and the spiritual Hierarchy, theReappearance, 121:for the restoration of the ancient Mysteries has arrived. These facts have been widely given out,Reappearance, 156:aspects. These aspects and qualities will be arrived at and determined by a close study of theSoul, 90:Secondly, by means of the conclusions arrived at through the work of the modern psychologists,Telepathy, 67:and through men who - in the majority of cases - arrived at perfection elsewhere than in this
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