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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRIVES

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Astrology, 93:cooperation and, in Capricorn, the will nature arrives at fulfilment and a visioned goal isAstrology, 173:an impelling impulse, until finally the moment arrives when a true sense of reality supersedes bothAstrology, 187:energies which pour through the disciple as he arrives at the final stages upon the Mutable Cross,Astrology, 338:the processes of concretization control. The man arrives after many incarnations at a point ofAstrology, 338:The individual seeks full expression and arrives finally at the point where he uses his environmentAstrology, 380:From that house, the disciple in due time arrives at Capricorn where he finally subdues matter,Astrology, 447:himself and becomes self-conscious; then he arrives at the stage of intelligent discipleship; heAstrology, 449:till the time cycle of the third initiation arrives. I simply mention this influence so that youAstrology, 569:from the Mutable Cross on to the Fixed Cross arrives, three things occur: The influence of the fourAstrology, 601:full achievement and the energy of Being itself arrives - in time and space today (in the mind ofAtom, 89:Who is the synthesis of them all. Thus he arrives at the final stage of intelligent appreciation ofAtom, 123:his own particular sphere, and the period arrives in which he is feeling for the group to which heBethlehem, 64:the zodiac, this "Man of the Heavens" eventually arrives at Pisces; this sign is exactly oppositeBethlehem, 183:individuality, and under its influence the race arrives at self-consciousness and men can functionDestiny, 76:of this; when the time to make peace treaties arrives, it will become clearer which way France willDiscipleship1, 268:to take form very shortly... Until that time arrives, work at an intensification of yourDiscipleship2, 247:recognition of his pledge to his own soul), arrives at a definite and factual recognition of theDiscipleship2, 260:is consequently served. Every disciple who arrives at a recognition of the initiate-revelationDiscipleship2, 385:by stage, initiation by initiation, the disciple arrives at an understanding of redemption. FirstDiscipleship2, 390:finally, there comes the time when the disciple arrives at the very heart of things and is so closeDiscipleship2, 556:of [556] the Master's responsibilities and arrives at a juster value of his own relativeDiscipleship2, 594:are your co-workers in my work. When the time arrives this development will pay you good dividendsDiscipleship2, 631:you have absorbed the injunction that a Master arrives at his goal through a process of questioningDiscipleship2, 735:the mental ray varies from life to life, there arrives an incarnation wherein the ray of harmonyDiscipleship2, 755:As a Master studies his chelas year by year, he arrives at certain definite knowledges anent themEducation, 64:quality of the life dominating any form until he arrives eventually at the quality of the ONE LIFEExternalisation, 138:inauguration of the new and better civilization arrives? With this we might now briefly deal. AsExternalisation, 580:Ashrams, when the time for an expanded effort arrives. Externalisation, 606:How will He feel when the hour of His appearance arrives? [607] There is a great initiation spokenFire, 593:and friends, to love of men and women, until it arrives at the stage of love of humanity or groupFire, 675:the exalted Life manifesting through a plane. He arrives at this knowledge through a process ofFire, 691:the fifth cosmic plane takes place, until it arrives at our fifth plane, the mental. This force itFire, 774:three central petals are not as yet responsive) arrives at the triangle formed by the threeFire, 923:form. Division 4 can be grasped as the student arrives at a comprehension of his own nature as aFire, 1218:must ever be borne in mind that no human atom arrives at "fullness of life" without adding much toFire, 1234:beyond the form and seeks to account for it. He arrives in time at the soul which every form veils,Glamour, 42:in our Aryan race. The Dweller on the Threshold arrives at full potency at the end of this race,Glamour, 126:to dominate the undesirable condition that he arrives later at a recognition of an essentialGlamour, 127:illusion and the lure of maya until the moment arrives when again he stands before the portal andGlamour, 136:not initiatory events; through the intuition man arrives at the experience of the kingdom of God,Healing, 235:medicine comes into its own, and as man himself arrives at increasing mental and soul control ofHealing, 268:nations meet the Jew more than half way when he arrives at altering - slowly and gradually - hisHealing, 695:must still be [695] covered before the healer arrives at correct and sustained healing. ThisHercules, 225:on the physical plane. In this sign he arrives at knowledge of himself as a personality and gathersIntellect, 37:of the unseen and the mystical. But science arrives at the same point by working from the seen toIntellect, 37:of passing inwards from form to form, the mystic arrives eventually at the glory of the unveiledIntellect, 56:which guide the Mind of God Himself. In fact, he arrives at God and discovers God as the centralIntellect, 56:himself and understanding his own nature, man arrives at that center within himself which is oneIntellect, 96:as he gains practice in doing this, he arrives at a knowledge of Truth and is no longer taken in byIntellect, 114:beyond the form and seeks to account for it. He arrives in time at the soul which the [115] formIntellect, 179:of his nature and penetrates deeper until he arrives at a third factor, the mind. At this point ofMagic, 18:Three Aspects One of the main means whereby man arrives at an understanding of that great sum totalMagic, 54:It is the tortoise and not the hare that arrives first at the goal, though both achieve eventually.Magic, 100:This is a mystery which will be solved as man arrives at the consciousness of his own solar Angel,Magic, 169:a study of himself and of the requirements he arrives at the conclusion that perhaps he has reachedMagic, 297:effects and in seeking to master them that man arrives at knowledge of himself and so becomes aMagic, 351:of studying the laws and in process of time arrives at results that are of value to him. TimeMagic, 503:when the moment for vacating the outer sheath arrives, there will be no problem nor difficulty. IMagic, 534:more educational prison houses. Finally the time arrives when the Principle of Liberation becomesMagic, 565:physical plane to take incarnation and thus arrives at that critical point in his creative workMagic, 629:him forward with increasing rapidity, as he now arrives at intellectual comprehension and can applyMeditation, 147:indwelling life. In this manner the occultist arrives at those Intelligences Who work with the law,Meditation, 151:of the principle of mind on both its levels, arrives at the same point. He recognizes the sheathsMeditation, 151:times overlook the value of the subjective. He arrives eventually at the central life by thePatanjali, 33:builds himself a ladder by means of which he arrives eventually at the objectless. As his mindPatanjali, 34:participation", and through it the student arrives at that knowledge of energy in himself which isPatanjali, 35:of meditation upon an object, the aspirant arrives at his goal, knowledge of the soul, and of thePatanjali, 40:spirit or Father in Heaven. First the disciple arrives at a realization of the angel of HisPatanjali, 44:adoration and entire consecration the aspirant arrives at a knowledge of the reality of spirit.Patanjali, 56:and the Word was God." Through its use man arrives at a realization of: His own essential divinity,Patanjali, 57:- through study and self initiated effort - arrives at just conclusions. It might be added, thatPatanjali, 89:the atom." It is an occult truism that as a man arrives at a knowledge of himself, under the greatPatanjali, 89:of himself, under the great law of analogy he arrives at the knowledge of God. This knowledgePatanjali, 89:knowledge concerns the constituents of form. He arrives next at an understanding of the aggregatePatanjali, 89:finds his place and knows his work. Finally he arrives at a knowledge [90] of that which concernsPatanjali, 90:the medium of these five realizations man arrives at mastery, for realization entails certainPatanjali, 95:externality (being force of some kind), until he arrives at that which is the cause of both. ThesePatanjali, 162:the world of spirit. Through this process he arrives at a knowledge of himself. Throughout thePatanjali, 163:God in the truest sense. Through this, the seer arrives at a knowledge of God as He is and comes toPatanjali, 278:to be achieved through certain causes. These he arrives at through concentrated meditation. ThePatanjali, 278:grade after grade of thought images until he arrives at the particular layer of thought impressionPatanjali, 308:upon this center. The reason is this: when man arrives at an understanding of his emotional bodyPatanjali, 336:the nature of the word and of the second aspect, arrives at the realization of hearing. This mightPatanjali, 358:in every form of life. Then, as an initiate, he arrives at omniscience or all-knowledge, and theProblems, 154:divinity, discovers a more brilliant light and arrives at a growing knowledge of God. God, in thePsychology1, 28:The Old Commentary puts it thus: "When the hour arrives wherein the light of the soul reveals thePsychology1, 36:freed himself from the veil of illusion that he arrives at a knowledge of the quality of God'sPsychology1, 37:Thus from a consciousness of himself, man arrives at an awareness of the interrelation between thePsychology1, 37:on the path of evolution and of probation, a man arrives at a knowledge of his individual soul, andPsychology1, 322:development. The stages by which man arrives at this capacity may be enumerated as follows: ThatPsychology1, 330:expression of Deity, and through its means he arrives at a knowledge of some aspects of God'sPsychology1, 405:forces, and is simply what they make him. As he arrives at a clearer understanding, and can beginPsychology2, 5:the third aspect is consciously developed, man arrives at a knowledge of matter, of substance andPsychology2, 5:his true self, the real spiritual man. Later, he arrives at the realization of the purpose which isPsychology2, 19:the process of Individualization, the soul arrives at a true self-consciousness and awareness inPsychology2, 83:more generally recognized and present. When man arrives at a better understanding of the ethericPsychology2, 93:which he has joyously done in the past, and so arrives at the realization of that supreme sacrificePsychology2, 110:a right understanding of this law, the man arrives at a knowledge of his subjective life; he canPsychology2, 167:a mole, and finds his way into the darkness; he arrives at knowledge of the world of naturalPsychology2, 167:and thus destroys the passages of mind. Ruin arrives, destroying fast the storehouse of the mind,
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