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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRIVES

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Psychology2, 324:the means through which the experiencing soul arrives at a full awareness of the field ofPsychology2, 332:of the soul, incarnate in a human form, arrives at a realization of the futility of materialPsychology2, 602:have gone beyond a certain point, he arrives at a stage where he has no real inner control, heRays, 33:the uses of heat, warmth, light and energy; he arrives at an understanding of self-will,Rays, 64:or middle aspect of the Spiritual Triad), he arrives at a great and basic realization. He knowsRays, 142:engendered light in which we live when night arrives, and compare it with the mode of lighting theRays, 286:You will note that the applicant eventually arrives at knowledge and begins to know; the discipleRays, 303:reveal the world of meaning. That, the disciple arrives at and interprets as he develops soulRays, 351:of initiation. Nevertheless, as science arrives at a better understanding of the human being as anRays, 458:more widely known. The aspirant eventually arrives at the point where the three threads - of life,Rays, 507:here to there. The initiate of the fourth ray arrives at the will aspect when conflict steps intoRays, 564:For the first time in his life experience he arrives at a comprehension of the principle ofRays, 567:In the higher four initiations he slowly arrives at a dim understanding of the purpose of creation;Rays, 571:in their millions by the time the year 2025 arrives. All this, reorientation and unfoldment will beRays, 715:is that by means of which Sanat Kumara arrives at His goal. On a tiny scale, it is the use of oneReappearance, 7:came and with benefit to the place at which it arrives." (From Monier-Williams SanskritReappearance, 54:How will He feel when the hour of His appearance arrives? There is a great initiation spoken of inSoul, 47:more, he feels pain more readily, because he arrives more quickly at the stage when the stimulusTelepathy, 102:thus develops a true self-consciousness. This he arrives at by discriminating between the lowerTelepathy, 135:Ray of Active Intelligence. This ray energy arrives at the throat center via the head and the heart
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