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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARRIVING

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Astrology, 10:teaches (and modern science is rapidly arriving at the same conclusion) that underlying theAstrology, 103:Law of Karma, subject to the Great Illusion and arriving eventually at the height of personalityAutobiography, 19:in Leeds, England. I remember a few years ago arriving in Leeds to lecture. As the taxi droveAutobiography, 66:never in my life traveled alone before. I was arriving in a continent where I did not know oneAutobiography, 273:he is aware that he is only himself slowly arriving at soul knowledge, and that his contact withBethlehem, 15:world illusion, and the minds of humanity are arriving, en masse, at an increasing clarity ofDestiny, 36:the implications. Humanity itself is rapidly arriving at the point where its united will will beDestiny, 132:and age, and today travel by rail or automobile (arriving at the same destination) so the same roadDiscipleship1, 131:act without some preparatory thinking or without arriving at some sufficient and adequate reasonDiscipleship1, 132:for two years delayed this group of workers from arriving at [133] the intended activity. Will you,Discipleship1, 299:group of my disciples has the problem of arriving at an understanding of glamor - a glamor in whichDiscipleship1, 438:time (and the theme of your meditation) is the arriving at right decision as you enter into a newDiscipleship1, 483:BROTHER: You are awakening to reality. You are arriving at a truer estimate of yourself and yourDiscipleship1, 530:thirsty and weary, and each day, among the souls arriving, there is a different well-keeper, alwaysDiscipleship2, 134:next enjoined to practice alignment, thereby arriving at the recognition, and in some cases theDiscipleship2, 355:with its invoked revelation, you will then be arriving closer to the desired consciousness. ForDiscipleship2, 736:back and forth between decision and indecision, arriving apparently at no action. They are lives ofDiscipleship2, 736:the same time experiences little difficulty in arriving at decisions, because his choices and aimsDiscipleship2, 737:First of all by eliminating selfishness and arriving at that unconcern as to the happiness or theExternalisation, 124:a view to its final discarding as a means of arriving at desired ends. Externalisation, 457:This recognition will make them slow in arriving at final decisions, because they will realize theExternalisation, 619:to look at conditions as they are, thus arriving at a better knowledge of ourselves and of ourFire, viii:the Ageless Wisdom. [viii] The age-old method of arriving at truth by the process of accepting newFire, 680:legends that students are apt to despair of ever arriving at the desired, and necessary clarity ofFire, 743:or of one year of Brahma. There are many ways of arriving at the greater cycles, but there is noGlamour, 7:always to put before yourselves the goal of arriving at the underlying concept of any symbolGlamour, 7:concept through a study of detail and through arriving at the significance of various sections orGlamour, 7:interrelation. Conceptually. This involves arriving at its underlying idea, which may be expressedGlamour, 100:the indwelling Reality within that Form and are arriving at the decision to let the Warrior carryGlamour, 196:These latter went beyond the mystical vision by arriving at fusion. I need not enlarge on this. ItGlamour, 244:by the mayavic forces. He is rapidly arriving, as far as his own little world is concerned, at theHealing, 126:one unification to another, making mistakes, arriving often at complete discouragement, identifyingHealing, 317:much experimental work. That time is only just arriving. Those in which the mind is unduly fixedHealing, 360:Christ consciousness in one's own life, and by arriving at the stage of conscious discipleship. AtHealing, 368:their own responsibility and fail or succeed in arriving at the truth through their ownHealing, 611:to know and understand each other; nations are arriving at a closer contact with one another;Intellect, 4:Edward Carpenter says that: "We seem to be arriving at a time when, with the circling of ourIntellect, 116:Fire, pages 1233 et seq. It is this process of arriving at the reality behind each and every formIntellect, 152:all, but was urging upon them the necessity of arriving at a state of freedom from the bodyMagic, 76:to point out the advisability of each student arriving at an understanding of his etheric body, andMagic, 571:objective of his soul. This lesson involves: Arriving at a knowledge of those forces which arePatanjali, 45:go steadily, undeviatingly forward, eventually arriving at their goal. They are distinguished byPatanjali, 77:or of pranic energy) among other methods for arriving at the "peace of the chitta." He does notPatanjali, 78:It is significant to note that this mode of arriving at peace follows upon the method of sanePatanjali, 94:and to use the mind as the sixth sense, arriving thereby at that subjective quality or life whichPatanjali, 95:are made becomes clear. Always in the process of arriving at an understanding of nature, thePatanjali, 425:matters, the attainment of soul contact, the arriving at union (conscious and intelligent) with theProblems, 172:world unity and keeps the United Nations from arriving at those necessary settlements which the manPsychology1, 354:evolve, and the equipment is as steadily arriving at a greater adequacy, thus measuring up to thePsychology2, 294:solar system. In our solar system, we are arriving at an understanding and a [295] development ofPsychology2, 348:At the same time, this conscious form is slowly arriving at a point where integration into thePsychology2, 716:to two causes: First: certain men and women are arriving at maturity. This has developed in them aRays, 60:is. The urge which distinguished his progress in arriving at personality-soul fusion is transmutedRays, 107:of divine dynamic will, focused in the soul and arriving at awareness of Being through the use ofRays, 468:is spiritually oriented. The personality is also arriving at the realization that there is inRays, 494:on all planes as a point of spiritual energy and arriving at the one sphere of planned activity byRays, 624:thought-form; the United States and Russia are arriving - the first at the point of tension whereRays, 630:come as the result of each of the three Nations arriving at a real measure of internal harmony as aReappearance, 67:Effect, of Action and Reaction is such that the arriving at right decision as to activity and timeReappearance, 99:done and that He had to go to His Father. His arriving at the conclusion that He must have moreReappearance, 166:to look at conditions as they are, thus arriving at a better knowledge of ourselves and of ourSoul, 80:also: "And now at last we see a possibility of arriving at a conception of the soul! Let usSoul, 132:into a wide consciousness of the eternal plan, arriving at union with the Universal Soul. BothSoul, 133:psychology and a sane psychoanalysis, thus arriving at a knowledge of the mechanism, mental,Telepathy, 92:of service - leads to the inflowing energies (arriving on the wings of inspiration) becoming a
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