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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARROW

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Astrology, 56:for Leo, which is simply the Lion's tail. The arrow in the symbol depicting Sagittarius. TheyAstrology, 61:with his arrows, and then upon the flight of the arrow, the man reaches Capricorn." Then comes theAstrology, 121:and preparation for initiation in Capricorn. The arrow of the mind is projected unerringly towardsAstrology, 176:for this sign currently used is simply the arrow with a fragment of the bow depicted. The Archer asAstrology, 177:Now what remains? [177] Naught but my bow and arrow, O Master of my Life, but they suffice, and,Astrology, 177:I have no further need. I enter free, regain the arrow which I sent and speed upon my way, passingAstrology, 177:passing from door to door, and each time the arrow speeds ahead." Astrology, 177:Archer. Freedom or one-pointedness - the Bow and Arrow. Human ambition leading eventually toAstrology, 177:attitude of the pledged disciple. The "returning arrow of the intuition," as it is sometimesAstrology, 177:is sometimes called. For it is the shaft of the arrow of aspiration which returns to the sender asAstrology, 177:of aspiration which returns to the sender as the arrow of the intuition. Sagittarius is one of theAstrology, 190:steady eye, hand and stance prior to firing the arrow which, when rightly directed and correctlyAstrology, 190:objective; he is sending or directing his arrow towards a desired point; he is aiming at someAstrology, 509:house of major separations and of death. "The arrow of God pierces the heart and death takesAstrology, 509:by the soul. It is the soul which shoots the arrow of death. (The upward pointing arrow is theAstrology, 509:shoots the arrow of death. (The upward pointing arrow is the astrological symbol of Pluto.) It isHercules, 25:would serve him. Finally he gave him a bow and arrow, symbolizing the capacity to go straight toHercules, 26:of contact and that, if he would, the bow and arrow of illumination were his; but he liked theHercules, 79:outstretched hand and steadfast eye, he shot an arrow towards the doe and in its foot he woundedHercules, 80:he noted on its [80] foot the wound, made by an arrow from the bow he had possessed and used. TheHercules, 98:and with sure hand and eye of skill planted an arrow in the shoulder of the lion. Straight to theHercules, 98:to the mark it flew. Upon the ground the arrow fell and failed to pierce the shoulder of the lion.Hercules, 98:he shot the lion until there rested not an arrow in his quiver. Then towards him came the lion,Hercules, 153:has much to do with the United States and the arrow of Sagittarius, the next sign, is also dominantHercules, 157:the archer on the horse, going straight as an arrow to his goal. It is interesting that the UnitedHercules, 175:the sign Capricorn. One is called Sagitta, the arrow. It has no connection with the signHercules, 175:In that sign we had the bowman with the arrow whereby the achieving aspirant pierced theHercules, 175:pierced the personality. Here you have the arrow that comes from a cosmic source, piercing theHercules, 175:and acquainted with grief. He was pierced by the arrow Sagitta, the cosmic arrow. The Hebrew nameHercules, 175:He was pierced by the arrow Sagitta, the cosmic arrow. The Hebrew name for this arrow means "theHercules, 175:the cosmic arrow. The Hebrew name for this arrow means "the desolate one", and the path that everyHercules, 196:approached, the dog sped forward like an arrow to its target. Upon the visitor the creature hurledHercules, 196:Stretching taut his bow, Hercules let fly an arrow that seemed to burn the air as he released it,Psychology2, 36:Ray One "The Blessed One flies like an arrow into matter. He destroys (or ruptures) the way by
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