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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARROWS

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Astrology, 61:gradually "piercing the heart with his arrows, and then upon the flight of the arrow, the manAstrology, 181:He "flies from point to point, searching for the arrows which he has discharged." He has,Astrology, 181:and purified personality) and find where the arrows of intuitional aspiration will take him; heHercules, 95:let him burnish bright his shield, and dip his arrows in a lethal brew, for dire and dread is theHercules, 98:[98] Hercules grasped his bow and sheath of arrows and with sure hand and eye of skill planted anHercules, 141:Resorting to a stratagem, Hercules dipped his arrows in burning pitch, and rained them straightHercules, 143:and sustaining so fierce a creature. The burning arrows of flaming aspiration must be dischargedHercules, 156:first he tried to kill them with a quiverful of arrows. The few he slew were but a fraction of theHercules, 157:that the United States' standard shows the arrows of Sagittarius in the talons of an eagle, becauseHercules, 159:pictured as the centaur with the bow and arrows. In these two modes of picturing - the centaur halfHercules, 161:we demonstrate our ability to rightly use the arrows of thought. That is the great test. [162]Hercules, 162:Aquila, the eagle in the U.S. standard; the arrows of Sagittarius. And have you ever thought thatHercules, 164:we see truth as the whole when we are using arrows of thought rightly. I will say, this is for me,Hercules, 167:on his winged horse and shot them with his arrows. It is a wonderful story. Marshes are a symbol ofMagic, 440:Old Commentary: "The sons of God shot forth like arrows from the bow. The forms received the
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