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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARTICLE

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Statement:light than has the aspirant who will read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitterAtom, 41:all forms of being. In another scientific article, the atom is further considered as havingAutobiography, 207:me and until her death in 1940 I never bought an article of clothing for myself. I'm still wearingDiscipleship1, 141:request imperative) I would like you to write an article upon the Power of the Dedicated Will. ItDiscipleship1, 538:others, and work thyself. [538] Write then an article for your own clarification upon the use ofDiscipleship1, 606:deeply on these words and, later, write an article in which you will link these words syntheticallyDiscipleship1, 606:and sequentially, and so provide an article on Discipleship which could be of service to others.Discipleship1, 626:I would like to set you the task of writing an article on the use of love as an interpreter of men.Discipleship2, 581:in - if I may so express it - the unadulterated article. That, however, is the responsibility ofDiscipleship2, 581:the writings. She will, I know, insist that the article or paper I propose writing goes out to theDiscipleship2, 581:In the last analysis, the responsibility for the article is mine and that of A.A.B., and pastEducation, ix:far beyond their capacity to control." In an article on Our Goal Is Unity in The Free World ofExternalisation, 8:and sensitives - are employed by me in this article to distinguish the awakened seeker afterExternalisation, 13:training. The subject is too vast for a brief article. I do say, with emphasis, that a more carefulExternalisation, 139:values to which I have referred earlier in this article. This is humanity's [140] jointExternalisation, 142:Great Invocation, as you will see in the next article which I am writing for your information, is aExternalisation, 144:help us to do our part. October 1939 In my last article, I suggested giving you some facts anentExternalisation, 156:I shall touch upon Them again later in this article. Externalisation, 230:been interested in the response to my earlier article, written in April, 1940. The majority ofExternalisation, 250:you also to make it possible to disseminate this article on the widest scale that is possible, soExternalisation, 364:time. When the war broke out, I published an article entitled The Present World Crisis, and in itExternalisation, 364:made this catastrophe possible. Later, another article appeared, called The Coming World Order,Externalisation, 365:unpreparedness is being rapidly remedied. This article is an attempt to indicate the problems, andExternalisation, 385:appeal to all whom I can reach through this article to concentrate their major effort - mental,Externalisation, 623:that I closed the previous section of this article with the words "right human relations." TheGlamour, 25:it down in the form of an interpretation or article and we may arrive at much value. Keep a copy ofIntellect, 28:true objectives. Dr. Randall realizes this in an article he wrote, in which he says: "I would likeIntellect, 56:University has said in a most illuminating article: "That there is an administration of theSoul, 61:- Encyclopedia Britannica, 13th Edition: Article: Ether. These views are amplified by otherSoul, 64:162. He takes up the same subject again in an article which appeared in The Hibbert Journal andSoul, 66:experience." [66] In a supplementary note to the article, he says: "Ether belongs to the physicalSoul, 66:physicist, James Clerk Maxwell, concluded his article "Ether" in the ninth edition of theSoul, 95:of light; and it has, accordingly, come to be an article of scientific faith that there is aSoul, 156:"path" and should not be arbitrarily separated. Article: Humanism: An Essay on Definition by Irving
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