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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARTISTIC

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Autobiography, 226:and good psychologist, quick tempered, very artistic and devoted to her husband. Later, EllisonDestiny, 143:be on the fourth ray because they dream of the artistic expressive life. As I have told you before,Education, 10:heading one would group those with religious, artistic and the more impractical tendencies; and theEducation, 86:constant appearance of spiritual, cultural and artistic world leaders down the ages will be studiedFire, 1169:The stage of high intellectuality, or of artistic attainment, The stage of discipleship, The stageGlamour, 122:righteousness and peace. The glamor of vague artistic perception. The glamor of psychic perceptionGlamour, 203:to the establishment of the drama as its first artistic expression; by means of this, down theHealing, 63:it is well known that, among the so-called artistic types, homosexuality is very prevalent. I sayHealing, 214:who is also a creative artist along some artistic line. This is very frequently seen, as you wellHealing, 214:center. Physical creation is transmuted into artistic creativity. From the solar center to theHealing, 263:and likings, scientific attainment and artistic expression and the many ways in which humanityHealing, 267:of development, is outstandingly creative and artistic. This he must recognize and not seek as heHercules, 134:too aggressively masculine; the softer grace and artistic beauty of the feminine component shouldIntellect, 232:person will follow the bent of his own mind - artistic, scientific or philosophical - and for themIntellect, 260:and use it in the work of creative writing, in artistic endeavor, or in some expression of groupMagic, 263:philosophy, the life religious, scientific, or artistic - to them he consecrates his energies,Problems, 59:constant appearance of spiritual, cultural and artistic world leaders down the ages will be studiedProblems, 97:have added a great sense of the beautiful and an artistic conception which has added much to theProblems, 110:Negro is very rich in content. He is creative, artistic and capable of the highest mentalPsychology1, 210:the [210] influence of one of the practically artistic rays, the fourth or seventh. His music willPsychology1, 329:- full of action, and manipulating energy. The artistic type - full of the sense of beauty andPsychology2, 197:server must be active along some humanitarian, artistic, literary, philosophic or scientific lines.Psychology2, 250:to the divinity expressed through the artistic achievement. The understanding of the significancePsychology2, 292:the Heavens." The power to create forms, or the artistic impulse. It will be noted in thisPsychology2, 292:nature or quality and that, therefore, creative, artistic activity is the line of least resistance.Psychology2, 292:of least resistance. We then have a man with an artistic tendency or we have a genius along somePsychology2, 390:the creative physical urge is transmuted into artistic or literary creation in some form orPsychology2, 424:the desire to be noticed and to contribute. Much artistic effort or literary and musical effort isPsychology2, 508:manifestation) political activity, creative and artistic activity and the many other forms of humanPsychology2, 706:types of endeavor summed up in the words "artistic career". These four effects of soul activity,Soul, 143:men and women of good standing in the business, artistic and literary fields, and with
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