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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARYAN

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Astrology, 160:and conditioned in the sign Scorpio. Today, in Aryan times, a similar conflict upon a higher turnAstrology, 169:of the five races - two past, one present, the Aryan, and two to come are - planetaryAstrology, 175:on the white horse, which is the more strictly Aryan symbol for this sign, signifies theAstrology, 195:angle of human knowledge) for it is only in this Aryan race period that humanity is to any largeAstrology, 201:and only in the next root race to our present Aryan race will we begin really to understand theAstrology, 219:and in a peculiar manner, as far as the race (Aryan) to which the Western world belongs, Neptune isAstrology, 238:sign Libra. The major conflict of this present, Aryan period is being waged upon a higher turn ofAstrology, 253:was initiated - from the mental angle - in our Aryan times. Isis stands for this same expressionAstrology, 426:five great races of which our present race, the Aryan, is the fifth. These five races, under theAstrology, 453:and to the state of affairs in this the fifth or Aryan root-race. Students of my books and of TheAstrology, 521:is today at a point of crisis. As this is the Aryan or fifth root-race (and I do not use this termAstrology, 587:ancient prophecy that the attempt to destroy the Aryan race will be by means of fire, just asAstrology, 663:"The fifth race is born under Mercury." (the Aryan race. A.A.B.) (Vol. II, 32) "Mercury is theAtom, 134:Then in the race to which we belong, the Aryan or fifth race, the development of the [135] concreteAutobiography, 189:occult lines extant today. It is called "The Aryan Path" and is exceedingly fine. The word AryanAutobiography, 189:Aryan Path" and is exceedingly fine. The word Aryan here has nothing to do with Hitler's use of theAutobiography, 189:with Hitler's use of the word. It concerns the Aryan method of spiritual evaluation and the way inDestiny, 29:resistance for the majority, particularly in the Aryan race, for the reason that when in process ofDestiny, 43:the fifth ray is of such dominant potency in our Aryan age and race. Destiny, 44:and are only slowly emerging into the Aryan point of view. This must change and the mind activityDestiny, 54:wisdom aspect of this second ray energy for the Aryan race; the United States will fulfil the sameDestiny, 96:time, at a point of crisis. [96] As this is the Aryan race (the term is not used in the German orDestiny, 138:center - the throat center. The third race - the Aryan, as it expresses the first strictly humanDiscipleship1, 119:had to evidence the right use of emotion. In Aryan times, the initiate of the second degree has toDiscipleship1, 716:Atlantean stage of a Chela in the Light, to the Aryan stage of Accepted Discipleship. At thisDiscipleship1, 717:Isolated unity is the consummation of the Aryan [718] consciousness. Isolated identity is relatedDiscipleship1, 719:to be found; and people who are definitely Aryan in their state of awareness, mentally focused andDiscipleship1, 728:but the third initiation - that of our Aryan race - is technically regarded by them as the firstDiscipleship2, 160:however, as we understand the term. In our Aryan cycle, another great invocative cry is issuingDiscipleship2, 467:highest initiation in Atlantean times. In our Aryan race the head center is the objective of allDiscipleship2, 467:initiation, the duality of all creation. The Aryan unfoldment will produce occult identification,Education, 40:say state of mind) most difficult for the modern Aryan race to grasp, or even intuit, for with usEducation, 40:Atlantean consciousness of the child and make it Aryan or mental. The Atlanteans had no educationalEducation, 41:about which we can really know anything - the Aryan [42] and the Atlantean - present two extremeEducation, 50:America to this triple unfoldment, as far as the Aryan race is concerned. The glory of humanityEducation, 53:"racial" I mean the human family and not the Aryan race), it is now possible for the love petals toEducation, 54:light to the astral plane. And in our race, the Aryan, the third petal opened and brought the lightEducation, 73:upon a child who is basically Atlantean or early Aryan in his consciousness, is a fruitless taskEducation, 73:or basically emotional, sensuous type; the early Aryan, or emotional-mental type; the later AryanEducation, 73:early Aryan, or emotional-mental type; the later Aryan or early New Age type, which will beExternalisation, 39:the process of enlightenment for our race, the Aryan), "I am the Light of the World." Externalisation, 44:from much of the illusion which today colors the Aryan peoples, and a racial life which will beExternalisation, 124:formed the basis of our present root race, the Aryan. The whole theme of the Old Testament is builtFire, 122:fourth or Atlantean race. The fifth race, the Aryan, is now running its course on this globeFire, 434:and waxing steadily greater during this fifth or Aryan. The planetary Logos Whose influence it isFire, 605:attainment. [605] The 5th root-race - The Aryan. Mental development. The 5th subrace - The TeutonicFire, 717:The 4th race - Atlantean. The 5th race - Aryan. Two more races win succeed the present one. Fire, 750:his doctrine. So, likewise, is it taught in the Aryan Mahabharata (Sec. CXCIX. Vana Parva) whichFire, 905:its development is to be anticipated, for the Aryan root-race is that one wherein man - in thisGlamour, 32:free from glamor and illusion. In our race, the Aryan, the world illusion is gathering weight andGlamour, 32:to remember also in connection with our Aryan race that these thought-forms draw their vitalityGlamour, 42:days and will be a controlling factor in our Aryan race. The Dweller on the Threshold arrives atGlamour, 42:at full potency at the end of this race, the Aryan, and in the lives of all initiates prior toGlamour, 73:can therefore only be finally dissipated by the Aryan race using the right technique. TheGlamour, 81:to you why the emphasis has been put, during the Aryan age, upon the necessity for the study ofGlamour, 109:at the same time, just as today in this modern Aryan race, there are many, many millions of peopleGlamour, 112:phrasing. [112] 2. Those who are more definitely Aryan in their consciousness. This means that theGlamour, 112:will be predominantly distinguished by the Aryan consciousness, is not as far ahead as might beGlamour, 114:generally supposed. I speak not in terms of the Aryan race as it is generally understood today orGlamour, 114:Yoga: Disciples 2nd Initiation Illumination. Aryan Dweller on the Threshold; Angel of the PresenceGlamour, 156:import: the Lemurian, the Atlantean, and the Aryan races. Each race produced its own type ofGlamour, 158:at the close of the Piscean era and when the Aryan race has reached maturity and a relatively highGlamour, 158:mature development that the Dweller is met. The Aryan race is ready for discipleship. TheGlamour, 255:can produce it with very little teaching. In the Aryan race, a fusion is today taking place betweenHealing, 50:work done in our fifth civilization, our present Aryan race, which will, in cooperation with theHealing, 59:which has been generated principally in our Aryan race, and one which we are bequeathing to theHealing, 60:Astral Vegetable Solar plexus Tuberculosis Aryan Mental Animal Breathing apparatus Throat center InHealing, 88:owing to the development of the mind in the Aryan race, certain difficulties may arise in theHealing, 169:to a high stage of development, just as in Aryan days, the throat center is being rapidly awakened.Healing, 188:these divine aspects: Lemuria, Atlantis and the Aryan race. These can be linked, as seed, to theHealing, 201:nature as well as psychological, and in our Aryan times we shall see an increasing amount ofHealing, 221:dealt particularly with those which concern our Aryan race and modern humanity; these are largelyHealing, 221:upon the mental Plane; these are more strictly Aryan and involve also the ills to which disciplesHealing, 222:owing to the fact that in this race, the Aryan, which now dominates the planet, you have the firstHealing, 234:extensively prevalent in the first half of the Aryan race, in which we now find ourselves, andHealing, 238:nature. Cancer, in our [238] present cycle, the Aryan, is definitely a result of the activity ofHealing, 238:disease incident to stimulation, as far as the Aryan masses are concerned, just as heart disease isHealing, 291:retribution. This should be borne in mind. The Aryan race is now, however, so developed mentallyHealing, 312:which are the Lemurian, the Atlantean and the Aryan states of consciousness. Scarcely anyone todayHealing, 330:different type of emotional body as found in the Aryan or Atlantean. The whole question isHealing, 576:more mental type of human being. Today, in our Aryan race, a new significance is emerging, and itHealing, 580:or field of energy in the head. Today, in our Aryan race, magnetic purity is not dependent upon theHercules, 66:and it has a peculiarly vital effect in our Aryan race. In this race the mind faculty and theHercules, 110:of this cave which Hercules entered. The Aryan race, to which we belong, is one of keen mentalInitiation, 42:ideal man or thinker, and sets the type for our Aryan race, having presided over its destiniesInitiation, 42:some of those immediately connected with Aryan affairs in India, Europe and America, and those whoInitiation, 224:This cycle is called a world period. The Aryan root race, to which the Hindu, European, and modernMagic, 79:to grasp that which the first subrace of the Aryan root race so easily apprehended, he will contactMagic, 359:as is the use of the word God. The work of the Aryan Adepts is to impress upon the worldMagic, 374:Atlantean aspirant. Realization is that of the Aryan disciple. He can never be static; he can neverMagic, 383:Mind are the main characteristics of the Aryan adepts. I use the word "undifferentiated" in theMeditation, 111:the effort to control the two lower. In the Aryan root-race, the attempt is being made to bridgeMeditation, 233:aura of the Atlantean root-race and that of the Aryan are widely diverse, and radically different.Meditation, 304:Branch. The Southern India Branch (these are Aryan Branches). A Branch that works with the fourthMeditation, 305:and with the second and third subraces of the Aryan race. The Himalayan school works with theMeditation, 359:This cycle is called a world period. The Aryan root race, to which the Hindu, European, and modernPatanjali, 43:The former line is that to be followed by our Aryan race. This second line was the path ofPatanjali, 43:is arrived at. This is the way for the fifth or Aryan race, for those whose function it is toPatanjali, 44:method of attainment for the race preceding the Aryan. It largely ignores the fifth principle andPatanjali, 56:and body. It is also the Word of the fifth, the Aryan race, in a special sense. The work of that
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