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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARYAN

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Patanjali, 71:main characteristic at this time of our mental Aryan race and is the cause of the aggressivePatanjali, 121:science of Raja Yoga is the great science of our Aryan civilization. Bhakti Yoga made its exponentPatanjali, 122:and this is the object of Patanjali's work. The Aryan race will [123] contribute this fullerPatanjali, 141:understanding, though not penetrating the Four Aryan Truths, brethren, we have run on and wanderedPatanjali, 141:both you and I. What are those four? The Aryan Truth of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Arising of Ill:Patanjali, 141:What are those four? The Aryan Truth of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Arising of Ill: the Aryan TruthPatanjali, 141:Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Arising of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Ceasing of Ill: the Aryan TruthPatanjali, 141:Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Ceasing of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Way leading to the Ceasing ofPatanjali, 141:Ceasing of Ill. But, brethren, when these Four Aryan Truths are understood and penetrated, then isPatanjali, 141:Master added this further: Blind to the Fourfold Aryan Truths of things, And blind to see things asPatanjali, 214:little hatha yoga. In this fifth root-race, the Aryan, hatha yoga should fall into desuetudePatanjali, 215:aspiration towards mental control. [215] The Aryan disciple has to learn to control the mental bodyPatanjali, 233:are gathered all the rules, necessary in the Aryan root-race, for the complete control of the mind,Patanjali, 274:strictly human races, Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan. No Lemurian shells or thought-forms are leftPatanjali, 304:and which are the most dominant in the fifth or Aryan race, being awakened but not unfolded in thePatanjali, 355:Skin Response to touch or vibration. 3. Sight Aryan Mental plane Eye Response to vision. This thirdPatanjali, 428:correspondences: 1. The fifth root race Aryan. 2. The fifth subrace Anglo-Saxon. 3. The fifthPatanjali, viii:the underlying incentive during our particular Aryan root race, was laid. The fourth initiation wasPatanjali, ix:volume, Initiation, Human and Solar. Now, in the Aryan race, the subjugation of the mental body andPatanjali, x:self-initiated effort. This period, in our Aryan race, marked a climax for the East. Since then thePatanjali, xiii:has been in use since the very beginning of the Aryan race. The Yoga Sutras are the basic teachingPsychology1, 40:the Temple were seen. With the coming in of the Aryan race, the purpose and the plan began to bePsychology1, 67:a direct effect upon the fifth root race, the Aryan, and has connected with it a set of curiousPsychology1, 121:the mental caliber of the later subraces of the Aryan race, as well as its general tone throughoutPsychology1, 121:race, as well as its general tone throughout the Aryan age, is also related to the same reason. ThePsychology1, 263:five races of [263] men (our present race, the Aryan, being the third - two are yet to come). ThisPsychology1, 263:sixth ray The devotion of the Lords of Love. The Aryan Race - third ray The activity of the Men ofPsychology1, 316:3rd ray souls. In the 5th root-race. Aryan race. Perfected Intelligence. 3rd and 5th subraces.Psychology1, 317:race to the intellectual achievement of the Aryan race, the fifth race. The fourth Ray of HarmonyPsychology1, 318:for the Monads of Will, just as the present Aryan race marks, and will mark, the achievement of thePsychology1, 333:racial ray, the ray that determines the Aryan race. The rays that govern any particular cycle. ThePsychology1, 338:will go on increasing and intensifying until the Aryan race will merge into the coming majorPsychology1, 345:consciousness was born. In the fifth race (the Aryan - A.A.B.) the crisis of the battle will bePsychology1, 350:one of the rays determining or conditioning our Aryan race, its present potency is excessive. ThisPsychology1, 353:truth can be clearly seen in connection with the Aryan race and the two rays which govern andPsychology1, 353:characterize the intellectual achievement of the Aryan race. The plan of God that humanity shouldPsychology1, 353:plane reaches a high point of perfection in the Aryan race. Of this, man's control of thePsychology1, 353:third ray during the period of time wherein the Aryan race emerges from the general racialPsychology1, 354:shifting one, and that the adepts of the Aryan race will be higher in development, and of a morePsychology1, 355:to note that the secondary ray influence in the Aryan race at this time is the fifth, thus linkingPsychology1, 355:at this time is the fifth, thus linking up the Aryan and the Lemurian civilizations. Both were andPsychology1, 355:which go on ceaselessly, we see today in our Aryan race a tremendous emphasis being given toPsychology1, 355:The secondary influence which is leading the Aryan race forward is that of the fifth Ray ofPsychology1, 357:Race - Rays 1. 7. 5. Atlantean Race - Rays 2. 6. Aryan Race - Rays 3. 5. Sixth Race - Rays 2. 4.Psychology1, 376:to its climax during this world period in the Aryan [377] race, the fifth race. We are todayPsychology1, 379:Tides - Atlantean race. The Law of Cleavages - Aryan race. The Law of Loving Understanding - nextPsychology1, 387:wisdom aspect of the second ray force for the Aryan race, so called. The United States fulfils thePsychology1, 405:at this time, are the third and fifth, for our Aryan race, and this powerfully affects every humanPsychology1, 429:3rd ray souls. In the 5th root-race. Aryan race. Perfected Intelligence. 3rd and 5th subraces. RayPsychology1, 429:racial ray, the ray that determines the Aryan race. The rays that govern any particular cycle. ThePsychology2, 22:is just beginning to wax in power in this Aryan race to which this era belongs. It corresponds toPsychology2, 22:of unfoldment of the Lemurian, Atlantean, and Aryan consciousness." On the Path [23] of Probation,Psychology2, 26:into the higher. Mankind is developing the "Aryan consciousness" and is reaching maturity. In thePsychology2, 52:appropriation of the astral body. In the present Aryan world - the appropriation of the mentalPsychology2, 67:as a whole, this work began in the middle of our Aryan race, and is today going forward veryPsychology2, 209:stage, passing through the Atlantean and the Aryan, and so on through the two final races upon ourPsychology2, 266:whole. This is taking place racially in the Aryan race today and the process will be completed (forPsychology2, 266:goal of the next race succeeding to that of the Aryan. [267] Coordination between soul, mind andPsychology2, 269:stated that the Lemurian, the Atlantean and the Aryan races are also expressions of man's reactionsPsychology2, 270:Today, in this particular cycle and in this Aryan race, the Hierarchy (as an expression of thePsychology2, 272:Lemurian experience - Atlantean experience - Aryan experience and the individual stages ofPsychology2, 339:This stage is characteristic of the present Aryan race. The awakening of the heart center and thePsychology2, 350:wider and more specialized sense. Today, in our Aryan race, humanity is occupied with the task ofPsychology2, 379:three terms only in relation to what we call the Aryan Race, or to what might be more adequatelyPsychology2, 379:or to what might be more adequately called the Aryan consciousness, for that consciousnessPsychology2, 379:be remembered that I am not using the word Aryan as synonymous with Nordic but as descriptive ofPsychology2, 379:all races have individually demonstrated. The Aryan state of consciousness is one into which allPsychology2, 475:- astral, emotional, sensuous. The Caucasian or Aryan - mental or intellectual. This must never bePsychology2, 494:implications and the type of consciousness (Aryan or Atlantean) of the patient. However, as timePsychology2, 499:which is the commonest found today, and the Aryan, which is developing and unfolding with greatPsychology2, 506:which determine the Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan civilizations. It is interesting to realize thatPsychology2, 511:effects of causes, originated in the past of the Aryan race. That good can come from evil, that thePsychology2, 558:fullest capacity the later Atlantean and present Aryan characteristics. He is intelligently awarePsychology2, 575:races - the Lemurian, the Atlantean and the Aryan. The throat center is now the most active in thePsychology2, 576:another phase of the same emerging factor. The Aryan state of consciousness, with its coordinatingPsychology2, 576:what the Lemurian or low grade type is to the Aryan at this time. The masses will then all comePsychology2, 580:is the intent of the development planned for the Aryan race. I would like here to point out that IPsychology2, 580:like here to point out that I use the word "Aryan" in contradistinction to the majority of thePsychology2, 580:peoples - so small as to be negligible. The Aryan race itself, which includes the civilization ofPsychology2, 580:which bridges between the Oriental races and the Aryan race which we call the Semitic. This race isPsychology2, 580:This race is neither purely Oriental nor is it Aryan. The Jews are a group of people in whom thePsychology2, 580:interrelation of Jew and Gentile, of Semitic and Aryan, and through the solving of [581] the JewishPsychology2, 581:be fought out. It is not intended that the Aryan race should be a psychic race. Their goal isPsychology2, 582:state of consciousness into the higher and Aryan state of awareness. They are offered a stepPsychology2, 585:expression of the concrete mind, and from the Aryan consciousness, which is mental in nature.Psychology2, 588:ways of the lower psychism when he is an Aryan in consciousness and not an Atlantean? What can hePsychology2, 589:the nature of the centers of force so that the Aryan psychic has some intelligent background uponPsychology2, 589:may be useful here. When the psychic is at the Aryan stage of unfoldment and is not simply at thePsychology2, 590:an arc of retrogression, but the man with the Aryan consciousness who displays these powers is anPsychology2, 724:but under the plan of unfoldment for the Aryan Race, the activity needed for the creative work mustRays, 96:Creative Hierarchy, embodying its goal as the Aryan root-race can sense and approximate it. It isRays, 188:intellectual choice confronted humanity and the Aryan race (as that name is correctly used toRays, 272:call the Lemurian, the Atlantean and the present Aryan race (I do not use the word "Aryan" in theRays, 272:the present Aryan race (I do not use the word "Aryan" in the manner of the German race). In someRays, 473:and in this third strictly human race, the Aryan (using this term in its generic sense and not inRays, 478:all. The bridge was not built. 3. In our modern Aryan race - modern as far as racial histories areRays, 478:from racial use - is characteristic of the Aryan race. It is only during the past five thousandRays, 478:other two races, and in the early stages of the Aryan race, although great creative monumentsRays, 478:later Atlantean consciousness and of the early Aryan period. It is today giving place to individualRays, 482:The Construction of the Antahkarana in the Aryan Race - Present I would like to pause here and make
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