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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ARYAN

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Rays, 499:Thus it points prophetically to the close of the Aryan Race - not a close in the sense ofRays, 559:cycle of the present fifth race, the so-called Aryan race, there came a period (lying now in theRays, 559:only a small part of it being recognized as Aryan; the latter is simply a modern and scientificRays, 559:covering a small period of modern history. The Aryan cycle covers the period of the relationRays, 560:illumination, and great creative ability. In the Aryan race, which from the occult point of viewRays, 561:the extensive inclusive life of the modern or Aryan initiate, is the objective held before theRays, 561:that the Cross is strictly the symbol of Aryan unfoldment. The symbol of old Atlantis was a line,Rays, 579:of the mental principle in mankind during this Aryan Age has forced desire into the form of greatRays, 592:indeed sadly concrete in its expression in our Aryan race - a race, however, which will see moreRays, 593:supreme importance in this fifth root race, the Aryan race, in this second solar system. Again youRays, 593:system of love; and the fifth root race, the Aryan race, of active intelligence. In all these basicRays, 593:the revelation of love possible. Today in our Aryan age and race, we see the vital expression ofRays, 593:deal with a state of consciousness which is the Aryan or mental consciousness or state of thinking;Rays, 601:root race was considered; it was noted that this Aryan effect was dominant and dynamic in theRays, 658:of the human race (of which our modern Aryan race is the fifth) are in the nature of sevenRays, 664:and beauty were registered. In our more modern Aryan race, the light has revealed the world ofRays, 674:has carried over so potently into [674] this Aryan cycle, it is however indicative of theRays, 675:in response to a Word of Power from on high. The Aryan approach to this same initiation has not yetRays, 675:by water in conjunction with fire in these Aryan days, are far greater than those produced entirelyTelepathy, 17:- Three Types of Telepathy 2. In our race, the Aryan, instinctual telepathic work is still theTelepathy, 181:This latter science has (fortunately for the Aryan race) fallen into disrepute since later
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