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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASCENDING

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Bethlehem, 227:descending stages of service correspond to the ascending stages of rule. Whosoever would becomeDiscipleship1, 749:to the lower and lead, therefore, to the steady ascending of the Way of Life and the Ladder ofDiscipleship2, 195:it therefore builds or creates that stream of ascending energy which is tinctured by the lifeDiscipleship2, 196:of humanity. It therefore creates a stream of ascending energy which is tinctured by the lifeDiscipleship2, 196:the group personnel. Along this stream both the ascending and the descending life quality and rayDiscipleship2, 204:which meets and merges with the energies of the ascending group reflection. Words here are apt toDiscipleship2, 204:the New Group of World Servers, it is not simply ascending energy which must be considered; thereDiscipleship2, 573:simultaneously to see a thin thread of light ascending upwards from the soul towards the Hierarchy,Discipleship2, 741:it does not. The descending soul energy and the ascending personality aspiration meet upon theFire, 12:within, the fire without, meet with the fire ascending. The guardians of the cosmic fire, the devasFire, 143:circles around a central focal point in an ever ascending spiral) two results are brought about: HeFire, 274:cycles in order, and repetition in an ever-ascending spiral, under definite law. The thoughts thusFire, 386:earth is an instance. The fifth globe, E, on the ascending are (correspondence to C on theFire, 395:within sin, individuality within individuality, ascending and descending from every point in space,Fire, 653:both meet in man - S. D., I, 214, 271. On the ascending arc Spirit asserts itself at the expense ofGlamour, 221:buddhic plane, awaiting precipitation) and the ascending mass of instinctual demands from the lowerIntellect, 38:sense in which it may be said that, in the ascending hierarchy of stages of progress, regarded asMagic, 592:Only when these webs are burnt away by the ascending and descending fires can the true centersMeditation, 153:love will be the density and the beauty of the ascending clouds; according to his stability ofPatanjali, 259:light upon the thought involved: "Out of the ascending degrees is the development of control. FirstPsychology2, 215:the final initiation is undergone? How can the ascending energy of the fourth kingdom in nature bePsychology2, 283:A Personality. The one unit descends towards the ascending related unit, (speaking in terms of anRays, 14:the other. It is upon this inevitability of the ascending energies, and the effects which they willRays, 46:as a "focal point for descending light and for ascending radiance." This dual activity reveals theRays, 769:but at the seventh naught is left save the ascending Flame, that mounts to the Triadal Spirit. SixReappearance, 121:[121] The invocative cry of humanity is ascending hourly to "the secret place of the Most High" andSoul, 57:and debased; spirit, conversely, is matter ascending and glorified. [58] Soul, 156:are after all only different stages in the same ascending "path" and should not be arbitrarilyTelepathy, 83:to the thought context of various minds, to ascending and descending energies, to the invocation of
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