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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASCENDS

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Discipleship1, 708:to become "a moving point and hence a line"; he ascends towards the Hierarchy and assumes theDiscipleship1, 714:Soul energy descends and personality force ascends and this takes place through a process ofFire, 121:initiation. At the fifth Initiation he ascends with the Heavenly Man on to the fifth plane (fromFire, 698:from the higher into the lower, and again as it ascends from the lower into the higher. They areFire, 1000:note sounded by the man on the physical plane ascends and is heard upon the mental plane. Hence, inFire, 1068:from the gross, gently with much sagacity; it ascends from earth to Heaven, and again descends toHealing, 468:it lightens its own sphere; know too that light ascends and leaves in darkness that which it - inHealing, 469:forth. The descended, radiating point of light ascends, responsive to the dimly heard recallingHealing, 590:The ray of the physical body esoterically "ascends upward towards juncture, whereas the others allInitiation, 133:handled by the Lodge and the Sponsors. He now ascends to the place of power, and the Rod is broughtIntellect, 86:every individual and that of mankind as a whole, ascends gradually and by a natural and inevitablePatanjali, 208:which was obscure becomes illuminated. The fire ascends and barriers are burned; the breathPatanjali, 402:"The flight is upward into spirit. The point ascends, lifting the two behind and reaching out theRays, 495:and the One Whom he now knows to be himself. He ascends in full consciousness into the sphere of
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