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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASCERTAIN

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Statement:be correct, true and useful. It is for you to ascertain their truth by right practice and by theAstrology, 69:subject, prior to casting his horoscope. He must ascertain his approximate place upon the path ofAstrology, 91:has been further developed; the astrologer must ascertain the ray type before he will be able toAstrology, 222:of the disciple is found; hence the necessity to ascertain the ray of the soul, prior to castingAstrology, 680:correct certain erroneous interpretations, and ascertain one or two new facts. We might tabulateAtom, 24:idea in the human family as a whole, and thus ascertain the divine objective through the study ofAtom, 27:application of this ideal to our own lives, and ascertain our immediate duty so that we mayAtom, 35:man can do just now is to reserve his opinion, ascertain for himself what appeals to him as truth,Atom, 82:that we are here formulating, being careful to ascertain the exact translation. We now come to theAtom, 112:We need to find our own way of concentrating, to ascertain our own method of approach to that whichAtom, 119:past, to investigate present conditions, and to ascertain somewhat racial and natural tendencies,Atom, 151:If we study astronomical books, and seek to ascertain whether [152] astronomers say that this isAutobiography, 177:their writers hope to achieve. As far as I can ascertain the modern generation of investigatingDiscipleship1, 52:to deal with yourself as a group member and so ascertain the measure of your contribution to theDiscipleship1, 108:to verify the existence of the Masters and to ascertain your own position upon the ladder ofDiscipleship1, 417:the consciousness of his brother and so know and ascertain the best way to help him and stimulateDiscipleship1, 491:affairs. All we are concerned with is to ascertain the growth of the inner light and the quality ofDiscipleship1, 597:close study of the psychology of the intuition? Ascertain the best that man has to say about it andDiscipleship1, 597:and the group to which you belong should ascertain much upon the subject of the intuition. FollowDiscipleship1, 726:is governed by certain requirements. He must ascertain just what karma must be worked out by theDiscipleship2, 9:arises in your minds as to the method whereby I ascertain the content of your papers. Do I readDiscipleship2, 10:make the following preparation. First, I seek to ascertain the mental state and preparedness of theDiscipleship2, 104:with the Council at Shamballa and thus to ascertain at first hand the immediate evolutionary taskDiscipleship2, 156:and more inclusive significance. I am anxious to ascertain your reaction to these words, and amDiscipleship2, 235:of goodwill; each member of the New Group has to ascertain for himself where he stands, where hisDiscipleship2, 296:temporary triplicity. I would have you try to ascertain and understand my reasons. As thisDiscipleship2, 376:know the right way for humanity, and desire to ascertain the will of God; they are thereforeDiscipleship2, 396:in relation to this "all-enveloping Entity," to ascertain the "direction" from which the variousDiscipleship2, 416:by his soul and which his personality must ascertain and recognize as involving responsibility.Discipleship2, 449:all lesser developing nature. I. Focus Seek to ascertain in a wide and general sense where yourDiscipleship2, 666:initiation you are being prepared, you can then ascertain for yourself (and will, perforce, have toDiscipleship2, 666:for yourself (and will, perforce, have to ascertain) the objective, secret scope and field ofDiscipleship2, 743:you have to do is to assess your equipment and ascertain - from within yourself - where lies yourDiscipleship2, 762:Give to the years ahead a deep study in order to ascertain the implications and the opportunitiesEducation, 10:should be studied in three directions. First, to ascertain the natural trend of his impulses: AreEducation, 83:by certain colleges and schools in an effort to ascertain the psychological aptitudes of a boy or aExternalisation, 216:better. You will realize the need to ascertain for yourself where you stand and will refuse to beExternalisation, 692:are recognized and duly contacted in order to ascertain the extent of the purificatory measuresFire, 257:to achieve full Self-Consciousness; secondly to ascertain the position and place of His polarFire, 258:only be demonstrated as yet by the endeavor to ascertain the extent of the subjective control, byFire, 386:correct certain erroneous interpretations, and ascertain one or two new facts. We might tabulateFire, 520:a greater clarity of vision, and can consciously ascertain for himself the truth about theFire, 549:for use on the physical plane; how best they can ascertain their group formation, and thus workFire, 608:will bear in mind that as yet all that he can ascertain or cognize is the lowest of the logoicFire, 707:Each generation should produce those able to ascertain subjective fact for themselves; they willFire, 770:group or larger lotus of which He is a part), ascertain the condition of the human units who go toFire, 770:to its constitution, so the planetary Logos can ascertain through conscious identification (noteFire, 797:or group." With this clue the student can then ascertain the characteristics of his group on egoicFire, 801:the human atom, is it in any way possible to ascertain the predisposing causes. Until the mysteryFire, 803:Universal Mind. All that we can scientifically ascertain is the nature of that which is produced byFire, 811:aspect which is so conducive to wrongdoing; to ascertain what it is in the emotional body which isFire, 814:through concentration and meditation, they can ascertain knowledge for themselves, can develop theFire, 857:used by the Lord of the World and His pupils to ascertain information in connection with theFire, 955:at first, the akashic records, and thus ascertain the point of departure for the new and incomingFire, 956:thus bring through the plan from higher levels, ascertain his individual share in the plan, andFire, 958:assumed due proportions men will be careful to ascertain the egoic impulses in all thought process,Fire, 1020:worker with the law must now accomplish. First, ascertain the formula which will confine the livesFire, 1070:will be somewhat changed; they will seek to ascertain through clear thinking and a study of theFire, 1071:force, pure and simple. Students will eventually ascertain how to group the various types in theFire, 1098:[1098] certain things. He should endeavor to ascertain the relationship between the universal mindFire, 1142:great astronomical scientists who endeavor to ascertain facts anent the heavenly bodies, beingGlamour, 9:that you are asked to study. Students should ascertain, therefore, after due study of the formGlamour, 137:intuitive perception and [137] values and there ascertain the will of God and a wide vision of theGlamour, 176:emerge, and where and when it should appear. To ascertain with what obstructions, hindrances, andGlamour, 247:the spiritual investigator has to take is to ascertain - truly and in the light of his soul - whereGlamour, 263:of tension and his first step is, therefore, to ascertain where that is, on what plane it is found,Healing, 88:sense of touch in the hands and fingers, to ascertain the rate of vibration in the various centers.Healing, 236:whereby the Masters and the higher initiates can ascertain the psychic state and physical conditionHealing, 266:of Cause and Effect, and until they endeavor to ascertain what it is in them, as a race, which hasHealing, 285:which has sound occult knowledge, which can ascertain the patient's rays and which knows at leastHealing, 308:There are three ways whereby the healer can ascertain the presence and the location of congestionHealing, 550:focused. He can and must, therefore, ascertain the psychological basis of the existent trouble. HeHealing, 550:of the existent trouble. He will be able then to ascertain the location of the effect (the disease)Healing, 551:the healer is clairvoyant, he can with facility ascertain the point of entry of the healing forces,Healing, 576:Unless you were a member you could not ascertain them or work with them. In Atlantean times theyHealing, 585:These conditions the healer can therefore easily ascertain. This law is a long one and containsHealing, 605:or a stimulating one. He has therefore to ascertain whether the patient's center is over-stimulatedHealing, 650:Healers are, however, advised first of all to ascertain their ray, and then to perfect themselvesHealing, 699:and the assembling of known analogous instances, ascertain with a fair degree of success the natureHealing, 701:the decades which lie ahead. The healer should ascertain his rays, and then proceed with his workHealing, 701:The healer will find it easier in most cases to ascertain his rays, or one of them at least, thanHercules, 60:place. A longing to be good, a deep desire to ascertain the facts of the spiritual life, spasmodicHercules, 215:intelligently. It might also be of benefit to ascertain whether, in our western ChristianInitiation, 11:we feel mental certitude, or that which we can ascertain by the use of experiment. It is theInitiation, 26:fact in the consciousness. This each man must ascertain for himself. Those [27] who know may stateInitiation, 27:seeker confirmatory indication. Each soul has to ascertain for himself, and must find out withinInitiation, 52:be desirable. It is the work of the disciple to ascertain the best [53] method for bringing aboutInitiation, 64:he is taught principally to know himself, to ascertain his weaknesses and to correct them. He isInitiation, 169:the densest part of the logoic body, he can ascertain much concerning the previous solar system,Initiation, 170:liberation; he can read the akashic records and ascertain the past, thereby enabling himself toIntellect, 10:we call death, and yet take no rational steps to ascertain whether there really is a life beyond.Intellect, 14:of the spirit. We have found it and you too can ascertain its nature. These witnesses fall into twoIntellect, 34:is to be useful. To do this we shall have to ascertain what is the pure type of the rounded out andIntellect, 61:of its writing. How can a man find his soul, or ascertain the fact of its existence? How can heIntellect, 75:and interior laboratory where it is possible to ascertain God for himself as the objective of allIntellect, 137:the "things of the Kingdom of God," able to ascertain truth at first hand, and aware in full wakingIntellect, 220:consciousness, we next note our breathing and ascertain whether it is quiet, even and rhythmic. IMagic, 69:of direction, knowing that in due time he will ascertain, through the closing of all doors but one,Magic, 128:you to speak truth to yourself and thus clearly ascertain the true position. This question liesMagic, 176:(which they see through mental clairvoyance), to ascertain the accuracy of their teaching. Those
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