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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASCRIBED

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Bethlehem, 214:or selfish relation which we have so often ascribed to them. What were those seven words? Let usDestiny, 122:and pronounced deception. To this fact must be ascribed today the appearance of teachers, claimingDiscipleship1, 328:to you inadequate and oft futile. You have ascribed this inability to the fact that probably youFire, 190:is the plane of hearing and hence the sense ascribed to the lowest plane of evolution, and of eachFire, 423:This is, as we know, the prime attribute ascribed to the third Ray, or the Brahma aspect.Fire, 673:and control which these pitris assumed must be ascribed much of the disastrous early happeningsHealing, 84:glands, and many physical difficulties are ascribed to this frequent imbalance. But behind thisHealing, 110:of the present difficulty and confusion can be ascribed. The metaphysical healer today is soInitiation, 83:initiates measure not up to this standard may be ascribed to several things, but the note theyRays, 614:In the first paragraph of this instruction, I ascribed the inevitability of Christ's imminentSoul, 50:the chief credit for courage [50] must be ascribed to the ante-pituitary. It is the properSoul, 51:of man's apparatus of contact and response, is ascribed all that he is. A saint can be made into aSoul, 62:Boyle brought forward the same hypothesis and ascribed two functions to ether, to propagate motionSoul, 88:In Search of the Soul, Vol. I, p. 132. Willis ascribed the various faculties of the soul, such as
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