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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Autobiography, 38:or - as it is called esoterically - in His Ashram. I make these statements with a definite purposeAutobiography, 166:He was not transferring me into the Tibetan's ashram (or spiritual group) but that He wished meAutobiography, 166:Him, while working as a senior disciple in the ashram of my own Master. Autobiography, 212:to keep my personality affairs out of His Ashram and I moved on into greater usefulness in HisAutobiography, 212:and I moved on into greater usefulness in His Ashram and, consequently, in the world. TheAutobiography, 240:enjoined because no disciple is admitted into an Ashram or into a place of initiation as long asAutobiography, 249:be over. She can then resume her work in the Ashram of her own Master - the work of a disciple. Autobiography, 267:the physical outer world of the inner group or Ashram of a Master. Just as the individual discipleAutobiography, 267:outpost of some subjective spiritual group or Ashram, conditioned and impressed by the Master, asAutobiography, 268:inspiration into the world. That of his Master's Ashram or group. He is taught to cooperate withAutobiography, 269:stably centered in the soul and in his Master's Ashram. The esoteric school teaches him how toAutobiography, 270:to the Plan with which his Master and the Ashram is pledged to cooperate. He is taught how to playAutobiography, 270:serving to the best of his ability in a Master's Ashram; he is acquainted with world need; he isAutobiography, 271:disciples - in touch with the Master and the Ashram, his daily life becomes magnetic, radiatory andAutobiography, 271:Master's suggestions and the impression of the Ashram with which he is affiliated will be theAutobiography, 272:and humbly in touch with the Master and His Ashram will the power of the inner group pour throughAutobiography, 277:soul and, later, from the [277] Master and the Ashram. He is taught to interpret these impressionsAutobiography, 282:Head), and right relation to a Master and His ashram, or group. Because the Arcane School isAutobiography, 288:into the fifth. The laws and rules of a Master's Ashram are taught. An Ashram is that center ofAutobiography, 288:and rules of a Master's Ashram are taught. An Ashram is that center of spiritual light and powerAutobiography, 298:She was at this time a senior disciple in the ashram of the Master K.H. (An ashram may be thoughtAutobiography, 298:disciple in the ashram of the Master K.H. (An ashram may be thought of as a center of livingAutobiography, 298:understand better what a senior position in an ashram necessarily involves. This position is theAutobiography, 299:that group of disciples who were in the same ashram with him. Not only had D.K. to find someAutobiography, 299:occupied, in part, by the founding of his own ashram which is now rapidly consolidating andAutobiography, 300:aids in that part of the Plan for which his own ashram has accepted responsibility. It was for thisAutobiography, 302:useful objectively to the Hierarchy and to the ashram, and be practical in its effect in the world,Discipleship1mine was responsible for their inclusion in the Ashram. I learnt also that ancient relationships,Discipleship1, XI:chosen for instruction and for inclusion in the Ashram of the Master are saints or perfect. AllDiscipleship1, XIV:as to the work of the disciple in the Ashram. This will prove particularly enlightening as, forDiscipleship1, 5:disciples, for no disciple is admitted into an Ashram without deep consideration on the part of theDiscipleship1, 9:to a secondary place. The groups within each Ashram are intended to work together eventually justDiscipleship1, 11:It is essential that all disciples in an Ashram should be contemplative, but contemplative in theDiscipleship1, 14:of all true telepathic communication. An Ashram functions telepathically when fully and rightlyDiscipleship1, 15:groups occupied with special work within the Ashram and the emergence (as a result of this) of aDiscipleship1, 21:and between the various groups within the Ashram of a Master. A Master's group of disciples, uponDiscipleship1, 21:lie outside these basic relations where the Ashram is concerned leads to greater facility inDiscipleship1, 22:experiment, being attempted by a group within my Ashram, is one in mental relations and in soulDiscipleship1, 26:[26] The various groups in a Master's Ashram can fulfil certain functions and provide laboratoriesDiscipleship1, 27:affect this particular group of disciples in my Ashram. The times are urgent and the need ofDiscipleship1, 30:own Master, though temporarily working in my Ashram; your contact with me is intended to be a groupDiscipleship1, 34:the New Age groups and ever in a Master's inner Ashram, there is no need for this theory ofDiscipleship1, 46:goal? Few of you in this particular group in my Ashram as yet really work in meditation upon thoseDiscipleship1, 71:which I am engaged as part of the activity of my Ashram are essentially Seed Groups. They areDiscipleship1, 87:individual disciple, the Master and the larger Ashram. It will also make the disciple sensitive toDiscipleship1, 96:has its dangers. The disciples in a Master's Ashram upon the inner planes know somewhat the statusDiscipleship1, 98:You are still within my group aura, within my Ashram. Your position there is determined by yourselfDiscipleship1, 101:I say: My love surrounds you and the aura of the Ashram of which I am the center stands like aDiscipleship1, 136:you would find it hard to work in my Ashram, but it is this second ray quality of yours - stronglyDiscipleship1, 177:you are not alone. This group of disciples in my Ashram is not as yet an integrated whole; itsDiscipleship1, 177:much in your minds as you study the work of the Ashram and the group interrelation. Only theDiscipleship1, 184:The interrelation between a disciple and the Ashram has also to be handled intelligently by him soDiscipleship1, 186:to you in helpfulness and understanding. My Ashram and those of you who are being affiliated withDiscipleship1, 200:this group of chelas and other groups in my Ashram. Between the individual members in the group. IDiscipleship1, 214:force, just as a Master, at the center of his Ashram is the integrating, cohesive energy. You canDiscipleship1, 239:failure to conform to the requirements of my Ashram has not aided either, has it? All the work thatDiscipleship1, 242:that you can contribute much to the work of my Ashram. Each of you must work towards such aDiscipleship1, 249:in this particular group, affiliated with my Ashram, I ask myself if it is possible that they canDiscipleship1, 270:have, both as individuals and as a group in my Ashram, sufficient teaching and information to carryDiscipleship1, 278:disciple is working steadily in the Tibetan's Ashram. Discipleship1, 278:in the perfecting process. This group in my Ashram is composed of human beings who are orientedDiscipleship1, 281:me in my work of awakening these members of my Ashram to the light of the intuition. ThisDiscipleship1, 285:we are attempting to take some members of my Ashram and form a group which will aid in theDiscipleship1, 290:I have asked a member of another group in my Ashram to do your work in the meantime. I am thereforeDiscipleship1, 301:- this disciple is not working in his Ashram. Discipleship1, 322:I have [322] outlined it for these members of my Ashram, and let your spiritual diary take for youDiscipleship1, 330:integration which this band of disciples in my Ashram can manage to achieve. The power of theDiscipleship1, 345:This group of disciples (affiliated with my Ashram) cannot begin its real service until itsDiscipleship1, 367:to point out to her. Disciples, working in an Ashram, are none of them entirely free agents. EachDiscipleship1, 406:This disciple stands steady in the Tibetan's Ashram. Discipleship1, 450:In dealing with you as an integral part of my Ashram, I have for the first time since you wereDiscipleship1, 471:in his endeavor to work in the Tibetan's Ashram and remains steadfast and sure. Discipleship1, 475:this group of disciples, affiliated with my Ashram, for service and they will have to function as aDiscipleship1, 515:together in group formation and in a Master's Ashram. Just how far does the progress orDiscipleship1, 527:physical body, she is active in the Tibetan's Ashram. Discipleship1, 559:attention to the latter. Learn the way into the Ashram of the second ray through the open (thoughDiscipleship1, 559:learn and temporarily at least his work in the Ashram is in abeyance. [560] Discipleship1, 567:history of the group who compose part of my Ashram I gave a certain injunction to a brother. I toldDiscipleship1, 571:distorted. She is not actively working in the Ashram. She still is an aspirant and fails to takeDiscipleship1, 594:The protective work done in the Ashram of a Master is something little realized by the averageDiscipleship1, 594:under one Master, become an extension of his Ashram upon the outer plane. Another thing which it isDiscipleship1, 620:some years, he was not actively working in the Ashram. His acceptance of the discipline and hisDiscipleship1, 628:what it is that the disciples in a Master's Ashram can achieve. I have several times told you thatDiscipleship1, 629:to tune in with your fellow disciples in my Ashram. The two days of attempt to capitalize on thatDiscipleship1, 630:behind all Ashrams, and on my plan for my Ashram. I say "my plan" advisedly, my brother, as I amDiscipleship1, 631:on the heart life of this particular group in my Ashram, upon its desire-aspiration life and this,Discipleship1, 633:each of you as co-disciples, and between the Ashram and the Brotherhood to which I belong and whichDiscipleship1, 634:is also the hierarchical group, my particular Ashram, to which you are affiliated and into whichDiscipleship1, 637:and hence is not working in the Tibetan's Ashram. Discipleship1, 645:you. NOTE: This disciple is still working in the Ashram. Discipleship1, 649:and at present he is not working in the Ashram. Discipleship1, 662:telling you nothing new. Among the chelas in my Ashram, you are in the position of the naughty,Discipleship1, 662:gained to warrant more active work in the Ashram. R. R. R. is still outwardly inactive in relationDiscipleship1, 670:is still presumably active in the Tibetan's Ashram and close to him, but has disappeared in theDiscipleship1, 673:A definite remembered interview in the Master's Ashram. This is definitely the stage of AcceptedDiscipleship1, 685:the group of the Lord of the World; it is his Ashram. In this statement lies the enunciation of aDiscipleship1, 694:difference between a Master's group and his Ashram. This is seldom realized. Many people can beDiscipleship1, 694:in a Master's group but the personnel of his Ashram is picked out of that of the group. In a group,Discipleship1, 694:as well as a soul relation. But in an Ashram only that is to be found within the sphere ofDiscipleship1, 694:to be found within the sphere of influence of an Ashram which is of the soul. Nothing of the
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