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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ASHRAM

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Discipleship1, 694:with the lower nature, never reaches the Ashram at all. In the early stages, therefore, of aDiscipleship1, 694:can contribute anything to the life of the Ashram. There is consequently a law which protects theDiscipleship1, 694:There is consequently a law which protects the Ashram from your limitations. I have been using theDiscipleship1, 694:your limitations. I have been using the word "Ashram" quite definitely in my effort to lead you toDiscipleship1, 694:lead you to discriminate between a group and an Ashram. An Ashram is basically formed of those whoDiscipleship1, 694:discriminate between a group and an Ashram. An Ashram is basically formed of those who throughDiscipleship1, 694:order to work their way from the group into the Ashram, disciples will need most carefully toDiscipleship1, 695:out is that disciples when they form part of an Ashram are subjecting themselves to a greatlyDiscipleship1, 695:first initiation and were initiate formed the Ashram. Owing, however, to the growing sensitivity ofDiscipleship1, 695:effort might be termed an externalization of the Ashram. You have been told that it is theDiscipleship1, 695:increase the membership, power and size of any Ashram. [696] This lies entirely in the hands of theDiscipleship1, 696:Every new person who is put in touch with the Ashram becomes a definite responsibility. The work ofDiscipleship1, 696:of integration and of absorption lies with the Ashram and not with the individual. This is notDiscipleship1, 696:disciples are accepted and integral parts of the Ashram. Such disciples constitute a definiteDiscipleship1, 696:arises: How does a Master form and organize his Ashram or inner group of which the personnel isDiscipleship1, 696:be apparent to you that a Master, in forming his Ashram, proceeds as automatically as does theDiscipleship1, 696:here call the reservoir of thought which is an Ashram. It is a sustained focus, plus a dynamicDiscipleship1, 697:The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part III Every Ashram or inner group is essentially a reservoir ofDiscipleship1, 697:and, if he can do so, it will enable the Ashram to meet the need and help every aspirant to passDiscipleship1, 697:definite sphere of influence and a true, active Ashram is a positive force within the center whichDiscipleship1, 698:power of thought as employed in the work of the Ashram is dependent upon the power of the discipleDiscipleship1, 698:is irritation! No initiate can form a true Ashram until all capacity to misunderstand, to expressDiscipleship1, 698:He must be able to trust himself before his Ashram can run on right lines and with safety In thisDiscipleship1, 700:of forces and of their origin and effects. An Ashram is a place wherein this study enters theDiscipleship1, 700:be a world disciple and work significantly in an Ashram. It will be apparent to you, therefore,Discipleship1, 700:therefore, that when a disciple enters into an Ashram and works in closer relation with his MasterDiscipleship1, 701:of expression. You can see, therefore, that an Ashram is, indeed, a very vortex of forces, set inDiscipleship1, 701:types of energy within the ring-pass-not of the Ashram itself. The basic principles of dualism makeDiscipleship1, 701:within the Master's group or the Master's Ashram have a potent effect upon each other, forDiscipleship1, 701:as they come to him from other members of the Ashram or group. This effect will be dependent uponDiscipleship1, 702:disciples, either in group formation or in the Ashram, is the expression, within the group, of theDiscipleship1, 702:nature of a Master's group, sometimes called an Ashram. It might be valuable if I endeavored toDiscipleship1, 702:might be valuable if I endeavored to define an Ashram to you and so leave you with a clear idea ofDiscipleship1, 702:the Plan, are not definitely and technically his Ashram. An Ashram is a subjective fusion ofDiscipleship1, 702:not definitely and technically his Ashram. An Ashram is a subjective fusion of individuals and notDiscipleship1, 702:methods and techniques. The work of the Ashram is essentially the presentation to the work of thoseDiscipleship1, 702:on this, I would ask you to realize that an Ashram is not a group of people, working under theDiscipleship1, 703:this outgoing sacrificial urge, it is not an Ashram. The magnetic pull of the positive center atDiscipleship1, 703:theoretically at least, at the center of the Ashram stands ever the Master, or else an initiate orDiscipleship1, 703:point indicate to you that the so-called inner Ashram is to the outer group what the soul and itsDiscipleship1, 703:grasp their growth towards fusion as an Ashram (in process of physical exteriorization) by theDiscipleship1, 704:up in the following words: The purpose of the Ashram and the training which it gives is to enableDiscipleship1, 704:to remember that no one is integrated into an Ashram until he has pierced beyond the confines ofDiscipleship1, 704:to the ray and quality of the Master of the Ashram, and until he is normally soul conscious. TheDiscipleship1, 704:training is of a very varied nature and the Ashram life is usually merely an interesting backgroundDiscipleship1, 704:frequently loom so large that awareness of the Ashram and its life is only an occasionalDiscipleship1, 704:throw all one is and has into the life of the Ashram, foreboding, as to the future and a host ofDiscipleship1, 705:It might here be noted that disciples in an Ashram are primarily occupied with world affairs. As aDiscipleship1, 706:humanity, as a part of the Master's group or Ashram, the fact that there are men and women placedDiscipleship1, 707:there will be an externalization of the inner Ashram upon the outer plane. Disciples, initiates andDiscipleship1, 707:recognizing the Master of their group. The inner Ashram is a focus of souls, free and unlimited;Discipleship1, 707:a focus of souls, free and unlimited; the outer Ashram - under the future Aquarian experiment -Discipleship1, 707:in the outer space-time world. The true Ashram (of which the coming outer Ashrams will be butDiscipleship1, 707:of the "Triangles" goes forward consciously. An Ashram is the state of mind of a spiritual group.Discipleship1, 707:learn to integrate themselves into a Master's Ashram, they discover that the first thing they haveDiscipleship1, 708:[708] forth. The goal of all work done in the Ashram of any of the Masters is Truth - on all levelsDiscipleship1, 710:The members of a Master's group and of his Ashram have to become increasingly sensitive - sensitiveDiscipleship1, 712:remembered interview with the Master in his Ashram. This is definitely the stage of AcceptedDiscipleship1, 717:Master accepts a disciple and takes him into his Ashram in whom the birth of the Christ has notDiscipleship1, 723:they are once established - through work in the Ashram of a Master and not focused upon theDiscipleship1, 725:All groups of disciples, working in or out of an Ashram, should be in close telepathic rapport andDiscipleship1, 727:that all these stages are related to work in the Ashram and to the life and vitality of the innerDiscipleship1, 727:Is the level of the consciousness of the outer Ashram determined by the personnel of that group orDiscipleship1, 727:of that group or by its relation to the whole Ashram of which it forms a relatively small part?Discipleship1, 727:When this question is posited by a member of an Ashram, it indicates a definite preoccupation withDiscipleship1, 727:not with the group as an aspect of some Master's Ashram. Disciples need [728] to remember that anDiscipleship1, 728:Ashram. Disciples need [728] to remember that an Ashram is not confined to a few who may know eachDiscipleship1, 728:each other and who may even meet together as Ashram members. An Ashram is an international group;Discipleship1, 728:who may even meet together as Ashram members. An Ashram is an international group; it is composedDiscipleship1, 728:be clarity and proportion in your thinking. An Ashram is, therefore, representative of all stagesDiscipleship1, 728:The point of importance to each disciple in an Ashram is whether he can step up his consciousnessDiscipleship1, 728:he does not hinder the planned activities of the Ashram. Must the senior and the more advancedDiscipleship1, 728:they cannot hinder the advanced members of an Ashram, but that they can throw themselves out of theDiscipleship1, 729:animate and dominate. Frequently, a part of the Ashram is still struggling with the first stages inDiscipleship1, 729:The point to be grasped is that the work of the Ashram goes on and disciples and initiates (whoseDiscipleship1, 729:This covers the individual reaction to the Ashram personnel. But where all the group are aflameDiscipleship1, 729:with love and are living as souls, then the Ashram becomes a vital center or vortex of force andDiscipleship1, 729:is preoccupied with his individual effect in an Ashram. The trained, released disciples are moreDiscipleship1, 729:A Master does not criticize the members of his Ashram. He seeks to analyze for them the pointsDiscipleship1, 729:may hinder the usefulness of the service of the Ashram. There is a basic distinction between thisDiscipleship1, 730:necessary for humanity to know. Forget not, an Ashram is a vortex of force and a center of energy -Discipleship1, 731:of lesser initiates, thus representing (in each Ashram) a miniature of the planetary government.Discipleship1, 731:materialize it. Thus the entire activity of the Ashram is coordinated. Newly accepted disciplesDiscipleship1, 731:are definitely responsible to the Master of the Ashram for some aspect of the Plan) will be theDiscipleship1, 731:be precipitated upon our planet. Therefore, an Ashram is a center wherein relationship is triedDiscipleship1, 732:and the Master. Between the members of an Ashram and other Ashrams. Between these Ashrams and theDiscipleship1, 732:Ashrams and the outer world. The Master of an Ashram and the senior initiates in his group areDiscipleship1, 732:Master in meditation. An interview in a Master's Ashram. [733] The first three are more usually theDiscipleship1, 733:of questions can be and how, in a Master's Ashram or group, [734] the responsiveness of theDiscipleship1, 734:particular work comes in - the arousing of the Ashram to the asking of those questions which willDiscipleship1, 734:vibration or note of all the members of the Ashram, insofar as they work together, and, secondly,Discipleship1, 734:be added the total responsiveness of the entire Ashram. One of the difficulties confronting allDiscipleship1, 734:necessarily arises is: How can a group within an Ashram (constituted of relatively new disciplesDiscipleship1, 734:increasingly sensitive to the vibration of the Ashram as a whole and to the Master of the Ashram?Discipleship1, 734:the Ashram as a whole and to the Master of the Ashram? This question in reality embodies the majorDiscipleship1, 734:to avoid differentiating between aspects of the Ashram, inner and outer, and between the few AshramDiscipleship1, 734:the Ashram, inner and outer, and between the few Ashram members whom they may know and recognize,Discipleship1, 734:the vast number who remain unknown to them. An Ashram is one group or band of disciples, initiatesDiscipleship1, 734:terms of different Ashrams but in terms of the Ashram as a whole. The key to this realization,Discipleship1, 735:not sensitive to the Master, to the life of the Ashram and to each other is that they are extended
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